How to Groom a Dog with Long Hair Best 6 Tips

How to Groom a Dog with Long Hair Best 6 Tips |

Remember the last time your dog went to the grooming, they looked so pretty. Their coat is all smooth and fluffy. It’s so easy to learn how to groom a dog with long hair at home.

In fact, grooming a long and thick hair dog requires more time and effort. That’s why you should learn how to groom a dog with long hair before you even get one.

If you have already welcomed a long-haired pooch into your home and your life, don’t worry, it’s never too late to learn how to take good care of heir beautiful coats the right way, so let’s find out how to groom a dog with long hair in the easiest way possible.

How to groom a dog with long hair?

Taking care of these long and beautiful coats is quite the work, but if we take it step by step, it shouldn’t be that hard, right? Alrighty then, let’s get to it!

Learning how to groom a dog with long hair on a long-haired breed dog


To avoid mats and knots your dog’s hair may get when you give them a bath, you should bathe them from top to bottom. You have to pour the water from your dog’s top till you reach the bottom.

Same rules apply to the shampoo, from top to bottom. Use your fingers to gently rub your buddy’s coat In order to remove any debris the hair may have.

There are some detanglers contain moisturizing conditioner, it will loosen and enhance your canine’s coat. You should never keep your dog wet, start to dry the hair after the bath. You can use large absorbent towel. Wrap the towel around your dog’s body and make sure to absorb the extra water. 

You can use a low dog groomer heat dryer system it will work well, but, be cautious not to burn your dog.

When your dog shakes away the water, their hair will be lifted up. In fact, long-haired dogs will need from two to three hours for their fur to be dry.


If you’re following a specific dog hair grooming routine, you may have learned to cut the hair that grow around the toes. Keep doing it. In fact, long hair can cause a problem when they walk or run so they could slip. 

As part of trimming process, you can clip your dog’s nails using special tools that designed for dogs. We don’t want to keep the nails long and sharp. 


There are many options for clipping tools. You can choose clippers or grinders, whatever the tool that makes you and your pooch feel comfortable.

Actually, a dermal tool is a very effective way to file your dogs nail instead of trimming them.


Keep brush your pooch’s hair, it helps to remove dirt, debris and prevent matting. In fact, brushing can activate and freshen the skin of your long-haired dog as it distributes the natural oils. You can use a pin brush or a metal comb designed for dogs.

Make sure to get off any collar or clothing before you start to brush your canine. If you have a large dog, you can command them to lie down. While small dogs can be placed on your lap.

Turn your dog on their back and start gently to comb their chest and under the legs. Then, brush the tail, thighs, and back.

One of the brushing advantages, it can eliminate the coat’s tangles and knots. That’s why it needs to be done the right way. Hold a section of the hair with one hand and comb with the other until it becomes smooth and free of knots. Repeat the process with every section part.

After you finish, you can apply some amount of conditioner to moisten the hair. It will avoid any breakage happens to your pooch’s hair and maintain their coat in good condition.

Flea and Tick Prevention

If you want to apply medication and clean your pooch’s ears, start after the dog’s coat gets dry and before brushing.

If you want to apply a flea medications, it’s preferred to put it  before brushing. Actually, the flea medication is applied along the spine, so when you brush your dog’s hair, it will be distributed. 

Another important thing you should do, clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis. It will prevent ear mites and many types of ear infections. 

You should use a solution. Dip some of it into a cotton ball and clean your long-haired dog’s ears. Make sure not to deepen inside the ear canal. Clean every corner you think mites can be hosted.

If you want to remove the hair inside your pooch’s ear, use tweezers. 


Make your dog a star! After you did all of the previous steps, it’s time for hair fluffing. But first, you should get rid of all the matted hair and the tangles your dog may have.

To know how, visit this article Matted Dog Hair: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention.

Use a soft bristles brush to fluff up the hair. Start to brush it from the Bottom to the top. While you complete brushing in the opposite direction, try to keep the fluffiness.

And now, your dog is ready and well-groomed.


If you want to groom the hair on your dog’s face, use grooming clippers. You should gently move the clipper along both sides of the face. If you want a short hair grooming, you should use the clippers at an angle. but, for long-haired grooming, keep them flat.


After learning how to groom a dog with long hair, you should take into consideration the following points:

  • Regular brushing will avoid your dog’s coat to form any tangles and knots. unfortunately, these mats can create serious medical issues so if it’s not gone by brushing, you should cut them out with clippers or scissors.
  • You should keep short periods between grooming sessions. Neglected long-haired dogs can develop tangles fast.
  • Be cautious when you trim excess hair. You should never point scissors at your dog, you may hurt them.
  • You can use detangles or baby powder to loosen the process of grooming.  

Keep in mind, dog hair grooming isn’t just about the look, it’s for healthy coat and skin. In fact, matted hair can lead to severe skin problems that make your dog uncomfortable.

Learning how to groom a dog with long hair is a cheerful and pleasing experience. You will share funny moments with your friend that make you both bond more.

Share with us your fur buddy photos after home grooming and tell us how was the experience.

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