How Long Should Dog Nails Be

how long should dog nails be

You always asking, How long should dog nails be? and you don’t know the answer
Knowing how to cut and shorten your dog’s nails is an important skill for any dog ​​owner.
Instead of taking your dog to the trainer or the place to cut the nails you can do at home.
Good knowledge of the shearing process is necessary because wrong cutting can lead to bleeding. Very severe. If the dog’s nails are white, the operation is easy because the blood vessels are clearly visible and can be avoided. If the nails are black, it is impossible to see the blood vessels.

how long should dog nails be

How long should dog nails be:

The nails must be cut regularly and usually once a month, but they are different from one dog to another depending on the amount of walking and running by the dog and whether walking on rough surfaces or soft, and leaving the nails without cutting may cause him great stress when walking, Pain in his fingers, which reduces his practical performance in training or other.

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The nails of dogs, like those of humans, grow throughout their lives. When they do not wear enough naturally, it is important to maintain the claws of the dog to prevent him from being embarrassed or injured. Your veterinarian will be able to do this during a routine visit, but it is also quite possible to cut the nails of your dog yourself, with a little practice, patience and some tips.

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If your dog goes out often, his nails will wear out as he walks and will not require much maintenance. On the other hand, a dog that comes out rarely will see its claws grow without wearing out and it will be necessary to cut them regularly. Alas, this gesture is not always easy. The dog is often stressed, and his master is as much as he is! So how to cut the nails of his dog without stress?

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how long should my dog's nails be

how long should my dog’s nails be

Depending on the size of the animal, the best position to cut the dog’s nails is not the same. It is advisable to install a small dog on his lap in order to maintain it well.

If you have a big one, sit it next to you or lie in front of you so you can easily grab its paws.

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how short should dog’s nails be

you will hear dog’s nails clump up as your dog walks on hard surfaces, If your dog’s nails are too long
determine if the dog’s nails are too long or not. The claws should not stand on the pillow and do not touch the ground when standing

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Spot the part to be cut

When the dog has white claws, the dead part of the nail is easily distinguishable from the root colored pink by the blood vessels of which it is made. But for dogs with black claws, it is less easy. To locate the root of the nail, use a lamp to illuminate the underside of the claw

dogs nail trimming
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When should I cut my dog’s nail

Dogs’ nails rarely, if ever, need to be maintained if they walk on hard surfaces, such as sidewalks, as they wear them out naturally. However, untreated nails can break, bleed, or even incarnate, and hinder the animal. If you hear your companion’s nails when walking on a hard surface, this is the most obvious sign that they need to be cut.

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To do dog clipping we do the following:

  • Time

Choosing the right time to cut your nails is important, preferably by the end of the day when the dog is more relaxed, especially after finishing the exercise or mid-day nap time.

  • Positions

When we cut the nails we must lie down the dog and not cut it when standing, then touch the claws gently with verbal praise and give the reward, and repeat the touch several times so that we can touch the paws, and then pick the front claw and leave it immediately with the reward and repeat the process on the paws Four, we repeat this process daily for a week.

And then pick up the claw knot for a few seconds with a bonus, if you pull the dog claw out of your hand leave it immediately but do not give him the reward, then repeat this process on the four paws a day so that you can hold the clutch for 20 seconds without pulling it out of your hand, Then gently press the toe until the nail runs out.

  • Shear Tool:

There are two machines that are used for this, the nail cutter, which is available at any pet store. The second is the rotary tool that gradually snaps the nails and has two speeds to trim the nails by turning.

If this is your first time at all, it is best to have an experienced person near you, especially if your dog is moody, or very energetic.

Shortening the nails of a dog

shortening the nails of a dog causes them pain, but letting them grow until long may be more painful.
Long nails can cause the dog to lose its grip in its claw, making it easier to slide and fall, causing even more pain than the nail alone.

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Types of nail trim tools for your dog:

There are many types of nail trim tools, so you should buy good quality tools to be sharp and the tools must also be designed for the dog and their size should be correct and should be concave on the edge of the cut, to avoid crushing nails from the wrong place, Which cut nails slowly and be more gradual and safer for the dog.

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Dog nail length

Practical advice
At first, pretend to cut by touching your dog’s paws and then congratulate him.
Habituate your dog with certain restraints like holding him, holding him a paw, applying slight pressure on his fingers.
Use a normal file for puppies or older dogs, whose nails are soft and fragile, and therefore likely to be painful or bleed. There are also electric files.
If it becomes too difficult and the stress or fear of injury prevents you from cutting your nails, ask a groomer or a veterinarian for help.

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