How to Get Dog Hair Off Your Couch in 7 Easy Ways

How to Get Dog Hair off Couch?

If you are a dog owner and I guess you are, Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. There is a great possibility that your couch is drowning in layers of dog hair as it is now the relaxing pad of your fluffy buddy. The question now is how to get all these layers of dog’s hair off your couch?

Having a dog is one of the best things that could happen to a man but it’s not all fun and games all the time. There are also some inconveniences that we just had to accept as part of the deal. Dog hair is just a fact of life that we need to deal with it.

So let me help you and offer you the best, quickest, and easiest ways to to get dog hair off your couch.

Or else you can buy a new expensive leather couch that hair can’t stick to

7 Super Quick And Easy Ways to Get Dog Hair off Your Couch

Vacuum Cleaner

a woman cleaning dog hair off a couch
credit: affordable luxury furniture

This is a good way to start any hair removing session.

Remove any pillows and cushions. Use the detachable hose of the vacuum cleaner or a small handheld vacuum cleaner depending on what you got, some even got pet hair attachment you can use.

Go over areas twice with alternative directions to loosen up stubborn hair, start vacuuming as much loose hair off your couch. Remember to vacuum the sides and bottoms

These are available at any hardware store around you with different types and various suction powers.

Be careful with large amounts of dog hair as it may clog up the vacuum cleaner and damage it.

This is a good method to remove loose hair as fast as you can. If the hair is still sticky, the next ways are probably more useful.

Sticky Lint Roller

sticky lint roller
credit: travel badger

This is a classic easy to use and relatively inexpensive way to remove hair off your couch.

How to use it is simple: You just roll it down the surface of your couch to pick up the hair.

You can find the sticky roller at any pet store near you or even the nearest drug or grocery store.

Don’t worry it won’t harm any of the fabrics on the sofa.

Keep one of these rollers right beside your door for a quick hair removal session if you are expecting friends or family on short notice.

Duct Tape

using duct tape to get dog hair out of couch
credit: Instructables

This is for highly sticky dog hair that is too stubborn to be off using the previous methods.

Cut a broad section of duct tape and flatten it against the surface of your couch that is embedded with irremovable dog hair. Keep it there for a while then peel it with a quick motion.

Repeat this process many times until you get all the hair.

Be careful using Duct Tape especially the strong kinds as it might peel away paint so try not to leave it on the couch for more than a few seconds.

Rubber Gloves

removing dog hair out of couch using rubber gloves
credit: apartment therapy

This is a good household object life hack that will make cleaning dog hair off your couch a breeze.

Wear a pair of basic disposable gloves, get them slightly dampened, run your hand up and down your hair covered couch. The hair will eventually stick to the gloves then simply rinse off the gloves and repeat till you get all the hair.

This is better than the last method as it doesn’t take much tape needlessly.

Also, a dry rubber glove can also do the trick. So keep one under your sofa for quick touch-ups.

Damp WashCloth

This is probably the easiest of ways that you can do

Get a piece of washcloth or a towel that you use in your kitchen, slightly damp it, wipe your couch and cushions with it in one direction only.

The hair will lift off on the cloth then you can wash it under the faucet or at least the hair will pile up and can be easily picked up by hand.

Dry Kitchen Sponge

dry kitchen sponge
credit: Huffington Post

Use a clean dry kitchen sponge to get dog hair out of your couch by just moving it slowly across the couch. The hair will eventually cling to it and problem solved.

Anti Static Electricity

Yes, you read that right. This is the pinnacle of modern science in the war against your fluffy four-legged friend’s hair.

OK, Let jokes aside, This way is just too easy and too effective and this is how it works:

1- Buy anti-static spray from any grocery or drug store near you or you make it at home by mixing water and fabric softener in a spray bottle.

2- Spray on the parts of your couch that have stubborn hair on them.

3- The spray will remove the electric charge on the hair that makes it stick to the fabric of the couch. So basically it will loosen up and that will make the hair removal process much more easier. Simply then wipe the hair with a soft cloth and it will come out.

That’s it, That all I can think of as easy and quick ways to get dog hair out the couch. For more on hair loss and remedies you can try, read this.

If you have any advice, tips or other simple ways, Feel free share it in the comment section.

Read you next time.

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