Puppy Potty Training Schedule: How to Create It

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Getting a new puppy is an adorable thing that we will remember for the rest of our lives. In order to get the full positive experience with your new puppy, you will need to make him feel comfortable by providing a welcoming environment.

And to make your puppy get this cozy feeling in your house, you will need to have clear rules and teach it to him the moment you get him to your house. Rules are learned by practicing and in order to get the right amount of time for practicing, schedules need to be put.

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Puppy potty training schedule is one of the initial training that you will put in consideration when you get a puppy. Le’s get to know how to appoint potty times for our little canines and what we need to consider while putting puppy potty training schedule.

Why We Need a Puppy Potty Training Schedule in The First Place?

Putting a schedule for the times you will take your puppy out to eliminate is vital in making your puppy comprehends that eliminating should be in a specific place and it is not acceptable to do it anywhere.

When you put a schedule for your pooch, you are reducing the chances of having any ‘accidents’ in the house, a more effective way for your dog to understand where he should discharge and of course, bonding and understanding your puppy’s habits and natural traits more.

Another advantage of having a schedule is to prevent miscommunication with your family when it comes to ‘did you take our buddy to eliminate?’. If you are living with your family, all of you now are responsible for your new canine family member. A schedule will make everything clear for everyone.

The responsibility of taking the puppy out will be shared and every single one of you knows when he should take the puppy outdoors and won’t rely on others to do though, this will help in dodging any accidents of leaving the puppy without taking him out for a long period of time because you thought someone else actually took him.

When to Start House Training Your Puppy

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When to start potty training a puppy is a valid question for every new dog parent.

From the moment you decide on having a puppy, you should have a plan for everything regarding taking good care of him. Feeding, grooming, training and all the gadget you will need everything should be planned. From the age of a month, you could start house train your puppy to eliminate outside.

Training your puppy should start as early as possible to get your canine understands and comprehends everything fast and because if your pooch actually gained a bad behavior it will be hard for you to get rid of it and usually, it would take more time to get him out of this behavioral problem that you will wish you trained him earlier.

So, start early as possible to avoid having “accidents” at your house and increase the speed of your puppy’s progress in understanding everything. It is also crucial to understand that puppies need more frequent times out as they can’t control their bladder for too long.

How Often Should You Take Your Puppy Out

Puppy Potty Training Schedule: How to Create It |

Typically, you will need to take your puppy out every 1-2 hours, seems like a lot of work but the good news is it won’t last forever. As puppies don’t have a firm control on their bladders whenever they will feel to “let it go” they won’t hesitate on doing it.

As a pet parent, you should be mentally ready for this by knowing what to expect from your buddy. A dog of two months will for sure have less control over himself than a six months puppy. Another thing than physiological limits is individual differences.

Some puppies would get the routine of potty training faster than others, and that’s totally okay differences are there but you shouldn’t be frustrated! just give your puppy your ultimate attention and don’t look for other puppies progress as I said before, every puppy has different individual traits that make him good at some things.

As it is hard to get the time your puppy could hold it but get an estimated time you could use the plus one rule. If you have a 4-month puppy then it could hold it for 5 hours without messing your house.

But don’t rely on this rule unless you need to urgently need to leave your dog for a long period of time. There are multiple fixed times to make a successful puppy potty training schedule. You will need to take your puppy out at these times;

First thing in the morning

You will have to put taking out your puppy as the first thing of your morning routines. Brushing your teeth, having breakfast and feeding your puppy all comes after taking him out to eliminate. Don’t stop for doing anything before taking your buddy out, after he successfully does it outdoors you could proceed with your morning routine.

If your puppy is too young, carry her out and put her on the located place for eliminating and wait until she does her business, and carry her back inside again.

After Every Meal

One of the methods that will make your puppy potty training schedule works efficiently, is taking your pooch outside after every time you feed him. Puppies tend to discharge after 10-30 minutes of eating, so you should keep that in mind and act upon it.

As your puppy getting older, his control over his bladder will increase and you could delay his outing for a reasonable period of time. If your puppy drinks a bowl of water, you should consider this as an equal to a meal and take him out to eliminate.

After Naps and Playing

Puppies get excited when they play, their digestive track gets stimulated too so for the sake of keeping your puppy potty training schedule successfully ongoing, you will need to give your puppy a potty break whenever she is playing.

Naps, on the other hand, are the little version of bedtime so you will treat it the same way. Whenever your puppy takes a nap, the first thing to do with her when she wakes up is to take her out to discharge. If you are interested in using a crate to help you with house training your puppy, Check the Puppy Crate Training Schedule and How to Work It Out.

Also, if you are busy at work and think that you can’t crate train your puppy, read Crate training a puppy while at work – Not possible; here’s why and find out how you could manage crate training while you are at work.

After knowing all that you need to create a puppy potty training schedule, all that you have to do is to craft a suitable schedule and try as much as possible to stick to it , and also, to tolerate any accidents that will sue happen during the training and keep the positive attitude to continue the training.

Never punish your puppy for accidents, instead, clean the mess he made with a suitable cleaner that is free of ammonia and inspects to know if your puppy did that because he didn’t get enough times to eliminate or that’s a sign he still needs a bit longer time in potty training.

Now you are ready to start crafting your own schedule and good luck with your puppy potty training schedule and other training and schedules too! Tell us the breed of your dog and how much time it took him to learn to eliminate outside.

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