Dogs That Don’t Bark: Yes, They Exist!

Dogs that don't bark

Dogs that don’t bark… Do you wonder if there are dog breeds that are calm in nature and easier to live in urban areas?

If you are looking for dogs that don’t bark or barely do it, there are different breeds that will satisfy that need. It is not necessarily that a small should be less noisy than a larger dog.

Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

It must be admitted that barking is a source of conflict between neighbors, especially in the apartments, so apartments residents always tend to look for dogs that don’t bark to avoid this unwanted attention.

Do Dogs That Do not Bark Exist?

Having a dog that does not bark is the dream for many dog lovers.

However, this dream, unfortunately, is not applicable, barking is something that is quite natural for dogs. Asking for dogs that don’t bark is like asking for a baby that never cries, which is impossible.

But, don’t worry people, there are other options, there are a lot of dog breeds that are very quiet by nature.

They have a silent personality and instead they prefer to cry or squeak to make their voices heard. We must choose the race because there is some who is calm at first and becomes a barker with time.

So, for urban life, having a Chihuahua is not ideal to have a good relationship with the neighborhood. Some dogs have also undergone anti-barking treatments, especially if they come from a shelter.

You need to know your dog’s history before adopting it to avoid disturbing surprises when you are attached to it. In any case, there are dogs that almost never bark and speak with other methods.

Dogs That Don’t Bark; The Quietest Dog Breeds 

a dog that does not bark is the dream for dog lovers.

Before adopting a dog, it is important to think about the breed to which you can provide the best care. It will never be desirable to have a big dog in a small apartment. Indeed, they are usually animals that need space and freedom to be happy.

In addition to size, it is important to consider other features before welcoming a dog. For example, the amount of exercise he will need, or dogs that don’t bark. This last point is very important because a neighbor could complain about barking

  • Basenji
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

This list is not in ascending order, but if it was necessary to place a dog at the top of the podium of the breeds that bark the least, it would undoubtedly be the basenji.

This African dog breed is famous for not barking. It’s not that he does not make any noise, but that his barking is very special. Moreover, some people compare it to the sound of laughter. Of course, it has nothing to do with the classic barking of other breeds of dogs.

Be careful, the fact that he does not bark does not mean he is calm. Basenji are very energetic dogs. Wear good walking shoes because you will have the privilege of enjoying your furry friend during very long walks of active exercise.

  • Dog of Saint-Hubert
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

The Saint-Hubert dog or bloodhound is the epitome of parsimony. This breed of Belgian origin is extremely calm and quiet. These characteristics, coupled with great tolerance, make it an excellent candidate to welcome if you have children.

  • Newfoundland
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

The Newfoundland is a good example of a large, quiet dog barking a little. Moreover, it is one of the breeds known as “nanny dog” because it is docile with children. If you live near the sea, be sure to have a true beach rescuer on your side. The Newfoundlanders are known for their love of water and their qualities of lifeguards. It is for this reason that they stand out among rescue dogs.

  • Akita Inu
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

If you love Japanese culture and silent dogs, the Akita Inu is the perfect pet for you. This breed from Japan barks very little. Moreover, it is said that if an Akita Inu barks, it is because he really has a good reason to do so.

  • Rottweiler
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

Another big dog, peaceful and barking little. This dog, known for his strength and impressive size, is also part of the selection of silent dogs.

The Rottweiler needs a lot of activity because of its spectacular physical condition. Exercise is one of the basic pillars for the happiness of your pet. In addition, one of the main reasons these dog barks are bored.

If your four-legged friend tends to bark excessively, he may be trying to encourage you to get ready to go out.

No barking breeds
  • Labrador retriever
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

In addition to being a very nice and affectionate dog, he is also known for not barking too much. Before adopting a labrador, know that it is a playful dog and very active.

Begin socialization at the puppy, a basic step for the happiness of any dog that also allows initiating his training. If not, his enthusiastic nature may cause him to be somewhat destructive

  • Australian shepherd
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

The Australian Shepherd is a veritable whirlwind of energy. Moreover, one could say that its main characteristics are enthusiasm, vitality, and energy. On the other hand, it is not a dog that barks a lot.

Once again, it is important to emphasize the importance of starting your pet’s education from an early age. An un-trained Australian Shepherd is an uncontrollable hurricane. If you are not able to offer your dog significant physical activity, it is better to turn to another breed that is more suited to your lifestyle.

  • Great Dane
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

The Great Dane is also known as the big Dane. Of course, the adjective “big” is not there by chance. This is another silent and peaceful dog, but gigantic. This size, as in previous breeds, implies that he needs abundant physical exercise.

By the way, one of the most famous dogs in history is a great danish. Can you guess who is he?

He was in a famous American animated franchise, did you know him? I will give you a hint, Scoo… that’s it, you figured the name out!

Scooby-Doo the great danish dog that almost everyone around the globe knows about him from the famous cartoon that people still love and watch until know.

  • Pug
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

The pug is one of the rare cases of small dogs on this list. it is also famous for being the pet of historical figures such as Marie-Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte. It has a very nice and quiet character. The pug is a calm and affectionate dog that you will surely fall in love with.

  • Bulldog
Dogs That Don't Bark: Yes, They Exist! |

Whether one refers to the French or English bulldog, it is in both cases a silent race. Bulldogs are usually dogs that require little exercise and live peacefully. They are perfect for people who lack the time to exercise but wish to have a loving dog by their side.

Do Dogs That Don’t Bark a Lot is always Big Dogs?

Dogs that don’t bark aren’t always big dogs, You may have noticed that apart from two exceptions, all dogs on this list are tall.

Does this mean that little dogs bark more? No, but unfortunately, many small dog owners find it unnecessary to educate their pets. According to their reasoning, because they are small and cannot hurt anyone, they do not need to be educated.

This is a serious mistake, a dog needing a minimum of training to be happy. Indeed, one of the causes of barking is bad socialization. However, if your dog is already barking too much, we recommend reading our article on tips to prevent your pet from barking.

If you already have a barking dog that you want to train, read our guide to training a dog to not bark

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