A Guide into How to Cut Dogs Nails Without Hurting Them

How to cut dogs nails

How to cut dogs nails requires regular check-ups and clipping routine. It is a matter that should not be taken lightly as it does help prevent problems related to your dog from happening.

Here is a complete guide on how to cut dogs nails without hurting them.

Importance of nail trims

It is important to trim your dog’s nails because it can cause them pain, discomfort, and health problems.

You know when it’s time to cut your dog’s nails when their nails tap on the floor. When a dog’s nails tap into the floor, it becomes pushed into their nail beds.

Not cutting your dog’s nails will often result in them having soreness and arthritis.

Steps to cut dog’s nails without hurting them

How to cut dogs nails
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1.) Get the supplies

Assemble all the supplies you will need. Get a pair of clippers and styptic powder. Also, get a nail file. Styptic powder is important to stop the bleeding if you hurt the quick.

2.) Find a good place for your dog

You may want to sit with your dog on the floor, hold your dog in your lap, or get assistance from someone to help you when restraining your dog.

Then, you got to hold your dog’s paw firmly and push on their foot pad to extend the nails. See where the quick is located. It is easily seen in light and clear nails.

3.) Use a nail clipper

Using a nail clipper, cut the nail from below at the tip at a 45 degrees angle. Cut in small pieces as you don’t want to injure the quick.

When cutting the nails, make sure you stop when you reach a black spot in the center of the nail. As this signals, the beginning of the quick.

4.) Use a nail file

There are cases where the nails are brittle. In these cases, the cut may splinter the nails. In these cases, you got to file the nails starting from the back of the nail to the curve of the tip.

The nail file will make the nails smooth.

How to cut a dog’s nails that are black

After you get the nail clipper supplies and hold your dog’s paw, lift your dog’s paw and then position the nail clippers at a 45 degrees angle and clip the tip of the nail.

Then cut the dog’s nails in little pieces bit by bit. You have to trim bit by bit so you don’t harm the quick. You will while cutting the nails that they are white in the cross-section; keep cutting until you find a black spot in the middle of the cross-section.

This black dot means that you are close to the quick but not too close to injuring it. Stop when you see that black spot.

How to cut dog nails that are long

how to cut dogs nails
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There are many methods to cut dogs nails. Here are the top two methods for cutting dog nails that are too long.

The bend the nail away method

Secure your dog

Secure your dog by holding them effectively so that they don’t get hurt or struggle while you cut their nails.

Lift and bend

Lift one paw and bend their nails away from the fur. This lets you see the nail more closely.

Let the light in

If your dog has light nails, hold their nails up to the light. This will help you see where the quick begins so you will avoid cutting it.

Cut the nail

Place the clipper on the nail and cut from below at an angle of 45 degrees. Then start by cutting small sections of the nail.

File the nail

The final step is to file the nail to give the nail a smooth edge.

The over time method

Calm your dog

Make your dog comfortable and relaxed. Then let your dog become sit, stand, or lay down.

Examine your dog’s nails

Check each of your dog nails for fungus, infection, or other paw damage. Also, it is important to do this step to know what your dog has.

Start out small

Start out small by cutting the nails at small portions. Do this until the nails are cut to the desired size without hurting the quick. Cut them at a 45 degrees angle.

File the nails

Finish off the nails by filing them using a dog nail file.

How to cut dog’s nails without clippers

Use a grinder

You can buy a nail grinder. Your dog will become uncomfortable in the beginning but then will get used to it through practice.

Choose the right time

Choose the time after your dog is tired like after doing exercise so your dog won’t struggle while you cut their nails.

Remove the hair around the toe

If you find hair around the nails, get it removed through so you can get to the nails. The nail grinder tool moves in a circular motion so cutting the hair will avoid getting tangled in the hair.

Hold your dog gently

Hold your dog’s paw gently and then run the nail grinder in a circular motion. If your dog feels uncomfortable than you can stop for a while to calm down your dog then continue.

Don’t cut the nails to short that it reaches the quick.

File the nail

Another method to use without using clippers is filling. Filling the nails takes time and is time consuming.


How to cut dogs nails takes time and effort. There are different methods depending on the length, color, and tools used for the nails. It is an ongoing process that needs to be done regularly so your dog nails don’t cause them health problems.

For more information regarding clipping nails without clippers, check Top Methods on How to Cut Dog Nails Without Clippers.

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