A Dog Training Vest Is Important (5 Reasons)

a dog enjoying summer

Woohoo, summer is almost here; kids, dogs and their parents are ready to make some fun memories! Oh, you need to make sure your dog is safe? Dog training vest is now available!

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to let your dog have fun in summer. First of all, summer is for fun, beach, sun and playing with other dogs in the pool, come on!

Two dogs enjoying water
Catch me if you can!

Secondly, the weather is too hot for a dog to stay in a dry and warm place. Dogs are super active creatures, and that weather makes them feel exhausted; you should keep them hydrated and get them wet. Here’s how to keep dogs cool in summer.

Why you should take your dog swimming?

Well, we don’t want to underestimate the power of water and how it can cheer anyone up, in no time! However, we should also mention how important water is for your dog to exercise.

Play and Exercise:

Dogs needs to be busy, they need to get exhausted training those muscles. If not, they will start tearing your coach, shoes and even their toys apart. Not because they are mean, but because they have a lot of energy that they need to use.

Make sense, right?

Therefore, letting them in the water will make them happy, they will do their daily exercise and they will go home SO TIRED to do anything else but sleep. Which is amazing! Now, you can have your cup of tea in peace.

Cooling Down:

Dogs can have a real hard time staying cool in that summer. In fact, a lot of dogs go real sick in that weather, and some of them die. I know it’s hard to say it, but it is a fact, so I have to warn you.

A dog enjoying water
Come on! Jump in!

There are also a lot of other things you can do that helps your dog to cool down, such as Shaving, make them some smoothies from their favorite healthy food, and give them water to drink.

However, nothing will be as magical as swimming time.

Keep them Alert:

If you are repeating the same exercises with your dog every day, and play with him/her with the same toys; your dog will be bored and will lose interest. And, that is not something we need, because dogs need to be alerted, active and strong; the way they were born to be.

Therefore, swimming time can really help you add some excitement to your dog’s life.

But, What if you are a scared mom?

Some owners and I believe that’s why you are here, want to make sure that their beloved four-legged friend is safe. And, I don’t blame you, we need to take care of our babies.

Therefore, I brought to you today my favorite dog training vest for your dog; The dog life vest mermaid. Yes, you guessed right it comes in a mermaid shape, how is the coolest dog in the pool now!

A very handsome dog wearing his new dog training vest
Mom look! Do you I look cool? I think I look cool!
Credit: Glamorous Dog

This is absolutely the best and the coolest dog training vest ever, and it also a life jacket! Why is that? Let me show you.

It’s a dog training vest

If your dog is afraid of water, or don’t like it so much; he/she will feel so much safer now while wearing this dog training vest. Of course, not from the first time, but gradually when you try it with him/her more than once, he/ she will get used to it, and maybe one day they will not use it again after they gain confidence and love water.

Full foam coverage

We all need that dog safe in the water, right? But, dogs can move really hard in the water, that can cause real damage to any dog training vest.

Well, not this dog training west. This one offers full coverage and a front neck float, therefore it will be so hard for any dog to tear it apart, because it is not near their mouth, and they will keep them safe.

Comes in all sizes and 3 colors

I wished there were more colors in this amazing mermaid dog training vest, but unfortunately, there are 3 different amazing colors only. However, Those colors fit all dogs coat colors, so they will look awesome in it.

It also comes in different sizes, so you can check the Glamorous Dogs Website and tell them what is your dog’s sizes and they will know what they should do.

the mermaid style dog training vest
Dog training vest mermaid style
Credit: Glamorous Dogs

Did I mention that you can ORDER NOW and SAVE 30%? Well, now i did.

Why dog training vest is important?

Well, I don’t know how to say that but,

  1. Dog training vest is important because safety comes first, we are responsible for our dog’s life.
  2. Dog training vest is important for our dogs that are not comfortable with water, those poor four-legged friends need to have fun, too!
  3. Dog training vest is important for our dogs that need to cool down in that hot weather.
  4. Dog training vest is important for our kids that need to brag with how cool their dogs are, with those amazing mermaid life vest.
  5. And, last but not least, Dog training vest is important for you lady to finally drink this fresh juice in peace will watch your babies having fun in the pool.

If your dog is doing just fine in water, enjoys the splashes and can’t get enough of water. You are extremely lucky, you can enjoy the summer without any problems.

But, if your dog is not so comfortable with water, now you can train him/her and give him/her the swimming experience you always wished he/she could have.

Now, after we gave you this amazing solution for summer, why don’t you tell us about your experience in the last summer, and what is your plan for this summer?

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