German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Breed Profile

german shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

German shepherd Bernese mountain dog mix, this is a kind and attentive breed,

The background color is black and the marks are red or rust and white. The hair is thick and quite long and it is necessary to brush it frequently so that it stays healthy and free of knots. Shedding in Dogs; Here’s the Deal

This breed is strong and muscular since it was raised to work. The male measures around 70 cm and the females are usually slightly smaller. Both are of robust constitution and tend to be more elongated than tall. Its weight ranges between 34 and 54 kg.

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german shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog mix

German shepherd bernese mountain, is a dog that was originally raised as a guard dog and grazing or cowherd, which refers to the care of any livestock.

Currently, this type of breed for its loyalty and docility has become an ideal pet and desired by many.

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Euro Mountain Sheparnese Puppies

Like any puppy requires your attention, but in particular this breed when they are puppies and spend a lot of time alone can be depressed and manifest this lack of company damaging one or another thing in your home, so I recommend you spend a lot of time to play and consent to your puppy, in addition to having enough toys to entertain.

It is worth remembering that this is the ideal stage for you to teach behavioral patterns, such as where you will sleep, the place to do your physiological needs until you can take it out to a park once you complete your vaccination plan. Check the Top 7 Dogs Like German Shepherd

german shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

Shepherd Bernese mountain dog Personality

Shepherd Bernese mountain dog is an attentive and affable dog. Being originally working dogs, they enjoy the challenge of learning new things. It is necessary to train them because of their large size since they are very small so that they are pleasant companions in the home. His natural instincts of care and work on the farm continue to be transmitted in this race today. The oxherder is a good guard dog and is even better at grazing and shooting. His shooting and dragging skills are demonstrated in field tests and are popular among his owners today. The ability of these dogs is evaluated both in the shooting and in the control of the car. As a family pet, the flock enjoys doing physical work and having an assigned task. They are dogs eager to please. Also here’s, How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Bernese Mountain Dog Mix Basic Care 

When having a long coat, it is necessary that you comb it at least 3 times a week

A monthly bath, and between baths cleaning with damp cloths

Being a very energetic breed, you should have at least one hour of exercise a day, this to maintain your healthy physical condition and avoid obesity

Balanced diet, having predisposed to hip or elbow dysplasia, should be avoided to exceed their ideal weight. Check The Best Dog Grooming Shears You Can Get in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide to take good care of them.

german shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

Purebred dogs – Bernese mountain

This breed is characterized by reaching an average weight between 40 to 55 kg/weight in males and 40 to 45 kg/weight in females approximately. Its head is large, the eyes are brown and almond shaped, the snout pronounced and long, medium ears, long and heavy legs, and its fur is undoubtedly a very unique characteristic of this breed because it is tricolor (black, white and brown) long, bright, smooth with some undulating areas. Check this Interview With The German Shepherd Dog Breeds

Size of German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

A male can reach a height of 60 to 70 cm and a female of 55 to 65 cm of height approximately, belong to large breeds and therefore require ample space and walks to maintain their balanced mental and physical state.

Being large is of the utmost importance to keep them at their ideal weight, to avoid orthopedic problems in the future.

german shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

What is the temperament of German Shepherd Bernese Mountain?

His temperament is docile; They are very affectionate, loyal, safe and calm dogs.

They are very sociable and tend to relate correctly to children and others of the same species.

The learning for this type of dogs is very easy because they are very intelligent and learn very fast

It is a good watchdog, the ideal nanny

Because of its size, it can be intimidating, but it is a sensitive dog that enjoys the company of its owner. Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies & Everything You Should Know

Bernese Mountain in Adoption

Particularly I consider that the adoption of any pet is the best gift that we can do both to ourselves and to those puppies who are in search of a home. Perhaps finding a mountain Bernese is not easy, but there will always be a minimal possibility for someone with a mountain Berne for adoption, either because they can not have it or simply because it is not their business to sell pets.

German Shepherd Mixed Breed

German shepherd mixed breed is a good pet although a little big for apartment life. He is a dog very faithful to his family; However, although he is not an aggressive dog, he does not tolerate strangers. Very easy to train since he is intelligent and very willing to please. Of very docile temperament. It is very good with children, although the dog should always be respected. Hair requires frequent brushing. He should be provided with exercise often. Like any other dog, you should be taken to obedience classes, preferably from a puppy.

german shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

Bernese Mountain Description

The measures vary between the different canine federations of the world. We present relative figures that give an idea of the size and shape of the breed. If you want to show your dog, see the measures of the federation where you want to compete.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a dog of good size and very noble disposition. He was used as a shooting dog. The merchants used it to pull a cart where they transported milk, cheese, tools, etc. He was also employed to take care of livestock and as a protection dog. For several centuries it was a very popular breed in its native land.

The original Bernese mountain cowherd was a multifunctional farm dog that was used to drive cattle, protect the farm and pull milk carts to the local dairy. The name is an approximate translation of the German Berner Sennenhund, which literally means ‘Bernese alpine sheepdog’. The original name of the race was Durrbachler, for the inn in which these farm dogs were bought and sold.

Professor Albert Heim preserved the race when it was on the brink of extinction around the turn of the century. He continued to carefully care for the breed and, crossing it with a Newfoundland, improving the dog’s temperament and size.

The hair is thick, long and has a natural shine that will need daily brushing to stay clean and avoid knots. It is recommended to clean them at least twice a week. Most lose hair moderately throughout the year and usually suffer a heavy change twice a year. This dog is a devoted friend who will enjoy accompanying the family everywhere. They feel fulfilled with human company and their greatest happiness is to be domestic dogs. Appropriate socialization will help ensure that the flock is patient with other dogs and children. However, as with all races, the level of patience varies from dog to dog. The ox-herder is a good guard dog and needs moderate exercise. They are great to ride companions.

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