How to Trim Dog Hair Between Paws?

How to Trim Dog Hair

We’ve talked a lot about grooming dogs, but one of the things people still don’t feel comfortable about doing is cutting the hair between paws. If you’re wondering how to trim dog hair between paws, then continue reading this post.

It might sound a bit intimidating, but trimming the hair between the paws is a very crucial step in the grooming process. Not doing it might cause a lot of problems for your dog.

Before we start, I want to reassure you that all of your fears and worries are one hundred percent legit and valid. However, I’m sure you’ll be able to push through this frustrating barrier with time and give your dog a healthy lifestyle they deserve.

Why is my dog's hair falling out | Bone

How to Trim Dog Hair – Why you should do it

You might have read somewhere that the hair that grows in between the dog’s paw pads is important because it acts as a form of protection. There is no denying that, and that statement is true. However, if the hair between the paws get too long to the point where the hair is longer than the footpads, then it will drag on the floor.

How to Trim Dog Hair Between Paws? |

This makes the long hair prone to getting matted, trapping dirt, even snow and ice if you live in cold regions or if it’s winter.

Matted hair is no joke; it is very painful because the hair gets tangled up near the skin, leaving your dog feeling sore. To learn more about matted hair, check out our How to Get Mats Out of Dog Hair: The Easiest Way blog post.

The long hair will also make your dog frequently and easily slip on your wooden floors. Frequent slipping and falling could lead to breaking your dog’s legs. Subsequently, your dog will try to fight that by digging their claws into the wooden floor and ruinning it.

One more thing to add is a grave medical concern because when excess hair stays wet for prolonged periods, fungal infections occur in the dog’s paws. That is why you should trim the hair between the pads.

Why is my dog's hair falling out | Bone

How to Trim Dog Hair – How often should you do it

Once a month is usually okay, but check the length of the hair between your dog’s toes every other weel just to be on the safe side.

Why is my dog's hair falling out | Bone

How to Trim Dog Hair – How to do it.

I will share with you two different methods of trimming the hair between the toes. These two methods are:

  • Sit In Front of Me
  • On The Table

The Sit In Front of Me method

Things you’ll need

  • Slicker Brush
  • Comb
  • Scissors/ safety shears
How to Trim Dog Hair

The first step in the sit in front of me method is to collect all the stuff you’re going to need and place them all next to you. These things would include the slicker brush, the comb, the scissors and some treats to reward your dog for their patience and good behavior.

The second step is to call your dog and command them to sit. After they sit in front of you, praise them, pat them, and offer them some treats as a reward.

In the third step, you will lift your dog’s paw one at a time. This step is called the paw’s up step! Isn’t that adorable? Now that the first front paw is lifted at a height that is comfortable enough for you to work on, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Next, brush and comb the hair to detangle it. Grab your safety shears and start trimming the hair between your dog’s paws. Don’t forget to leave at least half an inch of hair from the skin, and cut above that. Leaving the area closest to the skin untouched reduces the probability of any cutting incidents that might occur.

Finally but not least, repeat the same steps we’ve previously mentioned with the remaining paws. It is better for both you if your dog lays down as you work on their rear paws. After you finish each paw, reward your dog with some treats.

The On The Table method

Things you’ll need

You’ll need the same things that we used in the previous method, with only one extra thing. Those things are:

  • Slicker Brush
  • Comb
  • Scissors/ safety shears
  • Safety harness
How to Trim Dog Hair

If your puppy is still young, or you haven’t trained them yet to sit on command, then this method will suit you the most.

First things first, gather your tools and put them on your dog grooming table. Place your dog on the table and secure them with the safety harness. The safety harness will protect them if they start acting out and prevent them from falling. After they’re secured, give them some treats and pat them.

Secondly, let your dog lay down because you’re going to start with the rear paws. Lift the paw and turn it so you could see the pad, then brush and comb the hair to remove any mats.

Next, grab your safety shears and start trimming the hair between the paws. Stick to leaving the hair that is half an inch away from the skin, and start cutting the remaining hair.

To remove the hair between the toes, use your finger to press gently on the paw. This will make the dog’s toes spread, allowing you to reach and cut the hair around the toes. You’ll want to work from the top of the toes to their webbing.

Repeat the process with every paw, and as always, reward your dog with treats after every paw you finish.

Why is my dog's hair falling out | Bone

Let me know how your next hair grooming session goes. I hope you don’t skip on trimming the hair between your dogs paw. Let me know if you have any grooming questions in the comments down below.

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