How to Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats

how to get dog hair off car seats: cleaning and prevention

Taking your dog to the veterinarian or with you to your workplace, going on a road trip or just to a park in the next neighborhood. Most of these outings are fun and amusing but after the fun part, there comes the dull one, cleaning.

It’s boring, we admit, but you would always be happy with the result. Removing your dog’s hair off your car seat is a part of the cleaning routines that makes us frustrated.

After a good cleaning round, sometimes you find a few strands of your pet’s hair clinging to the seats of your car and the question that always comes to your mind is;

‘ I just cleaned the seats, from where did these strands come!’

So here are simple and trusted ways on how to get dog hair off car seats.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats

Step One, Vacuuming

A vacuum is one of the most recommended devices to start removing your pet hair from your vehicle. With vacuuming, you are going to get rid of 80% or more of the hair easily and leave a small portion that you will have to find another suitable way to clean it with.

Try to get a good hand-held vacuum, with small bristles for easy use and convenient. Getting the right vacuum will increase your chances of success in the hair removal process.

Getting The Seats Ready:

To get your seats ready for the next round, make a solution of water and fabric softener and spray it on the seats. This will help in making the hair strands loosen and thus, easy to be removed. It’s okay to use only water if you don’t have a softener at the time of cleaning, but it would be a bit less efficient than the solution with a softener.

Rubber Gloves

How to Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats

Rubber gloves also are one of the best ways to get dog hair out of the car seats. Yes, those regular household gloves. You could also use latex or Nitrile gloves( if you are allergic to latex) all of them are good to use in cleaning. To get the best results, get gloves with little nubs, these nubs will help in collecting much more hair than gloves without them.

You would find gloves that are made especially for removing pets hair, but it’s so similar to the regular gloves. You may try the regular one first and if the results didn’t meet your expectations, try the pet’s one.

Pumice Stone

Using pumice stone is similar to using a rubber glove. You will rub the stone on the car seats in order to collect the remaining hair. Keep in mind testing the stone in a small piece of your car upholstery to make sure no damage will occur.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats: Using Sticky Surfaces

Sticky surfaces will also get rid of hair strands out of your vehicle. There are a lot of methods that can be used that has the same concept of using an adhesive surface to attach to the hair like;

Lint roller

Using a lint brush or roller is more common to use it in cleaning our clothes of pets hair, but it also could be used to clean the seats of your car. Purchase a lint roller and roll up the brush on your whole seat or on the aimed area and you will find the hair sticking on the surface of it.


Tape or duct tape could be used as a cheaper alternative for the lint roller. Wrap the duct tape around your hand with the sticky surface outside, and then, tap the desired areas. The hair will stick on your taped hands and TA-DA, mission accomplished.

After tapping for a few times, if you found that the hair is not sticking to the tape you should consider replacing it with a new piece of tape. Repeat the process until your seats are hair free.

More on Removing Dogs Hair off Car Seats

Still, there are other ways to collect your pet’s stray hair from your car. Squeegees, Velcro Curlers, and wire brushes could be also used to remove hair out of your car.


A squeegee is a great tool to use in your cleaning your pet’s hair off the car seats. The rubber blade will get the hair while you are moving the squeegee on the seats. You could find plenty of squeegee types in your local market, choose what you think is the best for your budget and with good quality.

Wire Brush

Usually, pet owners use the wire brush as the last step in the cleaning process, as the brush removes the hard unyielding hair strands off the seats. It works the same way as the rubber gloves and pumice stone.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats: Prevention

How to Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats |

Even though the ways of prevention won’t totally prevent your dog’s strands from getting on your car seats. It will lessen the chances of getting a lot of stubborn and hard to remove hair threads.

Brushing your dog

You will have to brush your dog before every ride will reduce the amount of hair shedding in the car, thus less hair to clean. If you got an agreeable buddy, you can use the vacuum to get as much of loose hair as possible.

Cover the Seats

Covering the seat with a blanket or special pet seat cover will help you in limiting the parts in which hair reach. You can take the blanket or the cover occasionally and wash it to get rid of the hair and re-apply it again. If you want to know more about cleaning your blanket, read How to Get Dog Hair Off Blankets


We can’t ban our best buddies from riding our cars, it is not an option. Here are ways to help you in doing that. Just find what way suits you to reduce the chance of hair to stick to your car seat and enjoy! Tell us how occasionally your dog gets a ride with you and how you protect your seats from the shedding.

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