How To Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks in 3 Simple Steps.

a worried dog before knowing how To Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the most exciting events for humans, however, it could be a very scary night for dogs, so, here’s how to calm down a dog during fireworks.

Remember when you were a kid and you hear a loud, scary noise; like fireworks or thunder. I believe that you used to run to your parent’s lap, where you can feel safe till those scary sounds go away, right?

Well, it’s pretty much the same situation here, but the scared one here is your dog. Some dogs have no problem with loud noises, flashing lights, booming fireworks and crazy voices. However, other dogs are not used to such sounds, so in days like the Fourth of July they can be REALLY SCARED, annoyed and very stressed!

Unfortunately, with a dog that is scared of noise; you will not be able to control his anxiety if you are not well-prepared for such an event, and things might get out of control! Therefore, Here you go: How To Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks in 3 Simple Steps:

dog scared of fireworks
I feel you, my friend! Credit: Ghiphy

Step 1: How to Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks By Preparation

Preparing a dog to such an event and knowing how to calm down a dog during fireworks, could not be as easy as it looks like; because, at the end of the day, not all dogs are sharing the same characteristic, like human beings, not all of us are the same.

So, you should accept that not all the preparation methods will work fine with all kind of dogs. Therefore, I’ll make you a list of some preparation steps and you choose what will work best for your dog.

P.S: What I am about to say might sound weird, but it is not!

Make fireworks familiar to your dog.

You should make fireworks sounds familiar to your dog. Yes, you should introduce them to the sound of fireworks and its noise, step by step, you can start by arranging with your friends some events that include fireworks, or you can play some movies on your TV that includes fireworks and make them watch with you.

how to calm down a dog during fireworks so your dog don't panic
Don’t panic big boy! Credit: GIPHY

The main point here is making your dog familiar to that noise, so they won’t panic if they heard it that loud for the very first time, we all know how things work in the Fourth of July.

Close the Curtains.

The flashing lights and bright colors in the sky will stress your dog even more, so you might want to try to close the curtains and turn down the lights, so you can help your dog feel more comfortable.

Distract you Dog.

If all of those steps didn’t work, just try to distract your dog with the toys it love, the music it prefers or even any other activities. Just anything that distracts their attention from this stressful event.

Step 2: How to Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks, with the help of your vet

If you already know that your dog has a history of anxiety, you really should visit an experienced vet before the day of the fireworks. He might be able to give your dog some medication to calm it down during the event.

If you don’t prefer using medicine to calm down your dog during fireworks event, and I can see why most people don’t like that solution, your vet might be able to recommend some natural supplements, that can work perfectly.

OR, you can move with me to step 3, that may give you the answer you are looking for.

Step 3: Dog Anxiety Calming Vest is our answer for How to Calm Down a Dog During Fireworks

If someone told you that there is a vest that your dog can wear, and it can calm down a dog during fireworks, you will not believe him, right? Well, me neither. But, Yes, dog anxiety calming vest is a real thing, and actually, it works perfectly fine!

Why you should use our dog anxiety calming vest?

Usually when your dog has anxiety and starts to jump, run and hide while their tail is between their legs; shaking and wondering when this stressful event is going to end. You hug them, and you try to give them the peace that they’re looking for, right?

the dog anxiety calming vest your gate to how to calm down a dog during fireworks

Therefore, we would love to introduce to you one of the most amazing products we have, the dog anxiety calming vest. Simply, it gives your dog the hug they need at that particular time. Dog anxiety calming vest is designed to calm your dog down, and makes them feel safe and loved in such stressful moments.

Need more reasons? Okay.

  1. Easy to Apply: All you have to do is wrap it carefully around your dog’s body and let the magic happen, you will see yourself how your dog will gradually calm down.
  2. Easy to Clean: You can clean it like any other piece of clothes you have, just wash them, either in your washing machine or with your hand; it will come out clean and ready to re-use it, again.
  3. Safe and Soft: It is made of very high-quality fabric that will make your dog feel comfortable and will not annoy them in any way, moreover, your dog will not fell distracted with; it’s light and comfy.
  4. Our client LOVES IT! Here’s a sample of their reviews, and you can find more of it here

Excited enough to give it a try? Okay then, Here’s your 20% off if you order now!

Last but not least, we know how much trouble a worried dog can make, but we still love them and we are trying our best to make them feel good and comfortable.

Those were our how to calm down a dog during fireworks simple steps, that will help you enjoy your firework event with your dog in peace, however, we would love to hear from you; if you have any tips and tricks, that can help us make our beloved dogs feel more comfortable and loved.

Or you can tell us about your experience with your dog in such events, too! I am sure you have some amazing stories that we would love to hear.

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