How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command?

how to train a dog to attack

Do you fear walking alone at night?
Do you worry too much when your kids are out playing or doing errands, Do you want something to ease off your mind?
It’s not always safe out there.
Are you in need of a professional protection dog?
you know,
The kind of dog that will attack anyone who threatens you or your family?

If yes, Read on!

When feeling threatened or provoked, Dogs can be vicious and aggressive adversaries and you absolutely can employ that in your favor.

A well-disciplined guard dog can make use of his natural abilities to defend you and protect your family and your loved ones

Training a protection or attack dog requires a lot of patience, caution, and a very high level of expertise

In this article, we gonna talk about Everything you need to know about training an attack dog. Plus, How to Train a dog to Attack on command with a simple easy step-by-step guaranteed training program.

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So let’s start, Shall we?

How to Train a Dog to Attack with 16 Simple Easy Steps?

No desirable outcome will happen without proper preparation

The first phase of these steps is the preparation ones, you should fully prepare yourself and your dog mentally and physically before you even start with the actual rigorous training ahead

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Step. 1 Educate Your Self

Before you even think about training your puppy into an attacking beast, you should be aware of the differences between a guard dog and an attack dog. Learn all about Shedding in Dogs; Here’s the Deal

A guard dog is the one trained to alert his owner of the presence of a stranger or intruder through barking or growling. This type of dog is not typically trained to attack on command or to act overly aggressive towards a stranger. That’s why guard dogs generally do not make very good attack dogs.

On the other hand, An Attack dog is often used by police and law enforcement. The main purpose of an attack dog is to attack on command and respond aggressively to potential threats or intruders. Check Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies & Everything You Should Know

Attack dogs will not act in an aggressive way
unless they are commanded to by their owners.

If attack dogs are not well trained, They can and will attack without warning. This may pose a serious danger to humans and other animals.

The average Dog parent is unlikely to need an attack dog.

Step 2. Choose The Right Breed 

With a lot of training, most dogs can be trained to be guard and attack dogs. However, There are certain dog breeds that have it in them to make good guard and attack dogs. Here’s Dogs That Don’t Bark: Yes, They Exist!

They simply have a natural instinct to be better at this than most other breeds

It’s not a matter of size,

For Instance, smaller breeds such as Chow Chows, pugs, and Shar Pei’s have been known to be good guard dogs as well as larger breeds, such as Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherd, and Akita

How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command? |

Some breeds, such as German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers, can be trained to be guard dogs as well as attack dogs.

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Here is a list of 10 dogs that are excellent dogs but when properly trained, can be exceptionally good guard and attack dogs.

Top 10 Natural Attack Dogs

  1. Akita
  2. Boxer
  3. Bullmastiff
  4. Doberman Pinscher
  5. German Shepherd (clearly)
  6. Giant Schnauzer
  7. Komondor
  8. Belgian Malinois
  9. Cane Corso
  10. Rhodesian Ridgeback

If you have a pure-bred dog that is not a typical guard dog breed, or if you have a mutt, it is still possible for you to train him to be an excellent guard dog.

If your dog has the behavioral characteristics of a guard dog and is properly trained and socialized, then you can be able to train him to guard and protect you. and that takes us to our next step! Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Step. 3 Know Your Dog

Contrary to popular belief, a good guard dog should not react out of fear or pure aggression. Feed your dog right with this The Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Generally, a good guard dog is protective of his owner and his owner’s property, while at the same time remain obedient to his owner’s commands.

How to train a dog to attack
credit: Dogs Aholics

One of the best characteristics that should be available in a good guard dog is confidence, He should be confident in himself and his surroundings.

Confidence will make a guard dog curious; curious about a new person or a new area, and is not shy or timid around new people.

You may have a dog that already has this trait inherently, but proper socialization can also instill confidence in a dog.

A good guard dog is also Assertive. This does not necessarily mean that he is overly aggressive or pushy. Rather, it means that he is not afraid of putting himself in a position that will allow him to get what he wants.

This also means that he will be confident in approaching a new situation or person, rather than backing away.

