How to Clean Tartar Off Dog’s Teeth

how to clean tartar off dog's teeth

How to clean tartar off dog’s teeth, does your dog have tartar on his teeth? It is possible that you have ever felt the bad breath, that you do not want to chew the feed or other hard foods or that you have ever seen spots on the teeth, as these are some of the main symptoms of dental calculus in dogs. If your hairy has accumulated tartar, do not wait any longer and eliminate it to prevent it from producing more serious diseases as a result of this dental problem.

It is vital that you go to the vet for a complete review at some point, but if for some reason now you cannot go and you will go later as soon as possible, you can also help your faithful companion at home, as long as it is not of a serious case

how to clean tartar off dog's teeth

How to clean tartar off dog’s teeth at home

To do a homemade dental cleaning for dogs, simply what we will do will be to properly brush the mouth of the dog, we will never be able to use a machine at home that the professionals use or achieve the same result.

There are products to eliminate tartar in dogs but they only work well when it comes to little amount of this. As soon as these products are spread too much they can only help to reduce their progress and facilitate the task of the professional dental hygienist, but never to eliminate it altogether. These are mouth rinses that can be added to water, such as chlorhexidine, powders based on seaweed and silicates (food supplements anti-plaque), toothpastes suitable for dogs and other options, such as special treats to treat these problems in a simple way.

To clean your dog’s teeth at home and remove tartar, follow these steps:

⦁ Make sure that your hairy is used to this cleaning and is not afraid, but you will have to do so progressively over several days until you are not afraid or respect the brush and the situation.
⦁ Use always toothpaste for dogs never use that of people, because it can be very toxic for them, especially those that contain fluoride, since they will always swallow a little without wanting to. Choose one that has a flavor that your furry may like, as there are many.
⦁ Choose a brush that matches the size of your partner’s mouth and teeth.
⦁ Moisten the brush, add the toothpaste and start brushing your dog’s teeth as you would with yours, in soft circles and always in favor of the gums to avoid damaging them.
⦁ Make sure you do not leave any areas unwashed and insist on the parts where there is accumulated scale.
⦁ Put some water in your mouth, but allow your dog to wipe well by drinking plenty of water.
⦁ Apply a little chlorhexidine spray or gel with fingers that will relieve gums, prevent infections and soften the tartar that, little by little, will disappear.

You can do this cleaning every day until you notice a great improvement, but if it gets worse or you do not get it back, even using the natural remedies that you will see below, then only the veterinarian can fix it.

Consequences of tartar in dogs

Consequences of tartar in dogs:

The consequences of tooth decay in dogs can be diverse and should be known to be aware of the importance of their prevention:

⦁ Bad breath or halitosis
⦁ Gingivitis
⦁ Periodontal disease (infection that affects the entire mouth)
⦁ Wounds in the mouth
⦁ Loss of teeth
⦁ Dental abscesses (may end up damaging the eyes and nose)
⦁ Intestinal diseases
⦁ Renal problems
⦁ Liver diseases
⦁ Heart problems

Removing tartar from dog’s teeth and What is tartar in dogs:

If you wonder what dental calculus is in dogs, it will interest you to know what is the same as in the case of people. In the mouth, bacteria accumulate throughout the day and these form the bacterial plaque that ends up covering the entire dental surface and mouth. When the remains of food and mineral salts are added after each meal and the fact that the bacteria are decomposing them little by little, then tartar eventually appears. So, exactly, tartar is calculations of solidified waste and bacteria.

Now that you know what tartar produces in dogs, it will also be useful to know where it occurs more easily, so pay more attention to this part of your hairy mouth when cleaning it. The tartar tends to accumulate in the spaces between the teeth and the gums, so it is sometimes covered by these. Likewise, it is also found in the spaces between the teeth themselves and, little by little, it is extended until it can completely cover teeth and cause damage and diseases throughout the oral cavity and the surrounding structures.

Home remedies to clean tartar off dog's teeth

Home remedies to clean tartar off dog’s teeth:

In addition to professional cleaning and brushing the dog’s teeth at home, you can also choose to use some of the best home remedies for the tartar of dogs, which serve both to prevent and eliminate small amounts of this or help soften the large plates. Take note:

⦁ Bicarbonate for the tartar of dogs: mix a spoonful of baking soda with a large glass of water and with this mixture wet the brush and go cleaning the dog’s teeth daily.
⦁ Probiotics: these are ideal to prevent digestive problems, including those that start in the mouth. These will help healthy bacteria in the body of the dog to have better health and can help to fight harmful bacteria such as plaque.
⦁ Carrots: if your furry likes them they are a perfect prize for you to clean your teeth since when you bite the fibers of this vegetable, they scratch the tooth surface helping to clean it, besides providing vitamins, minerals and fibers very necessary to fight this problem.
⦁ Apple cider vinegar: thanks to its composition it helps to soften the plates and to eliminate tartar at the beginning of its accumulation. Add it in the water of your hairy and if you do not like it, simply use it on the brush when it comes to taking care of your mouth for a few days. Do not overdo its use

Treatment for tartar in dogs (oral care – oral health):

If you get to the point of saying “my dog has a lot of tartar” or “my dog smells bad breath” you need to go to the specialist to review it well and offer the best option in your case. The best treatment for tartar in dogs, apart from starting to prevent it, is undoubtedly professional oral hygiene or cleaning, that is, done by the specialist veterinarian. Also, it is likely that the veterinarian will prescribe some guidelines and medications to prevent possible inflammation and infections during the first days after hygiene, especially if there was already a lot of accumulated scale.

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Next, we explain how to remove dental calculus in dogs at home when the case allows it, that is, when it comes to small amounts

How to prevent tartar in dogs

How to prevent tartar in dogs:

To prevent tartar in dogs, make sure you get used to puppy cleaning teeth and that you brush frequently, that you follow proper nutrition, offer treats and appropriate products to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque, give appropriate toys to clean teeth, such as rope or cloth, go to all necessary veterinary reviews and stay tuned for possible symptoms of problems in the mouth to see the specialist as soon as possible.

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