Top 6 Ways on How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes

how to get dog hair off clothes

Dog hair falling out everywhere is a problem especially when it falls on clothes. You can’t enjoy wearing your favorite outfit or enjoy wearing your clothes for that matter. How to get dog hair off clothes is the solution to this problem.

Here are the top 6 ways to get your cloth free from dog hair.

Top ways on how to get dog hair off clothes

1.) Lint roller

Get a lint roller and simply use over your cloth by rolling it over it. The sticky side of the lint roller will take all the hairs in your cloth out.

The advantages of a lint roller is that it is affordable while saving time and energy. By just rolling up the lint roller, you end up with hair free clothes.

2.) Sponge

Use a slightly moistened sponge with water to remove dogs hairs off clothes. You got to squeeze the sponge from the water very well and only let it become having a small amount of moisture so that it can collect the dogs hairs.

Run the sponge from top to bottom pattern so either the hair will stick on the sponge or fall to the ground. Do this step outside or over a trash bag so you don’t get hairs all over the floor.

3.) Rubber gloves

how to get dog hair off clothes

Rubber gloves can remove hairs from clothes. There are two ways on how to remove dog hair from clothes.

The first method takes into account friction which when created can collect dog hairs. This happens by wearing the rubber glove, specifically a latex gloves, and rubbing it over the cloth resulting in friction that removes dog hairs.

The second method relies on wetting the rubber glove with water. By moistening the rubber glove, you make it easier to collect dog hairs.

Just run your rubber glove over the cloth and it will remove the hairs. When it is filled with hair, rinse and repeat again.

4.) Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets is another method for how to get dog hair off clothes. Before you wash the cloth, run it through the dryer.

But before you use the dryer, add a dryer sheet into the dryer with the clothes. The dryer sheet will help reduce static and stop dog hair from clinging to fabrics.

5.) Balloons

how to get dog hair off clothes

Blow up a balloon and rub the balloon on the clothes; it will remove dog hairs. Balloons do so because of the friction that is created which causes static that works on lifting dog’s hair up.

6.) Brush

Use a dog brush to groom your dog regularly so their hair don’t fall out and get attached to your cloth. It is important to maintain a regular routine where you brush your dog’s coat regularly..

A dog brush comes in different sizes and textures depending on the dog hair or fur texture.

How to remove dog hair from clothes in washing machine

how to get dog hair off clothes

Before washing your clothes, run the clothes into a 10 minute with no heat into the dryer. As a result, the dog’s hairs become loose which ends up in the lint trap. Add dry sheets so you can remove the static from cloth that pulls the hairs to them.

Take your clothes out of the dryer and shake them to remove any excess hairs. Clean the lint trap and then put the clothes in the washer.

Add half a cup of white vinegar to the washer rinse cycle. Vinegar is a fabric softener that helps smoothen the fabrics and loosen dog’s hair.

After you finish cleaning your clothes, clean the washer through running a washing cycle and then finally wiping the washer’s tub with a wet cloth to prevent dog’s hair from staying in the tub.

Other tips on how to get dog hair out of clothes

  • Reduce static on clothes by using an anti static spray that is used on clothes so that it loosens the dog hairs and make it easier to remove with a brush or lint roller.
  • If you have woolen clothes that are covered with dog’s hair, then use a cloth steamer or you can hang them in a steamy bathroom before you use the brush.
  • If you don’t have a lint roller, then use packing tape with the sticky side on the outside and run over the clothes.


in conclusion, there are many different ways to remove dogs hair off cloth. These methods require following certain steps so you can attain the best results. Each method isn’t costly and can be accomplished in your home at your own convenience.

Also there are useful tips to help maintain the removal of dog hair in your clothes.

Dog hair can also fall in your car so you need to know how to deal with this situation. To know more about getting dog hair out of car, check Best Ways, Prevention, and Tools on How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car.

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