How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps

How to mountain bike with a dog

How to mountain bike with a dog? There are certain steps to follow when training your dog to mountain bike.

You have to start slowly and use certain equipment. These equipment include a dog leash, harness, and many other things.

The steps to teach your dog how to mountain bike with you includes acquainting your dog with the bicycle, teach your dog biking cues, and let your dog run near the bicycle.

What is mountain biking with a dog?

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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Mountain biking with a dog is a form of exercise in which your dog follows you while you are riding a bike.

It is a sport where your dog probably will enjoy because of the freedom that they get from being with you while running all the way that you go.

Things you will need before letting your dog follow you in mountain biking

However, before you can let your dog run along by you by their side, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration.

You have to first check with your dog if they are in top health through going to the vet for a checkup.

Also, you have to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any underlying medical conditions.

The other thing that you should check is the age of your dog. If they are too old, this exercise will tire them easily.

While if they are young, this will have more energy to run around and follow you while mountain biking.

The other thing that you have to take into consideration is the weight of your dog.

If they are overweight, you will need to start with an exercise that isn’t strenuous like walking so your dog doesn’t get really tired.

Dogs who aren’t overweight can learn how to tag along while you are mountain biking.

Equipment that you will need

A bicycle dog leash

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |

You will need a bicycle dog leash that attaches to your bike and keeps your dog away from the bicycle’s wheels.

It is important when first training your dog that you do so; they will become accustomed to tag along while you are riding the bicycle.

A dog harness

You will also need a dog harness which you don’t attach it to the collar because it can be dangerous.

Instead, you got to attach the lead to a fitted body harness where it won’t cause it to be easily broken.

Blinking lights

You can also get a collar that has lights in it or you can use a light that attaches to the collar.

This will make it easier for your dog to see clearly in the dark and will make it easier for you to find your dog.

A dog first aid kit

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |

You can also get a dog first aid kit so you can treat your dog if they are injured while running or walking.

It is important to always take care of your dog so they are always healthy.

An extra dog leash

You can also get an extra dog leash so you can use it whenever your dog isn’t attached to the bike.

This is mainly used while you are walking alongside with your dog.

Water and a bowel

You have to make sure that you have enough water for both you and your dog.

The advantage of having a bowel is that you can put in it water for your dog to drink in it.

Extra Supplies

Dog boots

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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Dog boots are can protect your dog’s feet from harsh and hot weather conditions.

Your dog’s paw can also suffer from cold weather and make their paws cold.

Waterproof rain gear

This waterproof rain gear will help protect your dog from harsh conditions such as rain falling.

So your dog won’t suffer from a cold.

Cold weather gear

This gear will keep your dog warm when the weather is cold.

Recommended products for when your dog is mountain biking with you

1.) Hands-Free more Hike Dog Bike Leash

It is approved for being the best for German quality and safety so your dog will not be harmed by it.

Made from high carbon stainless steel, it is very durable that it will endure your dog’s weight and running around alongside you.

It saves you a lot of time by being installed in less than 5 minutes. Having a quick lock and release design, it can be easily opened and released without any trouble.

Other benefits include that it has a 500 Ibs pull strength, being UV fade resistant, and doesn’t get rotten due to its material.

Let’s your dog walk with you while you ride the bicycle at the same time with this unique dog bike leash. You can adjust the leash length very easily through its adjustability.

To get this awesome dog bike leash at a price of only $39.99 (saving you 54% of its original price), check Glamorous Dogs store.

2.) Dog Hiking Backpack& Dog Harness For Outdoor Camping

You can enjoy with your dog a full-time adventure with this backpack dog harness. Your dog will have all the treats, first aid kit, water, medication, and all that they need in this backpack harness for dogs.

It also comes with a convenient handle to help your dog with the weight. They are made with comfort in mind where your dog’s back and shoulder won’t be hurt from throughout the whole adventure.

It has a leash hook that works as a dog harness so you can have better control over your dog when they are walking or running with you so they don’t get hurt.

You can get this amazingly strong yet practical dog harness at a price of $44.95 which stands after a discount of 45 % of the original price. Check Glamorous Dogs store if you want to get it.

3.) Bright Dog Safety Flash Light for Collars

This battery-powered LED emits a bright glow that is perfect in the dark at night so you can know where your dog is.

You will be able to see your dog within 1000 feet away from your dog. You can choose from 2 modes that are really simple to activate.

All you have to do is activate one of the two modes where you can only press once for a steady glow or twice for a continuous flash.

By using either of the modes, you will ensure your dog’s safety and will be able to identify them from a distance. It works with batteries that can be easily replaced when they are no longer usuable.

Coming with a variety of colors, you can see your dog from a distance and find the best suitable for your dog.

You can get this vibrant bright flashlight for collars at only a price of $9.95 ( saving your 50 %). Check Glamorous Dogs store to get it.

