How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet Easily Using Simple Methods

dog relaxing on a house carpet. How to get dog hair out of carpet

We all Love our pups but Hate their shedding.

What can we do? It became a fact of life that’s part of the doggy deal we signed.
For all the love and affection we get from them, There is the headache of trying to find an answer to this question: How to get dog hair out of my carpet?

A carpet full of hair can, not only make the people who live in the house feel uncomfortable, but also can be a source of embarrassment if a visitor comes over. Plus, if not dealt with, dog hair can cause health issues to your families.

Getting dog hair out of the carpet seems like a daunting chore, There is always some left here and their and hair seem to collect everywhere in the most awkward of places. To the extent that dog hair can be embedded down to the very root of the upholstery and carpeting fabrics?

Have you ever tried to get dog hair out of a stair carpet? If you did then you probably feel my pain

Dogs love the softness of your carpets and that’s cute and all,
However, DON’T let them mark it as their own with their hair covering it up.
You don’t want people to say that your living room has
“Gone To The Dogs”
Because once it’s gone you can’t take back

Don’t get so gloomy,
Cheer up,
A new day on the horizon, Dog hair covered carpets are NO MORE.

Here are some tips, tricks, and methods that I have tried myself and worked like magic to fix this problem.

That’s why you’re here, So here we go

Simple and Easy Methods to Get Dog Hair out of Your Carpet

Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuuming round is probably the best way to start any hair removing session.

vacuum cleaner working on a carpet as one of the methods to get dog hair out of carpets

Some vacuum cleaners come with pet hair attachment that you can use.

Go over areas of your carpet twice with alternative directions to loosen up stubborn hair, start vacuuming as much loose hair off your couch.

Remember to vacuum the sides and corners

These are available at any hardware store around you with different types and various suction powers.

Be careful with large amounts of dog hair as it may clog up the vacuum cleaner and damage it.

This is a good method to remove loose hair as fast as you can. As for the more stubborn hair, the next ways are probably more useful.

There is a variation to this basic method I recommend deeply,
1.Apply baking soda to the hair infested areas of your carpet.
2.Let rest for a while.
3.Start your vacuuming session.
Not only this will help clean the carpet but also it will leave it smelling great

wet Cleaning

If you are okay with getting wet to get your puppy’s hair out, then you should definitely try these:

#1 wet Hands

This is the easiest method of them all.

using wet hands to clean off carpets from dog hair
credit: housewife how to

You simply get a washcloth and soak it in water, Rub it against your carpet in a downwards motion.
After getting wet, the embedded dog hair beneath your carpet will get heavy. It will be harder for it to stick to any surfaces.
Now rub your wet hands against the carpet and you will find the wet hair just rolling up to form a ball of fur that you can pick and throw it in the pin.

It will get kinda messy as the hair will also stick to your hand in an unpleasant way, But it works

#2 Sponge Mob

How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet Easily Using Simple Methods |

This works best after using the vacuum to suck all loose dog hair off the carpet, for the sticky remains that didn’t come off you can do the following:

1.Get a clean kitchen sponge mob and a spray bottle of water.

2.Spray the sponge mob with water

3.Move the sponge mob across the carpet gently to remove the hair from the carpet fibers

The hair will eventually clump into a fur ball that you can remove it easily with your hands

#3 Fabric Softener

How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet Easily Using Simple Methods |
Credit: FDS

This approach will only take some creativity and a little bit of time to be perfect.
Here is how it goes:

1.Get a spray bottle and mix three parts of water with one part fabric softener in it.

2. Spray your carpet with the solution and let it sit for a few moments.

3. Vacuum all the hair off

The ingredients of the fabric softener will loosen up the dog’s hair on the carpet threads. making it much more easier to be vacuumed than before

If you have a profound position against using MILD CHEMICALS into your dog’s living environment,
Then you should skip this method and move to the next.

Static Electricity

Yes, you read that right. This is the pinnacle of modern science in the war against your fluffy four-legged friend’s hair.

OK, Let jokes aside, This way is just too easy and too effective and this is how it works:

1. Buy anti-static spray from any grocery or drug store near you or you make it at home by mixing water and fabric softener in a spray bottle, as we mentioned before

2. Spray on the parts of your carpet that have stubborn hair on them.

3. The spray will remove the electric charge on the hair that makes it stick to the fabric of the carpet. So basically it will loosen up and that will make the hair removal process much more easier.

4. Simply then wipe the hair with a soft cloth and it will come out.

Rubber Gloves

This is a good household object life hack that will make cleaning dog hair off your carpet a breeze.

How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet Easily Using Simple Methods |
credit: Youtube

Wear a pair of basic disposable gloves, get them slightly dampened, run your hand up and down your hair covered carpet.

The hair will eventually stick to the gloves then simply rinse off the gloves and repeat till you get all the hair.

Also, a dry rubber glove can also do the trick. So keep one under your sofa for quick touch-ups.

Rubber Squeegee

I know this is strange but bear with me, please. Using a squeegee to remove your dog’s hair out of your carpeting and upholstery is actually a smart way and much more handy than what you think.

How to Get Dog Hair out of Carpet Easily Using Simple Methods |
credit: krazy lady

How to use:

1.Fill a can with soapy water

2. Spray the carpet but don’t overdo it.

3. Rub the squeegee against the carpet to remove the dog hair.

4. Remove the hair off the squeegee after every wipe.

That’s it, the dog hair is finally out of your carpet.

Remember, If your dog is shedding more than ordinary, please check with your vet. To learn more about shedding and dogs hair loss issues.

Feel free to check out my other articles on How to get dog hair off your couch or your car carpet.

There are probably more tips out there that would fix this problem but that is what has worked for me personally.

If you have any further tips on How to get dog hair out of carpets, or if you ever tried one of these methods before, feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section.

As always if you like it, share it

Have a nice day and Read you next time.

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