Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick?

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, you may wonder whether it’s alright to serve your dog Thanksgiving food.

Your dog may be waiting for any chance to eat that delicious food that you have during Thanksgiving.

So, can dogs eat Thanksgiving food without getting sick?

Yes, dogs can eat certain Thanksgiving food and they won’t get sick. These foods offer your dog the minerals and nutrients that their dog needs and your dog will enjoy their taste.

They can eat bread, apples, cheese, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, Brussel Sprout, pumpkin, and Turkey.

However, not all Thanksgiving foods are good for your dog.

Here are the top 9 foods that your dog can eat during Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving food that your dog can eat

1.) Bread

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Plain or brown bread is safe for dogs to eat on Thanksgiving. It’s important to not give your dog bread that is mixed with raisins, onions, herbs, seeds, and nuts because it can harm your dog.

Also, serve your dog bread in moderation so they don’t gain weight because it’s high in sugar.

Observe your dog know if they have an allergy to gluten. Even the smallest amount can cause them an upset stomach.

If they do have an allergic reaction toward it, you must stop serving them bread.

Never give your dog raw dough which can arise in your dog’s stomach causing them bloating.

2.) Sweet potatoes

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Sweet potatoes are a healthy, gluten-free, and grain-free source of carbohydrates. They can be served cooked or mashed without butter or seasoning.

They are full of fiber and vitamins such as vitamins A, B-6, and C. All of these help your dog in their development providing them the necessary nutrients.

Sweet potatoes promote your dog’s coat, muscles, eyes, and skin making them healthier while preventing diseases.

It will also boost your dog’s immune system helping them stay healthy.

Never give them the sweet potato while it is raw because it will cause your dog digestive problems either let it be cooked or boil them.

3.) Green beans

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Green beans are safe for your dog to eat as long as they are plain. They can either be chopped, steamed, or raw so your dog’s health doesn’t get harmed.

There are types of green beans that you need to avoid such as canned beans with added salt, green beans cooked with spices and oils, green beans cooked with onions and garlic, and feeding your dog a large number of green beans all at once. All of which cause your dog harm.

So how do green beans benefit your dog? Green beans are full of vitamins and minerals such as protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, A, C, and K which builds your dog’s body.

They are full of fiber and low in calories which can help control your dog’s weight. They make really healthy treats during Thanksgiving where your dog can enjoy in between meals.

4.) Carrots

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Carrots are very healthy food for dogs to eat. They are a very healthy source of vitamins and minerals for your dog. Being a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin A.

Vitamin A benefits your dog’s body bone growth, cells, and immune system. They are also great for keeping your dog’s eyes healthy and sharp.

They can also whiten your dog’s teeth and keep them healthy. It’s a great option for dog parents who have trouble brushing their dog’s teeth; it keeps away tartar from building up.

You can give your dog the carrots either cooked or raw. The raw carrot offers your dog a crunch in their mouths.

While the cooked carrot without seasoning makes also a tasty treat that your dog will surely enjoy.

5.) Pumpkin

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Dogs can eat pumpkin; they will enjoy the taste as well as get all the vitamins that they need.

Pumpkins are full of nutrients and vitamins that your dog’s body needs so they can function properly.

Here are the different vitamins that are found when your dog eats pumpkin:

  • Vitamin A helps your dog’s immune system and vision.
  • Calcium which keeps your dog’s bones and teeth strong makes them stronger.
  • Iron helps the flow of oxygen throughout the body and keeps the hemoglobin count up.
  • Lutein keeps your dog’s eyes, skin, and coat healthy.
  • Fiber helps your dog feel fuller without eating too much.

Another benefit that pumpkin has is that it helps with digestion if your dog is experiencing diarrhea or constipation.

So what is the best type of pumpkin to serve your dog? The best type of pumpkin to give to your dog is the plain pumpkin. Never give them pumpkin with spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.

Because these spices can cause digestive problems for your dog and are toxic to them.

It’s important to control your dog’s portion of eating pumpkin so it doesn’t become toxic for your dog.

6.) Apples

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Apples are good for your dog’s health because they are a great source of vitamins such as vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and phosphorus.

You can know about the types of vitamins that your dog needs in their diet by checking Top 7 Dog Vitamins that Your Dog Needs.

It also takes care of your dog’s sweet tooth without harming them, unlike chocolate.

Apples are low in calories and many dogs like its taste as well as feeling the crunch of the apple.

When your dog chews apples, it helps keep them clean but it shouldn’t substitute dental care.

When feeding your dog apples, you have to cut it into slices so it’s easier for your dog to eat.

Never give your dog the seed as it contains cyanide which is very toxic. Also, avoid giving your dog the stem as your dog may choke.

Also, keep your dog’s consumption of apples very moderate because your dog can have diarrhea and pain in their stomach.

7.) Turkey

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |
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Can you give your dog Thanksgiving Turkey? No, Thanksgiving turkey is off-limit for your dog.

To know exactly the reasons why your dog can’t eat Thanksgiving Turkey, check Can Dogs or Cats Eat Thanksgiving Turkey Without Any Problems?

However, your dog can eat plain turkey that doesn’t have any seasonings, spices, onions, skin, oils and butter, and bones.

This is the only suitable condition for your dog who wouldn’t get harmed in any way.

8.) Cheese

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

Cheese contains many important nutrients and vitamins such as calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B 12, phosphorous, and zinc. All of these nutrients are important for your dog’s well being.

Cheese contains fat and sodium that can benefit your dog’s health; however, too much can cause your dog problems.

Because cheese contains a lot of sodium, it can be harmful to dogs if they have eaten too much.

Too much sodium can lead your dog to have high blood pressure that will lead to organ damage.

Also, there are dogs who are lactose intolerant because they don’t have the lactase enzyme that is used for digesting cheese.

So it’s best to observe your dog so you can see if they have any allergy from cheese. If they do have an allergy, you have to stop giving them cheese to eat.

Thus, your dog can eat cheese but they need to eat it in moderation so they don’t have any effects.

9.) Brussels Sprout

Can Dogs Eat Thanksgiving Food Without Getting Sick? |

The Brussels Sprout is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants that are good for your dogs.

It contains vitamins such as vitamin k that helps blood clot effectively, protects the heart, and builds bones.

They also have antioxidants that minimize inflammation and improve blood circulation.

The best way to prepare brussels sprout is through steaming, boiling, or microwaving them.

Just be sure to wash them off and cut the stem while leaving the leaves intact.

Your dog will also need to eat moderate portions of brussels sprout so they don’t get an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Related questions

1.) Can dogs eat Thanksgiving stuffing?

No, Thanksgiving stuffing is made from ingredients that will harm your dog when they eat them such as onions and garlic. These ingredients are very toxic for dogs and will destroy your dog’s red blood cells.

2.) What are some foods that your dog shouldn’t eat during Thanksgiving?

Your dog should never eat foods such as cooked bones, stuffing and gravy, nuts, casseroles, alcohol, and desserts. These foods will harm your dog very much.


Your dog can eat certain Thanksgiving food that won’t make them sick at all. Your pooch will surely enjoy eating these foods and their health won’t be affected badly.

Now, you can enjoy Thanksgiving with your dog eating with you the food that they like without consequences that affect their health.

Share your experience by posting a photo of you and your dog during Thanksgiving.

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