How to Get Mats Out of Dog Hair: The Easiest Way

dog enjoying some patting while owner trying to get mats out of his hair

It’s OK, It happens to all of us, sometimes life get’s busy, season’s change, and we kinda let our pup’s grooming routine sit in the back corner.

We forget that our fluffy friend’s coat needs brushing. But don’t get too hard on yourself mats can and do happen to the best of us.

So read on to learn How to get mats out of dog hair easily, painlessly and quickly.

How to Remove Mats Out of Dog Hair with The Easiest Methods

Skipping brushing your pup’s hair on a regular basis can cause your pup’s hair to become matted. A few mats here and there won’t seem like a problem at first but it can snowball out of control and became an issue.

When matting gets out of hand, your dog’s coat will need to be shaved. That’s really bad news for dogs with insulating undercoats. Plus, That would really make them hard to look at.

Matted dog hair is the worst but don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some of the methods that can help you to evade this problem and get mats out of your dog’s hair easily and quickly.


Before you start anything, Try to go through your puppy’s coat with your fingers to detect the matted areas. Also, to have a clear assessment of how bad the problem is and what you gonna do and what the tools that you probably gonna need.

Don’t get too hasty and start using the tools immediately as this will make your pup uncomfortable.

Try to untangle the matted hair by pulling and easing the hair apart a little at a time. I know this is painstaking work for you but believe me, it will pay off if you keep at it.

This also has a relaxing effect on your doggo that will help ease him into the process before you start using any tools and believe you need him relaxed.

After a considerable amount of time, If you can’t untangle the mats with your hands, then you can start using your tools. And that takes us to the next method.


woman brushing dog's hair. this one  way of trying to get mats out of dogs hair
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Woman brushing dog’s hair

This is the easiest and most conventional way to unmat your pup’s hair. I’m pretty sure you have a brush at home you can use, pick one and dedicate it only to your fluffy son, not to be mixed with the ones you use for your hair.

Conducting a good brushing is always a good way to start any unmatting session.

Try not to brush your dog’s coat when it’s dry. Brushing dry hair seems to split it and you will likely be fighting static electricity.

You can use some detangling spray or a diluted conditioning spray for that matter. You can find them at any pet store or even a drug store near you.

The Golden Rule of Ten

Never brush the same area more than 10 strokes at a time. Go onto another section and come back if necessary.

Try to make a habit of brushing your fluffy son’s coat before any bath. Believe me, it would help a lot in the long run.

Steel Comb and Oily Spray

a man using a comb to get mats out of dog's hair
credit: four paws

This combination of steel comb and oily spray seems like the ideal way to clear out any small or medium size mats.

first, Apply the oily spray to the mat, hold the fur close to the skin.

Second, With short and quick strokes, Use the back of the steel comb to detangle the mat

If the mats give you a hard time, Don’t get angry and pull too hard. That will hurt your pup

Beware, Never use scissors to cut into a mat as it is likely to cut into the dog’s skin if the dog were to suddenly move.

Relax it will eventually be unmatted. Have fun and Try to have a positive experience for your doggo, he shouldn’t feel any discomfort.

When done use a slicker brush to finish off any last tangles.

The DE-Matting Comb

a man using a de-matting comb to get mats out of dog's hair
credit: PetMD

When your dog’s coat gives you a hard time, bring out the best you’ve got. A de-matting comb is a tool that is designed specifically to deal with larger mats

Sometimes they are called anti-matting rakes. Go to your nearest pet store and ask for it.

With their sharp edges, These combs cut through the knot in the mat like knife through butter. Also, they have rubber grips for a better handle while working on the mat.

Again, be gentle and avoid pulling the mat

For a more positive experience,
It always helps when you treat your pup every now and than
this will make the session more fun for him and for you.

If your dog has lots of mats and stressed out by the experience, you may need to stop and call it a day. You can always continue the next day.


How to Get Mats Out of Dog Hair: The Easiest Way |
credit: dogs monthly

After you remove as many mats and tangles as you could, It’s a good idea to give your pup a bath. This will help loosen up any dead fur that may be hiding in his coat.

Use your preferred doggy shampoo and conditioner on your dog to ensure no more matting going to develop.

For more on how to give your pup a good bath read this.

After you finish bathing your doggo, Dry him up thoroughly till his coat shines. It’s a good idea to give him one last brush to finish off any remaining mats.

so, that’s it. These are what worked for me, I hope I answered your question “how to get mats out of dog hair”. What other ways do you think I missed?. Tell me in the comment section below.

Feel free to check out my other articles on how to get dog hair out of your couch and how to get hair out of your car carpet.

Have a nice day and read you next time.

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