How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Your Home

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair

While having dog hair all over your floors and carpets is a small price to pay for living with those pretty uplifting furry buddies, it doesn’t have to be this way! What if I told you there are many solutions to this problem? I will show you how to get rid of dog hair from your home.

Before we jumo in, please note that shedding is a normal thing in the world of dogs. No matter what kind of breed they are, it could still happen. What do dogs and trees have in common? Trees bid their farewells to their leaves while dogs shed their hair according to the seasons.

How to get rid of dog hair by getting rid of static

How to Get Rid of Dog | Static Electricity

In one of our previous posts, How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using Common Household Items, we used static electricity to remove hair. We did this by recreating the magnetic atmosphere with balloons and latex gloves.

However, static electricity is also the reason why the hair gets stuck in the first place. All of that stubborn hair stuck on your floors and carpets is due to static. It is fair to say that static electricity is a double-edged sword.

So instead of creating a controlled, temporary magnetic field as we did previously, we are now going to get rid of this naturally occurring attracting field.

How to clean hard, wooden and carpeted floors

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Your Home |

The answer is brooms! Brooms come in different shapes and in varying material, but which one is suitable best for hard, wooden and low carpeted floors?

The perfect solution for your dilemma is a broom that has a long head with rubber bristles and nylon fibers.

Whoever invented this combination must’ve loved Hellen Killer. Her quote ” Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” perfectly explains how the rubber bristles and nylon fibers team up. The Rubber bristles trap and clump the dog hair, while the Nylon fibers sweep up any dirt and lint.

This broom also works wonders on rugs and short carpets. Thus, if you want only to buy one brush, then I highly recommend this type.

It will be very beneficial to use on different surfaces. It can also be cleaned effortlessly. Use a piece of cloth or tissue and wipe it over the garbage can.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Your Home |

Oh, you already have a broom like this. Are you looking for a broom that will only remove your dog’s hair from hard floors and carpets? If you want something specifically to only removing your dog’s fur, then a rubber broom is your new best friend.

Use a rubber broom to create static electricity to remove the hair stuck due to static electricity. Now that is a tongue twister, but don’t worry. It is easier done than said!

A rubber broom head is entirely made of rubber, yet the bristles don’t bend. No matter how hard to sweep, the bristles stay stiff.

This brooms pushes all of the hair into a pile and doesn’t collect anything between its bristles except for a little bit of lint. It is best to use in open areas, as it often fails in molding places.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Your Home |

After you are done sweeping the floors and the carpets, grab your vacuum and vroom. Make sure to vacuum frequently. You won’t have to do it daily after your sweeps, but vacuum at least three times a week.

Start on high then go to low, and switch between different attachable heads depending on the surface you are vacuuming. Vacuum everything and send the stray shed hair into oblivion.

Remove dog hair from long shaggy Carpets

High pile carpets are a great decorative addition to your house. However, cleaning them without the right tools is a dilemma. Add to the dirt stuck on the mats, the dog’s hair.Now you have an even bigger predicament!

Don’t worry though because someone already came up with a solution for that. Remember how I compared a dog’s shedding to the leaves falling in Autumn? Well, no wonder one of the useful brooms looks like a rake!

All you need is a rake-shaped broom. Your regular broom will only be able to scratch and clean the surface. You’ll need the rake-shaped brush to dive into this sea of statically charged carpet and get the job done.

This rake shaped broom has two rows of soft and flexible nylon teeth. Using it is very easy. Plunge the rake into the carpet, then pull it towards you.

You will have to follow your raking session with vacuuming. The rake broom brings what was hiding in the depth of the carpet to the surface, and almost nothing sticks to the brush itself. Thus, you would still have to remove the hair that was brought to the surface.

How to get rid of dog hair with moisture.

Moisture attracts hair. Dampen and lightly sweep carpets before you start vacuuming. Low humidity equals lots of dog hair everywhere. This leads us to the final point, purifiers.

How to get rid of dog hair from the air

How to Get Rid of Dog | Plant Air Purifier

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Dog hair is also in the air, along with pet dander, which may trigger your allergies even more. The good news is you don’t have to get rid of your furry friend to get rid of these allergins.

Use a Purifier

A powerful air purifier will help with removing your dog’s hair from the air.

How does that work?

Air purifiers pull and circulate the air in your house. When it pulls air in, it removes harmful airborne particles and allergens from the air and traps them in its filters. It then recirculates the now cleaner air back into your home.

Let us summarize how you could reduce the amount of dog hair in your house, starting with reducing the amount of shedding.

  • Brush your dog frequently
  • Give baths when needed
  • Groom your dog
  • Keep your house clean by sweeping and vacuuming the floors.
  • Since you can’t clean what’s airborne, use a purifier to do the job for you.
How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Your Home |

Which part of your house do you struggle with cleaning the most? Which broom would work best for you?

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