How to Train A German Shepherd Puppy

How to train a german shepherd puppy

Characteristics of German Shepherd

To know how to train a german shepherd puppy, you got to first know what is a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds. They are intelligent and capable dogs who are very loyal and dedicated to their

owners. They are easily trained and excel in work such as guide and assistance work for people with disabilities, herding, search and rescue, police service, and drug detection.

They make excellent watchdogs but should not be kept on a leash as it leads to frustration. The German Shepherd is best kept indoors with their owners because they feel happy.

Potty training a German Shepherd puppy

How to train a german shepherd puppy

Most puppies learn how to potty train by the age of four months. Potty training a puppy takes consistency and time. You must also be patient and try many different ways until your puppy succeeds.

Find a place for your puppy

Decide where your puppy will go to relieve themselves. Choose the same spot over again and let them explore the area.

Do not play with your puppy while they are relieving themselves so that they understand that this is time is for going to the bathroom.

Praise your dog

When your dog finishes, praise them excitedly and take them inside. By doing so , they learn that this is acceptable behavior and are more likely to do it next time.

Create a schedule

Always take your puppy outside after meals. After eating and drinking, puppies need to go to the bathroom. Most puppies go after half an hour after eating. But each dog is different so pay attention to timing.

Use a command

Use a command with the process of house training your puppy. Your puppy is more likely to associate the command with relieving themselves.

Crate training a German Shepherd

How to train a german shepherd puppy
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How to train a German shepherd puppy? There are other ways to train a German Shepherd puppy to live in a crate for a time. There are advantages and disadvantages of letting your German Shepherd live for a time in a crate.

The advantages are that it will give them time to relax and sleep. Puppies are more likely to be disciplined and have improved overall health. Crate training will reduce dog barking, whining, and crying. It will establish a safe place for your puppy to lay in.

The disadvantages of crate training are that it makes a dog submissive. Also, it is a closed area that lets your puppy feel trapped.

How do you crate train a German Shepherd puppy?

The best crate option for German Shepherd

You got to get a good size crate that is fit for your puppy so they can lay and move in it easily. The crate needs to be soft and the right fit.

The bottom of the crate should have a soft cloth, towel, or rug so the puppy doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The best type of crate for a German Shepherd puppy is wood. You got to make sure that the crate has good openings in it.

Tips for crate training

Don’t let your puppy sleep next to you or else they will become will not sleep in their crate. The crate is mainly their home during the time that they need to sleep.

Add toys so that your puppy feels happy and relaxed and keep the crate in a specific place so that your puppy knows where it is.

Place the crate in a place where people can supervise your puppy. Crate training is also effective when you take your puppy to the vet.

Do not place the crate in a noisy place as they will feel afraid. Do not leave your puppy alone for a long period of time as they will become destructive in their behavior.

Once your puppy is in the crate, give them a treat as a way to reward them.

How to train a German Shepherd puppy not to bite?

How to Train A German Shepherd Puppy |

Little puppies chew on toys or bite on their hands because they are developing their teeth.

They chew on things because they feel irritated and want the pain to go away. It’s normal if they do so while they are still growing but if it continues throughout their life than it becomes a problem.

Other times, a puppy isn’t trained so they bite. They use it as a game also where they play when biting.

  • The first step is to tell your puppy that biting is unacceptable. You will do so using sounds and body language such as saying calmly ” No” as a cue to stop biting.
  • When your puppy bites, you can move away and stop playing. This way your puppy will associate biting with no play.
  • Repeat this practice whenever your puppy starts to bite. Consistency is the key.

Other methods to stop German Shepherd puppy biting

If your puppy still doesn’t stop biting, then you got to use other methods. First, let your puppy play with you. Then, let them grab your hand and as soon as they bite you, say “No” in an authoritative voice.

Train your German Shepherd puppy to sit

How to train a german shepherd puppy

Sit is usually the first command in how to train a German shepherd puppy. The command is relatively easy and helps calm down a German Shepherd puppy. There are certain steps used to teach a German Shepherd puppy.

  • Get a handful of treats and hide them in your hands.
  • Find a quiet place in your home so your puppy can concentrate on their training.
  • Place the treat in one hand that you and allow your puppy to smell the treat but do not let them eat it.
  • Place the treat directly above their nose as you move the treat toward them. Say the word “sit” as your dog takes a natural seated position.
  • Once your puppy sits, give them the treat and praise them for a good job.


In Conclusion, how to train a German Shepherd puppy takes consistency and effort. You must be willing to follow certain steps and processes to make your German

Shepherd puppy become trained. There are different training that you can train your puppy for such as potty training, crate training, and training in general.

Training a puppy makes them more inclined to know the commands and what is acceptable while growing up.

If you have any questions or opinions regarding training your German Shepherd, Share them with us and write what do you think.

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