What to Expect When You Put Your Dog to Sleep?

What to Expect When You Put Your Dog to Sleep? |

Saying goodbye to your amazing four-legged friend is hard. However, deep inside, you know that you made the right choice. Therefore, we are here today to show you what to expect when you put your dog to sleep.

As a short answer, to what you should expect when you put your dog to sleep, is that you need to decide whether you are going to do that at home or at the veterinarian’s office, also expect that your dog will need you beside him/her during the process, and expect that the veterinarian should explain to you the whole process before you start.

However, there are still more to know, and more to learn about what to do before, during and after you put your dog to sleep, too.

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Things to do before you put your dog to sleep.

1- Observe your dog and take notes.

One of the things that you need to do before you decide that you need to ask an expert if you need to put your dog to sleep is to closely and carefully observe him/her, and take notes about your dog’s mobility, appetite, hair, nails, toileting habits, breathing, naps, and even his/her playing mood. Also, according to the AKC, sometimes you can notice that your dog cannot breathe normally.

put your dog to sleep

Usually, before your dog gets so sick, you will start noticing some weird changes on your dog’s health, so once you start noticing any unpleasant changes take notes and show it to your dog’s veterinarian.

Also, you might want to check the ‘ Why larger dogs die faster?‘ article. It will help you figure a lot of things out.

2- Ask your dog’s veterinarian if that is the right choice.

It is never going to be an easy decision, but if you asked your dog’s veterinarian and he/she said that this is the right thing to do, you need to help your dog feel better and just do it.

No one wants to lose his/her four-legged friend, and no one said that goodbyes are easy. However, this dog trusts you to make the right decisions for him/her and if that what you need to do, you need to be there for him/her.

3- Know what does putting your dog to sleep means.

Euthanasia or putting your dog to sleep is a very peaceful procedure that helps your four-legged friend pass away to help him/her end the pain that he/she lives with.

This procedure is, usually, done in the veterinarian office, however, some veterinarian agrees to make it at the dog’s home in his/her favorite place with his/her favorite family.

put your dog to sleep

Also, putting your dog to sleep doesn’t take much time, and most importantly, it shouldn’t cause them any kind of pain. The drug is given to them through a vein that the veterinarian decides, and then the dog will go gradually and calmly to sleep.

Things to do during the procedure of putting your dog to sleep.

1- Know what kind of drugs the veterinarian is going to use on your dog.

Knowing what kind of drugs that your dog is going to use on your dog can sometimes help you relax more, because, by doing your own research, you will know that your dog will pass away in peace, and that will make you feel better.

Also, knowing the whole process, what you should expect and why you need to do it can help you feel better, and make the decision faster.

2- Stay calm.

The procedure is extremely stressful for you. You need to know that your dog is going to do just fine, and relax. Yes, it is hard, and no one can say it is not. However, you need to stay calm and know that you took the right decision, and your dog knows that.

3- Be there for your dog.

You need to be there for your dog, like you always did, and stay with him/here till his/her last breath. Being there helps your dog to calm down, and not to panic because of the stranger’s faces or the veterinarian when she/he comes closer to begin the procedures.

4- Know that you did the right thing.

Let’s face it. You had no choice. It is either putting your dog in bed and make him/her rest in peace or let him/her suffer and live in pain, then he/she will eventually die.

No dog owner will be happy knowing that it is time to say goodbye, but also no one will ever be happy seeing his four-legged friend live in pain.

put your dog to sleep

Things to do after you put your dog to sleep.

Now your dog is sleeping, feeling better, and in a better place. But, you are not over your dear four-legged friend, yet. You miss your dog and you cannot get over him/her easily, and you also have no idea what to do after putting your dog to sleep.

Well, first of all, you have a number of choices with what you want to do with your dog’s body. The decision is all yours, so you can discuss this matter with your family and do whatever you feel is better for your dog and you.

Also, put in your mind that you can ask the vet to do all that if it is too hard for you to handle. So, that is not something you should worry about, now you need to focus on yourself.

1- Manage your loss

You need to take some time to manage your loss. Losing a dog for most of the dog owners who consider their dog a member of the family can be heartbreaking and too much for them to handle.

Therefore, if you think that you need to ask for some time off from work, especially if you have kids at home or other pets that you know that this loss breaks their heart too, please do. This is the time that you need to support each other to heal as soon as possible.

You might also want to check with your family if they need to spend some time out of the home the dog used to spend time with them because sometimes the memories that the place carries are the thing that hurt the most.

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The last thing I need to grab your attention to is that you might want to think of getting another dog.

2- Think of getting another dog

Getting another dog after such a heart-breaking event can be hard for some dog owners because they feel like if they are cheating on their dogs, and they don’t want him/her to believe that they replaced him/her or that they forget their precious four-legged friend.

However, that is not true. Your dog knows that you loved him/her and you did what you should have done. Therefore, it is now about time to think of yourself and your family, and decide what is best from them.

Although there is no right or wrong answer for that question, if you thought that this is your way out, do it. If you thought that you don’t want to have another dog now, that is totally fine, too.

Related Questions:

What happens to my dog while he/she is passing away?

You will notice that your dear dog is closing his/her eyes slowly like if he/she is trying to take a deep nap after a very long and exhausting day. You might think he/she is in pain, but your dear four-legged friend is just trying to sleep.

How do I know when to put my dog to sleep?

You will notice that your dog is not being him/herself. Your dog will seem always tired, out of the mood, always sick, panting heavily, whining and crying most of the time. Overall, you will feel that your dog is in pain.

Now, you know when it is time to say goodbye. Tell us if you have experienced that before and you want to talk about it, or if you are about to take the decision and you need any kind of support.

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