How to Transport Dog in Pickup Truck Safely?

How to Transport Dog in Pickup Truck Safely? |

Transporting dog in pickup truck safely is one of the most important questions you ask yourself when you have a four-legged friend that you don’t want to leave him/her behind, or you don’t have another safe place for him/her to stay in while you are away. Therefore, here is what you need to know about transporting dog in pickup truck safely.

To transport a dog in pickup truck safely, you need to take care of the window, airbags, the crate. Also, you need to know how you are going to prepare your dog for such a trip and test if your dog is anxious about car trips or not. Not to mention, that is ie really important to know if it is against the law to transport a dog in pickup truck in your place or the place you are going, or not!

According to the recent official statistics for distracted driving, there are 3,166 people lost their lives in 2017 alone. This is serious! And when we are talking about people who lost their lives, we are also talking about families who lost their loved ones as a result of distracted driving; which can be because of a cell phone, a radio, or even a pet.

dog in pickup truck

Therefore, when we are talking about how to transport a dog in pickup truck safely, we actually mean how to transport a dog in pickup truck in a way that helps, both of you and your four-legged friend, reach their destination safely.

What is the safest way for transporting a dog in pickup truck?

The safest way to transport a dog in pickup truck is to follow these instructions:

1- You need to keep the windows up.

Yes, we all love these cute videos of dogs enjoy the air with their head outside the window and these ears are flapping in the air. And, yes, they enjoy it a lot. However, you need to understand that despite how much they love and enjoy it, it can very dangerous for them and they can be injured without you even notice. So, yes, please keep the windows up and help your dog arrive at his/her destination safely.

2- Choose your dog’s crate wisely.

There are plenty of dog crates out there, in fact, you can find a lot of them here in our store. Feel free to check all the available crates by clicking on this button:

However, when it comes to crates that are necessary for your dog’s safety while he/she is being transported in a pickup truck, you need to spend more time thinking before buying this crate; because to cut a long story short, you need to get your dog a certified crash-tested crate, to provide the maximum safety for your four-legged friend.

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3- Know if your dog is anxious.

Dogs are just like humans, some of them get so sick during car ridings, and some of them can get really anxious and panic. Therefore, you need to know that before you start planning the trip, and take your dog to small little trips with the car that he/she is supposed to take for the long trip first.

If you noticed that everything is going just fine, your dog is comfortable, and he/she is not stressed or afraid. Then you are a very lucky dog owner, and you are ready to transport your dog in pickup truck. But, if not, and your dog showed you that he/she is anxious to pickup trucks, you need to follow these steps:

  • Bring your dog the delicious treats he/she loves the most. Treats are a very successful way to help your dog feel comfortable in a place you want to put him/her in for quite some time.
  • Give your dog his/her favorite toy to feel comfortable and familiar with something he/she used to have back home.
  • Spend some time with your dog every day in the car before your trip, just hang out with him/her there and have fun with his/her toys, then repeat this on the second day.
  • Train your dog to stay quiet at the car, then treat him/her for listening to you, then keep repeating that for longer periods of time, till your dog becomes totally comfortable with the idea of staying comfortably calm in the car for a long time.
  • If none of these steps worked, ask for your dog’s veterinarian help; he/ she might tell you that your dog can use some supplements to help him/her calm and, at the same time, safe.

More Tips!

According to the AKC, about 50 percent of dogs reportedly suffer from some form of noise sensitivity. Some of them because of fireworks, unfamiliar loud noises, and even car rides. – You also can read about PTSD from here.-

Also, you need to know that according to recent studies that were published on Caine anxiety, repeated exposure to what causes anxiety to your dog can affect your dog’s physical and mental health very bad.

Therefore, if your dog, after all of these steps, still had problems with your pickup truck, you really need to think of transporting your dog differently or leave him/her in a safe place till you come back.

dog in pickup truck

Also, you need to pay attention to these few tips and tricks:

  • Keep the temperature car cool, and relaxing.
  • Don’t close all the windows. I know we agreed that the windows should be up, but you also need some fresh air, so lower the windows for fresh air, but not too low so your dog can get his/her head through it.
  • Pay attention to what you put in your dog’s stomach a few hours before the trip, and maybe you might want to limit what he/she eat or drink before the trip.
  • Another important tip I should mention is you need to take your dog for a walk or play with him/her a lot before the trip because you don’t want a fully energetic dog with you in the same car while driving.

Now, you have all that you will need to safely transport your dog in pickup trick. However, you need to know that every dog has his/her own character, so your dog might need extra or much less effort if you are planning to take him/ her with you on that trip. Therefore, start understanding what your dog might need before the trip to have the chance of giving your dog what he/she really needs and help him/her feel comfortable.

Also, take your time researching pet-friendly motels, gas stations, restaurants, and all that you might need in your trip if is it a long one and you will need several stops while you are on your way.

Another worth mentioning note, you need to make sure that your dog has his/her ID on him/her. Whether it is a collar or a microchip, or any way else. The most important thing is that your dog has his/her ID on him/her just in case anything bad happened, so he/she finds his/her way back home. Safety comes first!

Now you guys are ready!

dog in pickup truck

Related Questions:

Can I transport my dog in the back of a pickup truck?

This is a very not recommended way to transport a dog from one place to another. In fact, I believe that leaving your dog at someone you trust home is better and safer for your dog.

For your information, a lot of dogs die every day as a result of transporting a dog in the back of a pickup truck, and that is why it is illegal in some countries. Because, even if your dog is tied down back there, he/she can jump, or even be hanged or dragged without your even notice. Not to mention how hot the metal of the truck is for a dog, or even how hard it is for a dog to stay in the sun for a very long time tied in a truck.

Therefore, I really don’t recommend that at all. You can if you want and if it is legal in your country, but I don’t feel that is the best and the safest way to transfer a dog that you love and care about, at all!

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