4.) Upgraded Dog Leash “For Big Dogs”

Do you have a muscular and big dog and need to have something that can take on their big size?

This super-strong dog leash will help you control your big dog so they don’t wander off on their own and get harmed.

It offers complete shock-absorbent for total comfort with a rope made from durable climbing ropes that is thicker than ordinary ropes making it less likely to break.

Being light and having a soft holder makes it easier to not hurt your hands and will help you while walking or running along with your dog during a hike.

Now, saving up to 50 % of its original price, you can get this durable dog leash at a price of $28.83. Check Glamorous Store to get it.

5.) Instant Dog Leash Trainer

With this dog leash, you won’t have any problem walking your dog. It attaches to any collar running down the back under the hips and through the loop.

As your dog is pulling you through their walk, gentle pressure is applied to discourage your dog from pulling you.

It is the perfect design for your dog that will make them comfortable. It is approved by vets and trainers without harming your dog.

Now, you can get this instant dog leash trainer at a price of $19.99. Check Glamorous Dogs store to get it.

6.) Dog Waterproof Boots Perfect for Small Medium Large Dogs

Dog boots are perfect to protect your dog against cold weather. It will protect your dog from sidewalks, asphalt, grass, and other things such as mud, dirt, and stones.

It is the best choice for when your dog is mountain biking. It is water-resistant so your dog doesn’t get their paws wet.

Being great for all weather conditions and for different activities whether indoors or outdoors such as running, hiking, and hunting.

Boots come with 2 reflective straps for better visibility and easy adjustment. Also, it comes with a 3.5-inch slit in the back boots to make the on/ off process easy and comfortable.

The rugged anti-slip sole of dog boots provides stability and protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.

Now, you can get this awesome dog waterproof boots at a price of $22.99       ( saving you 41% of the original price). Check out Glamorous Dogs Store to get it.

Steps on how to mountain bike with a dog

Step one: Acquaint your dog with the bike

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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Introduce the bicycle to your dog. To do so, let your dog sniff and become acquainted with the bicycle.

Then, slowly while dragging the bicycle begin walking your dog with a leash and give them treats for walking without pulling the leash.

It will take several sessions for your dog to get comfortable while walking near the bicycle.

it is important that you don’t rush your dog and give them space and time to get used to the bicycle.

When your dog is comfortable with a bicycle, you can begin riding the bicycle along with your dog.

Step two: Teach your dog biking cues

After your dog is completely comfortable with running along your side, you can start teaching your dog cues for used for biking.

Some of these cues include cues for slowing down, bringing their attention to you when you want to ask them something, and making turns.

To make it easier, you could teach your dog these cues while walking them. This is before you actually take them along mountain biking.

Always teach your dog cues through simple words so they don’t. An example, you could use simple words such as “this way” for them to take a turn.

You could also teach them the cue “watch” where the cue is mainly for looking at you when you want to ask them something.

To make training effective, you must always reward your dog with treats so they can easily pick up the cues.

Step three: Let your dog get used to running alongside your bicycle

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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Use paths that are soft and grassy. Make sure that the paths are don’t have any obstacles so your dog can run easily without any trouble.

First, you have to walk your dog for a short period of time for the first week or two.

As they get used to it, you can increase the speed until your dog will run for short amounts.

Gradually, after their ten minutes of walking, let your dog run while always observing them.

Observe them for signs of tiredness such as panting excessively, losing coordination, drooling heavily, and slowing down.

If they show any of these signs, let them take a rest immediately and provide them with water.

Remember during the break to always provide give your dog lots of praise for doing a good job.

Step four: Practice bicycle leash safety

Never attach a dog leash to your bicycle frame or hold the leash while you are running with your dog.

You got to connect your dog to a leash that is attached to your bicycle baton. By doing so, your dog will not fall down or pull the leash away.

It is important to not walk away from the bicycle while your dog is connected to the leash.

The reason is that the bicycle could fall on your dog if they run or try to pull away from the leash; the action may hurt your dog.

Ultimately, it can traumatize your dog causing them to not want to be around bicycles.

Tips on how to mountain bike with your dog

Wait until your dog is old enough

It is important to wait until your dog is 14 months of age before taking them out for mountain biking.

Any age below this will definitely cause them problems such as lifelong health conditions like the destruction of joints and bones.

However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have any form of exercise.

Puppies, in their early ages, can benefit from short walks that are under a mile on soft ground.

Don’t feed your dog just before the ride

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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It is important that you don’t feed your dog on the day of the ride.

Rather, you have to feed them the night before. This is very important because dogs take about 12 hours to digest and get energy from the food.

If they do run after they just have eaten, it can cause them ulcers in their stomach because the food isn’t digested.

So what if they are hungry after the ride? If they are, you can give them food after 30 to 40 minutes from the ride.

Let your dog warm-up

Give your dog a warm-up before tagging along in mountain biking.

This happens through walking your dog and letting them jog lightly.

