Top 9 Tips on How to Clip Dogs nails

How to clip dogs nails

Dog clipping of nails is an event that makes the dog afraid of cutting their nails. So what is the best way on how to clip dogs nails?

For active dogs who run all the time, cutting their nails may be unneccassary because they are worn down by walking and running.

However, for other dogs they need their nails clipped.

Here is the top 9 tips on how to clip dogs nails

1.) Get nail clipping supplies

There are two types of nail clippers. They are the gullitone nail clippers and the scissor nail clippers.

Gullitone has a hole in them where the dog puts their nail in. While the scissor nail clippers act cut the nail like a regular scissors.

Also get a type of powder that to stop the bleeding if you cut the quick.

2.) Start fresh

Switch to a new pair of clippers either in appearance or type so that your dog doesn’t instinctively know that it is clipping nails time.

As soon as your dog first sees the clipper, reward them with some treats. Then put the clipper away.

This reniforces the idea that when a dog sees a clipper they know good things are going to happen.

3.) Start slow

How to clip dogs nails

Train to touch your dog’s paw. Begin slowly and keep your dog relaxed through touching them slowly on the shoulder.

Work down toward the leg as long as your dog remains relaxed. Reward them along every step through giving them treats.

4.) Find a good place

Sit on the floor with your dog or hold them on the table. You got to hold your dog’s nails firmly and push on their paws to let the nail out.

You’ve got to know where the quick is by differentiating it between the nails and it. It is usually pink and is often seen clearly with light and clear nails.

5.) Practice

After allowing you to touch their nails, use one hand to touch your dog’s paw and another to get objects such as an eraser near their nails.

After your dog is comfortable with objects touching them, get the clipper and slowly tap their nails with it. Do not clip the nails yet.

Reward your dog for staying patient.

To get your dog used to the sound of the clippers, stand far away from your dog and squeeze the clippers tightly making a sound.

As you do so, reward your dog with treats so they associate clippers as a good experience.

Combine touching your dog’s paws with the sound of the clipper.

Hold your dog’s paw and squeeze the clipper near your dog’s paws without actually clipping the nails. So you would know how relaxed your dog is around the clipper.

6.) Use the nail clipper

How to clip dogs nails
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Using the nail clipper, cut the nail from downwards in an angle of 45 degrees. You got to start at the end of the nail.

Clip very thin pieces of the nail until you see a black spot appear at the center of the nail. This is the begginning of the quick.

Avoid the quick so your dog doesn’t hurt or bleed by cutting small bits of the nail one step at a time.

7.) Take breaks

In between take breaks so that your dog can tolerate nail clipping. For example, you could clip two nails and then take a break. Then get back to the clipping.

8.) Use Styptic Powder

If your dog’s quick is cut, use styptic powder as a reliever to stop the bleeding.

9.) Clipping nails often

Clip dog’s nails often so they can become clean and clipped very easily. Some people reccomend clipping dog’s once a week.

But if they are walking on concrete and other rough floors, they will not have their nails clipped often because the ground wears down their nails.

Other tips on how to clip dogs nails

How to clip dogs nails
  • Clip the nails ,so that when your dog walks, the nails do not touch the ground.
  • Get a good pair of clippers that is appropriate size of your dog.
  • Make clipping nails a fun experience. Follow the above tips and give your dog treats when they have sat patiently throughout the nail clipping session.
  • Keep the fur in the feet trimmed. This can lead to reducing dirt and debris from sticking into the paws.
  • Talk to them in a calm and sweet voice while you are clipping their nails.
  • Let someone hold your dog while you clip their nails.

Don’t’s on how to clip dogs nails

Don’t cut your dog’s nails short

Clipping your dog’s nails too short can let them become hurt and bleed. Never try to cut the nails while your dog is jumpy.

Don’t use nail clippers with a guard

Some nail clippers come with a guard. However, the disadvantage of this guard is that it blocks your view. So instead use your finger as a guard.


How to clip dogs nails requires careful planning and steps to do. There are tips to do that you should follow to make it easier for clipping your dog’s nails.

For more information about steps to clip dog’s nails, check A guide to how to clip dog’s nails.

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