How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Start Your Potty Camp!

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside

How to potty train puppy to go outside as fast as possible is every pet owner dream. If you are new to pet parenting and looking for a fast, decent and effective way, sorry to inform you that potty training is not that easy.

Some puppies find themselves in shelters because of not succeeding in understanding their owner’s commands about elimination and end up house soiling their homes.

House training your puppy requires patience, consistency and staying positive all the time. Don’t get nervous, potty training is about implanting good behaviors and building up a bond between you and your puppy.

Yes, it is not an easy task, but time will fly and you will only remember how cute and fluffy your puppy was. So, take a deep breath and let’s start to know more about our potty camp!

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Learn The Fundamentals

As a new family member, your puppy will be bursting out with curiosity, enjoyment and in certain cases, he may show some acts of fear.

Introduce your puppy to his brand-new home and lay out your rules and foundations to get a strong and pleasant relationship with your puppy.

Give your puppy the reason to trust and respect all the family members by being consistent with him.

Only let your puppy to certain rooms in the house. Don’t let your puppy roam and explore the house on his own. Initially, only let him explore a room or two and leave the rest for later. This if you don’t want him to spot a place to do his business.

Researching for the traits, behaviors or any special needs of your dog’s breed will help you in knowing what be aware of and be alert for.

As an example, if your dog is one of the small breeds like Cairn Terrier you should be aware of their need to eliminate regularly as they have got small bladders. With these kinds of dogs, accidents will happen even if they are trained.

so, you need to be patient and consistent with them and understand their natural traits even if its outcome is kind of negative.

Dogs are animals with high intellectual abilities, but they don’t think or deal with things the way humans do.

Don’t expect your dog to understand everything you say or every command without understanding how to deliver the needed information to him in the right way first.

The Ideal Time to Start Potty Training

how to potty train your puppy to go outside

The ideal time to start training your puppy is between 12 weeks and 16 weeks old. Before this time, puppies don’t have enough control of their bladders or bowels so try not to start earlier than that.

If you got your puppy when he is older than 12 weeks and been eliminating in his cage, keep in mind that the training will be harder. As bad as it sounds, your puppy probably ate his discharge when he was caged. To demolish this act and train him to eliminate outside, you will need to alter this behavior with the right one.

Before Starting on How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside

Whatever the method you are going to choose, remember that the most decent way to encourage your dog and help him in understanding your command is positive reinforcement.

The conventional way of rubbing the puppy’s nose on his dirt or smacking him for doing mistakes is not the right way for a dog owner to teach his puppy to stop. In fact, it will teach your dog to fear you and it may harm your relationship with your puppy.

Unlike humans, dogs view their time peeing or pooing as an interesting time. So, he won’t understand why you are punishing him if he did his job in the house. Successful potty training requires a patient, kind and positive owner.

Different Approaches to Potty Train Your Puppy: Crate Training

There are three trusted and tried ways to get your puppy successfully pass the potty training phase. After knowing your dog’s natural traits needs and behavior, you need to put an implementation plan to start your potty coaching.

1- Crate training:

The idea of putting your puppy in a crate gets many new pet owners to wince once they acknowledge it. It is not the most favorable thing to do for your buddy, but that if you are going to leave him in the crate forever. Once you how crate makes your life easier this unwillingness will gradually vanish.

It is a great idea to get your puppy accustomed to using the crate as you will need it for traveling, vet visits, etc.

The concept of using a crate is that dogs tend to keep their dens always clean. They won’t be fond of a smelly rug just like you.

Choose a crate that is not too large. A good sized crate is vital, you will need to make sure your puppy won’t find a corner to use it for elimination. Get a crate that your puppy can lie, stand up and turn around comfortably.

This will help in keeping your puppy from sabotaging your carpets and rugs. If you want to get a large crate to your puppy to fit her for a long time, you may get a crate with barriers.

When your puppy feels the urge to eliminate, you will find her whining or scratching to get out of the crate.

That’s your clue, take her outside and don’t lag. If you let her in the crate for too long, probably, your puppy will lose her control over her bladder and mess the place.

Remember she is still a puppy.

By delaying her from going outside, you are giving her the idea it is okay to mess the crate and consequently, your house.

Don’t worry about your puppy not liking her crate, actually, dogs always find a hideout for themselves. Consider the crate as your chosen hideout for your buddy.

2- Paper training and pads:

puppy pads and paper training are solutions for elimination indoors. Be aware that using these methods you are confusing your dog about the matter of eliminating outside. Using them will decrease the processing speed for your puppy.

The best case scenario is the puppy will hold his urge to eliminate indoors and do his job at certain spots outdoors.

Giving the puppy the option to relieve herself in the house may let her use any spot in the house if she didn’t find the pads.

But still, paper training is good for apartment residences and people with limited mobility. But keep in mind, this will slow down teaching your puppy to pee only outdoors

3- Periodic Walks Outside

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Start Your Potty Camp! |

It may be the least effective way of getting your puppy understands that he is only allowed to poo outside the house, but some people find it suitable for them along with taking their puppies to eliminate in the garden.

Get up early in the morning and take your puppy on a walk before his morning wee and try to stay outside until your puppy discharges.

If you failed and your puppy didn’t discharge, the moment you go back to your house, take the puppy to the garden to wee.

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Craft Your Own Puppy Potty Schedule

To an ideal success in potty training your puppy, putting a schedule is crucial. Puppies possess tiny bladders so it hard for them to hold it for too long. The number of hours a puppy could hold himself for differs from a puppy to another. Due to their ages, individual capacity, and diet.

The tolerance for holding is corresponding to the age of the puppy. A 6-month puppy is expected to hold himself for about 6 hours. For younger pals, you will need to survey their habit to craft the needed schedule. But until you can figure out their habits, you should do the following:

Take your puppy out first thing in the morning, last thing before sleeping, at the time of waking up from a nap, after playing in the house, after eating and after drinking.

It is a tiring process indeed, but your family members could help you or if you don’t have someone close by, you could hire a dog walker.

Keeping the schedule will fasten the pace of making your dog get used to eliminating outdoors and leaving this chaotic chapter behind.

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Supervision and Diet

Try to keep your puppy in a noticeable area in your eye vision. Puppies have different capacities for holding themselves for a long time. Some will be able to hold himself until you take him out and others will do it after every time he plays or gets excited.

Dogs have premature digestive systems. So, they don’t tolerate a lot of types of food. It is important to break down their food into three meals. Another thing to consider is the quality of food giving to your puppy.

Get the highest quality food to your puppy and make sure whatever you choose for your puppy is consented by his tummy.

General precautions:

How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Start Your Potty Camp! |

You should know that the training period will for sure have its setbacks. Don’t get frustrated, prepare yourself for these accidents and always stay positive.

Get an enzymatic cleaner for cleaning, so you wipe any trace of the mess, kill the odor and scent. Don’t get cleansers with ammonia in it as it resembles the scent of urine.

If you find your dog peeing indoors, rush him out to continue out there and when he finish praise him for it. Remember prevention is an essential thing in house training.

Always remember to praise your puppy whenever he does anything right. Positive reinforcement is the key to get your dog to understand that he has to empty his bladder and bowels outside.

Now you are ready to set up your puppy’s potty camp. Research your dog traits, Prepare your schedule, and never forget to praise your young fellow.

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