How To Clip Dog Nails: The Safe And Correct Way

How To Clip Dog Nails: The Safe And Correct Way |

Knowing how to clip dog nails is an important part of being a dog owner.

Many people generally overlook how important it is to groom your dog at home. You need to know how to clip dog nails, brush their teeth, give them a bath, e.t.c….

So, for all the new dog owners here (and of course everyone who simply wishes to learn more about their beloved dogs): Here is a simple guide on how to clip your dogs’ nails correctly:



When should I clip my dogs’ nails?

Well, unless your dog has the privilege of playing around on hard surfaces that help keep toenails short naturally, you have to trim or clip the nails about once a week.

Also, if it sounds like your dog is wearing high heels on a parakeet floor, it is time for a clip.

The earlier you start teaching them, the better it will be.

Like that, they will be more used to it and accepting of it.


A little warning: since most dogs don’t enjoy having their feet handled in any way (nor do I to be honest), it is safe to say that this will not become your favourite activity together.

However, this is a necessary procedure to make sure your dogs nails can grow healthy.



How to correctly clip nails?

How to clip dog nails guide

As seen in the illustration above, a dog’s toenail is made up of two parts. The nail itself and the quick, (also referred to as quickening).

The nail itself can be transparent or black.

On the other hand, you will find that the quick is pink due to the blood flowing through it. Thanks to the quick, your pups’ nails are provided with blood.


Strongly avoid cutting it due as it can lead to quite a bit of bleeding as well as cause your canine pain. Don’t worry they won’t hold it against you for the next twenty years to come.

If like me you become worried about hurting your dog, consult a professional about it first.



What to do if you have cut the quick?

First of all: Don’t panic.

Panicking will only make your dog get worried and anxious, which is not what you want them to feel like or even associate with nail clipping.

If you did end up cutting into the quick by accident, make sure to stop the bleeding immediately.


At the beginning of the nail clipping session make sure to already have a damp washcloth on hand. Get rid of any excess blood with it first before applying styptic powder, which you can apply with a cotton swab.

Additionally, you can also use a nail cauterizer. It is a tool that stops bleeding by applying heat to the wound and thus preventing further blood loss.



How to clip dark dog nails?

How to clip dog nails paw nails
Black dog nails

The colour of your dogs’ nail is determined by the colour of their surrounding skin and hair. This may make it a bit difficult at first.

In light-coloured nails, the nail is often white and the quick is pink.

However, in this case the nail and the quick are both black.

In order to avoid clipping the quick, make multiple small cuts and making your way up slowly before you go too far.



The trick to trimming black dog nails is to find the pulp



You should stop cutting the black nail when you reach the pulp. While cutting, you will notice a white colour on the surface.

This is good, as it means you haven’t reached the pulp yet.

Since the pulp is located just before the quick, you should find it easily. You can spot the pulp by its circular appearance rather than its dark colour.

If you are still worried about clipping your dogs nails, ask a veterinarian for help.



How to prevent those things?



  • Don’t overdo it. Your dog will probably not like this one bit, but don’t push them over the edge. They love and trust you greatly, so it is best not to take advantage of that by forcing them to go through the same procedure over and over again.
  • Consult a veterinarian. Before beginning to trim your dogs’ nails by yourself, meet up with your trusted vet. They will show you the correct way how to cut dog nails without an issue.
  • Gently, but firmly hold your dogs’ paw. Try not to apply too much pressure on them both physically and emotionally. This may not have the desired effect and instead will make your dog more nervous.
  • Reward positive behaviour. give them a big hug and a well-deserved head pat after the procedure is over. A little treat wouldn’t be so bad either… also, remember to
  • Have patience with and be kind to them. They love you just as much as you love them. The love we get from our animals is probably one of the purest forms of affection we can ever receive.




Dogs usually have dewclaws on the inside of the front legs and sometimes also on the hind legs.

Unlike front dewclaws, rear dewclaws tend to have little bone or muscle structure in most breeds. It can be common, although not biologically necessary, that certain breeds will have more than one dewclaw on the same paw.

For certain dog breeds, a dewclaw is considered a necessity. Herding and Beauceron dogs are in need of them for navigating snowy terrain.

This claw will wear down if your dog walks on it, just like the other claws.

It is best to talk to your vet if you wish to do something about it.

Comfortable Stop dog nail bleeding
Adorable little paws


Whenever I write those posts I always hope I can help someone with their little problem wherever they are around the world. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments. Read you next time!


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