How to Care for Your Dog or Cat and Help them Survive During Quarantine?

How to Care for Your Dog or Cat and Help them Survive During Quarantine? |

How to care for your dog or cat and help them survive during quarantine. To know more about the story, check the

Even though according to the World Health Organization, pets can’t transmit the coronavirus to humans, you still need to know how to take care of them while they are quarantined with you.

There are several steps that you need to take to ensure that your pets are safe with you.

Here are all the steps that you need to help your dog with quarantine:

How to care for your dog or cat?

1.) Prepare all your supplies

Your pet needs to have food that they can eat so they can survive. Therefore, you will need to have pet food stocked up because you won’t be able to go out much.

You will also need cleaning supplies that you can use to groom your pet. Dog and cat medications such as flea, tick, heartworm, and prescription medications need to also be in your house so if your pet gets sick or has parasites in their coat, you can stop and treat their condition.

2.) Teach your pet to potty inside

Because of the quarantine, you will most probably need to stay inside so you won’t be able to walk your dog outside. The most suitable option is to teach them to potty inside especially if you live in an apartment.

If you live in a house that has a private yard, you can easily let your dog potty in the yard.

So, how can you teach your dog to potty inside? The super-fast way to teach your dog to potty inside is to act as if you are going outside.

To do so, grab the leash like you always do when you go outside for your dog to potty. Then, give them the cue to potty inside the house.

If your dog doesn’t understand what to do, give your dog a break and then watch them for signs that they need to go again. When you do see signs that they want to potty, you can try again.

To let your apartment stay clean, you can use newspapers, pee pads, or fake grass. You will also need to stay clean when handling any potty waste so you don’t get diseases such as giardia or leptospirosis.

As for cats, they can go potty in their litter boxes like they always do. There isn’t really any change for cats in this aspect.

3.) Keep them occupied while indoors

How to Care for Your Dog or Cat and Help them Survive During Quarantine? |
Credited: PetPad blog

Even though your dog will not receive many physical exercises during quarantine, they can still receive mental exercises that can keep them occupied and have fun.

These mental exercises involve letting them play with puzzle toys and get their food from treat dispensers.

Training your dog can also help them stay calm and release the pent up energy that they have. You can teach them tricks that they can do such as doing spins and rollovers.

However, if your dog is struggling to move or doesn’t feel like it, you will need to call the vet or dog trainer to help you out.

As for cats, there won’t be much change as cats live indoors. All you need to do is just spend time and take care of them.

4.) Take care of your pet’s mental health

Dogs can experience stress and depression from being stuck at home all the time during the quarantine.

They may have trouble sleeping, playing and staying active, and lose their appetite.

So, it ‘s important to always be engaging your dog with interactive play and give them care and love so they don’t become depressed and stressed out.

As for cats, you got to take care of them and provide them with love.

Tips to help protect your pet

How to Care for Your Dog or Cat and Help them Survive During Quarantine? |
Credited: Insider

Don’t expose your pet to the virus if you have it

If you are sick with the coronavirus, you have to stop contacting your pet so you don’t transmit the virus to them. There is evidence that dogs can get infected with the virus from humans but they won’t be able to transmit it to humans.

In this situation, a family member should take care of your pet instead of you. If that’s not a possibility, you got to wear a face mask and wash your hands really well before and after feeding your dog.

Build an emergency kit

The ASPCA recommends that pet owners have a 30 day supply of pet medications, food supplies, and other supplies such as cat litter boxes and dog pee pads.

Also, you need to have your pet wear a collar and tags with updated identification information in case they get lost.

Come up with an emergency caregiver

If you get infected with the coronavirus, you will need to have someone who can take care of your pet. Make sure that you have someone in your mind in case this situation happens.

List all your pet’s habits such as food that they eat, medical conditions, medications, and behavioral tendencies.

Here is a video showing why dogs are important for people during Coronavirus:

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