Ride in a controlled environment

If it is their first ride, use a controlled environment so your dog can walk and run around the bicycle without obstacles hindering them.

Be alone with your dog

The second tip, if it is your dog’s first ride, is that you have to let your dog walk or run while you two are alone without any company so your dog gets used to it.

Also, keep distractions to the minimum so your dog doesn’t get distracted while you communicate with them.

Let your dog follow directions

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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Ask your dog where you want them to be while you are riding the bicycle.

Always make sure that they are behind you so they don’t get injured and are at the same pace as you.

If it happens that they are in front of you, then use a corrective command that tells them to get behind you.

Expose your dog to other people on bicycles

Because mostly you may ride in groups of people on bicycles, you have to get your dog to understand that when they are running they must not run after others on bicycles.

Instead, they got to run near you without running in front of you.

But how do you achieve this, you could easily achieve this by riding the bicycle while your dog is on a leash and correcting them along the way.

Keep your dog hydrated

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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While your dog is running or walking, they will definitely need to stay hydrated.

You can let them stay hydrated by giving them water whenever they are thirsty.

So make sure to have bottles of water and bowel to put in it their water.

Take your dog to places that are not crowded

Never take your dog out in a trail that is so crowded. Your dog will not know how to freely run and walk.

They may get injured while running around. In addition, both you and your dog will not enjoy the ride.

Know the signs of overheating

Dogs get overheated in a way that is different from us, human beings.

They often curl up their tongue, drool a lot or don’t at all, have glazed eyes, and may walk unsteadily.

However, what happens if your dog becomes overheated? What should you do? This brings us to the next tip.

Cool your dog down

You have to stop every 15 to 20 minutes to monitor your dog for overheating symptoms.

If your dog happens to be overheated, you have to act immediately. There is no time to take them to the vet.

You have to force your dog to drink water. Don’t give them ice-cold water or bathe them in ice-cold water. This will ultimately lead them to a shock.

When to start mountain biking with your dog off-leash?

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
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Before taking your dog mountain biking while off-leash, you have to make sure that your dog has all the obedience commands.

If your dog doesn’t listen to obedience commands, they will quickly annoy other bicycle riders by stepping in front of them.

Always keep your dog close to you so they won’t head in front of you and you can ride your bicycle comfortably.

Once your dog becomes comfortable with this, you can let them off-leash.

When your dog is off-leash, you have to make sure that they are in close proximity toward the bicycle but are not too close.

Also, your dog must be able to respond to a command that you ask them when they are to close to the bicycle so that they would move away a bit.

Dos and don’ts when mountain biking with your dog

Train your dog to obey commands

You have to train your dog to obey commands so they will be able to listen to you while mountain biking.

It’s important for them to obey your commands so they won’t wander off alone and get lost.

Don’t take your dog for a ride while temperatures are high

You have to not take your dog out while temperatures are high either really hot or really cold.

The best type of weather to take out your dog is when the temperatures are cool.

Keep your dog hydrated always

By keeping your dog hydrated, you ensure that they will be healthy and won’t collapse.

So you have to bring with you water and bowel so they can drink from it.

Let your dog wear a collar with tags that includes their contact information

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |

Since your dog will be in the wood most of the time. It is important that you give them a collar with tags in case they get lost so you can easily find them.

Don’t ride in crowded trails

Don’t let your dog ride in crowded trails as there could be potential conflicts occurring.

For example, people may be afraid of dogs so they wouldn’t want them near them. Another example is a conflict may happen between the dog and another pet.

Don’t ride too far

It is important to know your dog’s limit when running. So that you don’t overstrain them.

There are some breeds who are better suited for long distances. However, you have to be careful while your dog is running regardless of the breed.

Clean up your dog’s poop

You also have to clean up your dog’s poop along the way. This ensures that the trail is kept clean for other riders to continue their ride.

Mistakes to avoid when mountain biking with a dog

1.) Not being prepared with the necessary equipment

The first mistake is that you aren’t prepared with the equipment needed for mountain biking.

Make sure that you have all the equipment needed such as a bowl for water, food, dog leash, and many other things.

2.) Not planning your route

How to Mountain Bike with A Dog Easily in Simple Steps |
Credited: Mountain Bike Heart

You’ve got to know the route that you are going to walk in so you don’t get lost.

It’s important to know the route so you can continue the trip smoothly.

3.) Not letting your dog wear dog boots

You’ve got to always let your dog wear dog boots while you and your dog are mountain biking.

Your dog may have their paws worn out and it may bleed if they aren’t wearing boots.


Mountain biking with a dog is a real adventure because you enjoy your time with them.

It requires that you are equipped with everything that is needed for the ride. Start slow and don’t rush your dog.

It is important to use positive reinforcement to teach your dog how to mountain bike with you.

Always take care of your dog’s safety by making sure that the leash is connected properly to the bicycle, keep your dog hydrated, and never overexercise your dog.

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