Sociability is crucial in training an attack dog. A well-socialized guard dog should have the ability to recognize and be wary of a stranger in his owner’s presence, but will not attack or become overly aggressive towards that stranger.

Trainability is also a major factor here. You should get a dog that can be easily trained.


That is self-apparent I guess,
come on, we are talking about dogs here!!.

A loyal dog is willing to put himself in harm’s way your dog to defend and protect you. German shepherds are known to be a very loyal breed.

Now, after you selected the best suitable attack dog for you and you are now aware of his personal traits, It’s time for you to train him, Right?

Here are the steps of The Actual Training Phase of this program. Check The Best Tips on How to Cool Off A Dog

Step. 4

As a safety precaution, make sure to wear a protective glove that covers not just your hand, but also your entire arm. This is necessary to prevent injury, I’ll explain later.

These (Amazon link) are the gloves I use for training my own dog, and I do think they’re the best option available (and they’re very affordable for their high quality).

Step. 5

Training a dog is a ladder that should be climbed one step at a time. Meaning that your dog should familiar with simple commands like come, sit, stop, run, and stand before you even think about teaching him the command “Attack”.

If you haven’t yet taught him that, why the wait? Sit your dog down and start now

Step. 6

After assuring that your dog understands most of your commands, sit the dog down, tap it in the face with the gloved arm as a way of irritating the dog and trying its patience.

Repeat this movement until your dog attacks the glove in anger. ( now you know why you must wear an arm-long glove?)

Step. 7

Immediately after the dog attacks the glove, yell the word “Attack” loudly. That way you will carve the meaning of the word “attack” in your puppy’s mind as the command or expression related to that action.

Step. 8

Praise the dog for being a good boy verbally and show him that you are pleased. Though it may not be necessary, reward your dog by giving him some cookies or other treats. The Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats is currently my dog’s favorite treats, and they’re just the right size to have plenty of them for training. You can check the price get them on Amazon here.

If your dog is often motivated by food and learns faster with treats, then you must offer him some.

Step. 9

Repeat the previous steps (3, 4, and 5) until you make sure that your dog has understood what the word “Attack” means.

You will certainly know for sure if your dog responds quickly to the “Attack” command by attacking your gloved arm immediately after hearing the command.

Step. 10

Test the effect of the attack command on your dog by Standing at a short distance away from him, and giving the “Attack” command, Notice how he responds.

If he doesn’t move, then repeat steps (3, 4, and 5) many times over. But if he attacks, this shows his familiarity with the command.

Step. 11

Take a break and treat your dog once again with his favorite food for understanding your command

how to train a dog to attack

Step. 12

Repeat the previous steps (7 and 8) for at least five times. To ensure that your dog has really comprehended the meaning of the “Attack” command.

Step. 13

Now, there may be a slight problem here, you need to show the dog how to attack an intruder. Otherwise, every time you say “Attack”, he will just go after your arm.

Try to get a human-shaped big doll or make human-shaped cardboard and place it at a distance.

Point your finger towards the Doll and shout “Attack”. Don’t worry, it’s common that your dog may attempt coming towards you at first, but he will eventually go in the pointed direction once he sees your finger.

Step. 14

Repeat the previous step multiple times by placing your fake intruder at various points and pointing at it each time you command your dog.

Repeat this until your dog would no longer come after your arm then you should be convinced that your dog has mastered the command.

Step. 15

Get a friend of yours to act as an intruder.

Hey, that’s what friends are for, Right?
(Make sure your dog hasn’t seen him before).

Ask your friend to stand by the door entrance and get ready to shut the door in case the dog ignores the “Stop” command.

How to Train a Dog to Attack on Command? |

Step. 16

With your finger pointed towards your friend “The intruder”, Command your dog to attack.

If he goes running towards the intruder, then Congratulations,
That means you have successfully managed to train your dog How to attack

That’s it, That was How to train a dog to attack. Use these steps wisely and carefully and Remember, Dogs are living creatures too not weapons.

I hope this has helped and answered your questions.

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