How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using Common Household Items

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes |One long haired dog and one short haired dog being walked by a person.

Dogs come in different shapes and forms, all of which are glorious. Some have long, luscious hair; others look stunning with their’s short. No matter what their hair length is, your clothes get covered in dog hair.

Your gorgeous furry pet fills your life with so much happiness and joy, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with dog hair stuck on you 24/7.

You don’t have a lint roller, and you’re going out soon. What would you do? No need to panic because I’m about to show you how to get dog hair out of your clothes using common household items

 A dog bone

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using Static Electricity

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using  Static Electricity | Bolts of Lightning Striking the City

Static electricity is creating a build-up of charges on one surface, causing an imbalance. This phenomena naturally occur all around us.

Think of the lightning that scares your lovely dogs whenever it strikes, or when your walking safe and sound on a carpet, and out of nowhere, you get zapped. All of these are different examples of static electricity, but what is really interesting is how we can create this imbalance of charges on command.

Here are three ways to get rid of the dog hair hanging on for dear life on your favorite outfit.

1) Water – the symbol of life

Cupped hands gathering the cascading water.

Water! It makes up about 60% of your body and almost 71% of the earth. If that isn’t enough for you to appreciate the miracles of water, then behold!

Water is your golden ticket to a fast, cheap solution to leaving your clean laundry free of any dog hair. All you have to do is wash your hands with cold water, then rub your hands over your clothes in only one direction, preferably downwards.

The hair will clump and turn into balls, making it so much easier to remove and leaving your favorite shirt hair free.

2) Latex gloves to the rescue

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using  Static Electricity | A pair of latex/ rubber gloves.

The glove you wear to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals found in the liquid dishwashing soap is truly the epitome of the phrase: “Not all heroes wear capes.”


Because it also zaps out the dog hair out of your clothes via magnetic attraction. Wear it, damp it with cold water, and rub it on the fabric texture in the same direction ( downwards as mentioned previously), and sing Bye Bye Bye to the unwanted hair.

3) Balloons are more than just a celebratory symbol

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using  Static Electricity | Lots of colorful balloons

Do you have some unused balloons left from an old party? If you answered yes, then you are in for a treat.

Good thing you didn’t throw them cause they will be handy at keeping your clean laundry free of doggy hair. Perhaps you remember the fun scientific trick from elementary school, the one that gave you a cool hairstyle. That is static electricity in a nutshell.

What once made your hair stand up straight will now do the same with the hair on your clothes. The dog hair will stand up straight and stick to the ballon. Blow the balloon and rub it into your clothes, and enjoy the magical show of watching your favorite outfit getting cleaner and cleaner in a short period.

A dog bone

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using Gripping surfaces

Lint rollers are amazing. They are easy to use, and you don’t have to deal with cleaning them after you’re done.

However, they are non-recyclable and could get a bit expensive. Especially since you’ll be buying them in bulk multiple times a year to help you reduce the amount of dog hair stuck on your clothes.

Maybe you just run out and don’t have time to buy a new one before your next important outing. A reusable roller would be a great substitute, but you probably don’t have it yet.

Here are two other more affordable, and less eco-unfriendly options that will get the job done until you get a reusable roller.

1) Duct tape and Gaffer tape to the rescue

| A roll of adhesive Tape.

Tape could act like wax strips, but for your clothes. The adhesive, sticky part will stick to the hair, so when you rip it off, the hair will come off as well.

Make sure that the tape you use leaves no residue on the surface you used on, and always test it first on a small area to ensure that you won’t be harming the fabric. Some fabrics are weaker than other so ALWAYS test it!

2) Hair curlers can give you more than just a gorgeous updo

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes Using Gripping surfaces | Hair Curlers

Velcro Curlers might make your hair voluminous and pretty, but did you know that you can get a lot of hair out with this fancy tool?

They can pick up any thread like substances, so by using its rough part, you could remove any dog hair. If you have bigger curlers, then use those as they will make your life so much easier due to the larger surface area.

Prevention is always better than cure, so here are some quick tips for your future reference.

You can make a huge impact on reducing the amount of hair that gets on your clean clothes by keeping your fresh laundry in a closed area where it is hard for your furry buddy to get in.

Also, grooming your dogs frequently reduces shedding; thus less hair is available in the atmosphere to stick on to your clothes. Learn more about shedding in dogs here.

A dog bone

Have you previously used any of the mentioned methods? Which one works best? If this is new to you, let us know which ones you tried and which one you liked the most.

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