How to Cut Dog Hair with Scissors Safely

how to cut dog hair with scissors

How to cut dog hair with scissors safely

How to cut dog hair with scissors safely? It is the most complex task of a groomer’s job. Also, there are different techniques used depending on the type of fur of the animal.

Throughout the scissor cut, the dog must stand up and we must regularly comb the fur to place it well,therefore better balancing and structuring the dog.

How to cut dog hair with scissors safely

The hair takes several directions on the dog and is the experience of grooming stylists and several years of practice that help to better understand how to carve and move on the dog.

Also, the choice of quality scissors that fits comfortably in the hand of the groomer, makes all the difference for the final result.

Therefore, to do this, you can use Poil-Luxe uses European scissors, high-end, they are Meteor forged by hand, with high-quality metal and hollowed out at the blades to make it lighter.

Poil-Luxe uses the technique with a chisel between the fingers or comb or freehand, it is a technique that requires patience, dexterity and many years of practice. Therefore, this technique provides a more uniform texture to the fur.

Today, with new techniques and new technologies, it is possible to perform long cuts with the Clipper-Vac thus facilitating work and comfort for the dog and the groomer.

how to cut dog hair with scissors

Grooming scissors

Grooming your dog is not always easy, especially when you start with a scissors cut. But that can be worth it!

Cutting with scissors, or “scissoring”, even more than hair removal, is a technique that requires real training, and a lot of experience. Do not expect to make spectacular sculptures in the fleece of your Poodle in the first few weeks. However, by trying, you will probably achieve an honest result, which may allow you to space the actual grooming sessions …

Before considering cutting with scissors, it should be understood that some hairs intersect, and others do not. Schematically, the curly hairs that can be “relaxed” during the blow-dry make ideal bases for a nice cut. On the other hand, the long hairs, whether they are bulky or bulky, do not lend themselves to the cut, because it is then likely to make scales very unsightly.

how to cut dog hair with scissors

Dog hair cutting scissors: watch out for long hairs

On this type of hair, it is better to either leave the length simply by equalizing the fringes, or opt for a mowing not too short type “baby”. It is the choice made by the wisest groomers, or the least gifted.

Others, more competent, or more daring, launch into scissors cuts on long hair. Therefore, the result is rarely up to their ambitions!

For the description of the technique of scissors, it is better to assume that you want to learn it on adapted hair, which is already quite difficult like that!

It is also necessary to adopt the postulate that the brushing is perfect, the hair of good quality, supplied and dense, and that there remains no knot. Also, scissoring consists of carving in this mass, according to imaginary lines that you will follow as homogeneously as possible, and which, after finishing, will be the definitive lines of your cut.

how to cut dog hair with scissors

The 4 golden rules to cut your dog hair

  1. Hold your scissors properly, thumb in one handle, ring finger in the other.
  2. Do not hesitate to “bite” once in the hair, to get closer to the ideal length. Only then will you refine. If you go millimeter by millimeter, like everyone else at the beginning, you risk staying days on the same leg (no complex, we all did it).
  3. Try to be linear and follow in your cut, not a shot here then a shot there. Then, Give yourself (mentally) lines to follow, and hold them.
  4. If the dog allows it, do not hesitate to work taut legs, which gives you a better vision of the lines to follow.

By following the above lines, you will necessarily end up with geometric volumes.

Do not forget to soften the edges thus formed. Concretely, the pants of a Poodle must evoke the cylinder, not the rectangle …

how to cut dog hair with scissors

Curved scissors for dog grooming

Know how to hold the scissors in the most efficient and natural direction (a leg is vertical, avoid cutting horizontally).

Be very careful: as soon as you move around fleshy or fragile parts (pads, eyes, anus, vulva, testicles, ears …), be extra careful and if necessary, protect the endangered area by placing a finger. Then Always help yourself with the comb.

This will allow you to forget nothing and avoid surprises once the toilet is over, when the dog shakes …

Take full advantage of your equipment using straight or curved scissors depending on the area treated (hind legs and tricks with scissors curves, front legs and ear tips with straight scissors, for example).

Jealously guard your scissors, and avoid dropping them! Be careful not to leave them inconsiderately on the table, where the dog can drop them with a paw.

If it must happen, pray that they fall closed, otherwise, it’s screwed! Finally, do not cut with skewed or blunt scissors, you would not do anything clean.

Scissors are also very useful in many other cases: finishes, tricks, ear rolls, fringe trim, etc. No particular difficulty for all this, do not forget to regularly help you the comb in order to stretch the hair before cutting, which will avoid forgetting locks.

After cutting your dog’s hair

When learning how to trim your dog’s hair with scissors, it’s important to remember to give him a break every few minutes, or sooner if he seems to get impatient.

Holding your pet’s head will always be uncomfortable for him, even if he does not show it.

Cut for 2-4 minutes, then let it pause for about 2 minutes

Also, be sure to congratulate your dog throughout the haircut process for a job well done. He is much more likely to sit patiently if he knows what he wants you to do. Do not forget to give him a treat and praise when the work is done.


In conclusion, how to cut dog hair with scissors requires patience and consistency. It requires following certain steps. Also, you got to always use positive reinforcement by treating and praising your dog after you finish the session.

Also, To know more about best dog brush for short hair, check Top Best Dog Brush for Short Hair Shedding.

Share with us your experience. How was your experience with cutting your dog’s hair?

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