How to train a dog to Stay – Dog Training Basic Commands 101

How to train a dog to stay

How to train a dog to stay? We all want to have the perfect dog, the one that we can bring everywhere with us, the one that makes us proud, the one who knows how to react in every situation, also the one who never disobeys any of our orders.

However, training a dog, like any other animal, requires involvement, time and … money!

Here are some tips to optimize your workouts, better understand your dog and develop a great relationship with him through training!

How to train a dog to Stay?

To prevent your dog from suffering when you leave, there are certain rules to follow:

  1. Put his crate in a place where he does not see you permanently.
  • Leave him alone often in a room. Then gradually, get used to staying there for longer and longer periods.
  • If he cries or barks, do not give in to the temptation to comfort him, stay firm.
  • When he manages to overcome your absence in the house, it is at this moment that you will be able to start going out without him. But we must proceed in the same way as in the house. Start with small exits then gradually go out longer.
  • The time of your departure must be normal. Do not pay attention to your dog for several minutes before leaving. Avoid any caress or play. Your dog would be very happy and would not understand why you leave.
  • Act the same way when you return. Allow time before paying attention to him.
  • Do not argue if he’s done something wrong. Disputes are only effective if a dog is caught in the act. After that moment, your dog will not understand what it is.

If, however, your dog has difficulty overcoming his anxieties during your absences, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian who will advise you. He can prescribe a refundable treatment by your mutual health dog or refer you to a professional.

How to train a puppy to stay

How to train a dog to Stay - Dog Training Basic Commands 101 |

After the puppy arrives, you must begin with the training of cleanliness and loneliness.

No “sitting” or “lying down” right now, because the puppy has already been upset by the separation of his family nest. The puppy, only 8 weeks old, must first feel good; the learning will start smoothly.

You have to start right away even if it’s too cute, so small. In addition, if you do not get used to being alone from an early age, loneliness may later lead to destructive behavior.

Let me remind you that learning is easier in a young dog. It is therefore necessary to put in place very early rules that will become an everyday habit for each member of the family (children are particularly concerned).

So that the dog does not fear the separation and the isolation, so that it remains calm and serene in spite of your absence … exercise it to be … ALONE!

 It’s very annoying … No matter what tone you use, your dog does not understand what you’re asking. It’s even worse, you sometimes have the impression that he completely ignores you, and that he does it at his head!

Why training your dog to stay alone is so important?

A dog must learn to be alone simply because their anxiety about loneliness can quickly become harmful for him and for you.

In the long run, this fear that causes him to cry, moan, bark or spoil your business can affect his health and your relationship with your dog.

As for the inconvenience that this entails for you and for others, it is useless to draw a picture. Fortunately, learning loneliness is usually quite fast, and once integrated, you’ll be quiet.

Teaching your dog to stay alone

How to train a dog to stay

To educate a dog to stay alone, it is best to start by leaving him alone for very short periods. If you do not leave a sole and all of a sudden you are away for a whole day, your dog will be necessarily disoriented and probably panicked.

Thus, to train your dog, here is a very simple exercise that you can do at home: leave them alone for a few minutes in a room. For the first time, ten minutes may be enough. The goal is simply to get your dog to fend for themselves without you.

If your dog is crying or barking, let them do it without interference. Your dog must go through this step and you will make the task easier by going gradually.

Avoid cracking, otherwise your dog will think they only need to bark to get you in . All you do not want! Repeat this exercise several times.

You can then redo it in other rooms and gradually increase the time during which you leave it alone. Also, to make this exercise more fun and more fun for your dog, do not hesitate to give them a toy on which they can focus their attention.

Commands to teach your dog

Your dog is adorable but, let’s face it, they don’t always behave very well. It’s even more the opposite.

You call them, they continue to run on their side. Then, you tell them to stay where they are, they jump on you! After that, you take them somewhere; they don’t know how to stay calm.

As soon as someone comes home, you have to grab them by the collar to keep them in place .

Your dog’s behavior is sometimes embarrassing. When you are in public, their behavior gives the impression that they are in control and that it is you who are obliged to obey their desires.

It’s the world upside down ! Yet, training your dog is supposed to be simple, right?

Also, teaching your dog to stay alone is important. For this, you have to teach them to get away from you and to respect some rules to not make the moment of the separation too difficult.

Treat their anxiety

How to train a dog to stay

If your dog is fooling around or barking when you’re not there, they are suffering from separation anxiety.

Indeed, the absence of their parent can be a real suffering for the animal. This can cause behavioral problems that will cause him to do silly things or bark.

This is not pleasant for you or your neighbors who can complain rightly of such a nuisance. It is to avoid this kind of situation that you have to teach your dog to be alone from the beginning.

This learning is easier on a puppy than on an older animal. Nevertheless, for the latter, it is possible but will take longer.

First of all, you have to teach your puppy to get away from you. When they are born, the puppy will attach to themselves to their mother. But gradually, the mother will detach from the puppy so that they are independent.

When you go to welcome your puppy, it will be necessary to continue the education started by their mother.

It must not answer all their requests. The caresses and the game must be your initiative. If your dog is asking too much, try to ignore them. If they really insistent and follow you constantly, order them to go to their crate.

Don’t put your dog next to the entry door

Another way to train a dog to stay is through offering a crate.To begin, I recommend that you carefully choose where you will install your dog’s crate.

Your dog must feel that they have their place at home, but it would not be strategic for you to install it right in front of the front door.

This would allow him to constantly observe your whereabouts 

How to train a dog to stay at home

How to train a dog to stay

The method of teaching a dog how to cope with loneliness is really nothing that is hard. Thus, the goal of the game is to gradually get your dog to relax a bit from you without suffering.

That will not stop him from loving you a lot and following you everywhere when you have time for him. Therefore, the goal is simply to help them cope with your absence without damage.


In conclusion, how to train a dog to stay takes time and effort. if you have just adopted your puppy and you have planned to be with him a lot at home for the first few days, then it’s perfect!

You will be able to teach your dog to stay alone in a progressive way.

Rest assured, however, if your dog is already an adult, the process of learning loneliness remains the same.

To know more about teaching your dog to sit, check How to Train Your Dog to Sit on Command in Simple Steps.

Share with us your experience when you first taught your dog to stay. How did it go?

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