Dog Training Tips: What Basic Training Your Dog Needs?

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Dog training should be in the top of the TO-DO list for anyone who thinks of owning a dog. It’s not a luxurious option, dogs need to be trained for the sake of good welfare for them and the community they are living in.

Training is not just for puppies, older dogs, rescued or seniors could be trained too, it’s never too late!

Teaching your dog to understand your commands is an enduring process, it will last for a lifetime. But there are skills that are more important for a dog to know at first. So, here are some dog training tips to equip your dog with a good attitude that will last for a lifetime.

Dogs training tips-Dogs

Dog Training Tips: Why to Train Your Dog

Coaching your dog is not only about teaching him obedience and commands. In fact, Training your dog will help you in building a positive strong relationship with him. Also, to understand how your dog learns and the effectiveness of the positive learning strategies on him.

Another reason why to train your dog is to give him the life skills he will need to live in a home-based environment.

Living as a domestic dog may seem like an easy comfortable life compared to those who live in the wild, but domestic dogs lifestyle comes with specific life strains.

Teaching your dog essential behavior skills and enhancing his mental development and physical activities will help in avoid acquiring stress related manners and anxiety.

Increasing the rate of socializing for dogs is also one of the benefits of training. Letting your dog go through a lot of training to acquire good manners takes a lot of effort. But with consistency, success will always be your companion.

Expecting our dogs to always be kind towards others even when they are a bit not comfortable, will give them the experience to deal with different kinds of people, other animals, and environments.

Guiding your dog to the right behaviors through positive reinforcement and choosing the right act-without using any intimidation techniques- will increase the bond between you and your dog.

Dog Training Tips: Potty Training

To train your dog to eliminate outdoors will be one of the training approaches that you would like to start with. Potty training needs a lot of consistency, tolerance, and lots of reinforcement, positive reinforcement.

Start with limiting your dog’s to all the house parts. Let him only access to a specific area you know you will be able to supervise him.

Set a feeding schedule. It will help you in identifying the times your dog has to wee. Let your buddy go outdoors several times a day and don’t keep him locked for a long time.

Always praise your dog when he eliminates outdoors, it will keep him excited for it and in return, you will be both happy and excited too! Never try to punish your dog when he eliminates in the house, clean the mess with a suitable cleanser and move on.

For more insights about how to potty train your dog, check How to Potty Train a Puppy to Go Outside: Start Your Potty Camp!

Train Your Dog to ‘Come’

Calling your dog to come is one of the basic commands a pet owner will want his dog to know. You will have to start the training indoors and at the beginning, your dog will be next to you.

Dog Training Tips: What Basic Training Your Dog Needs? |

Just say the word ‘come’ accompanied with your dog’s name and give him a treat, repeat this several times. At this stage, your pooch won’t have to do anything except sitting beside you and enjoy the treat.

Bring more treats and put your dog/puppy a few steps away and with the most enthusiastic voice, ask him to come. If he didn’t respond to the calling, show him the treat as a motivator to come to you.

As soon as your dog starts to advance towards you, cheer ‘yes’ and give him a treat. Gradually, further the distance between you and your dog and repeat the whole thing.

Make the game more fun with adding more actions to it. Throw another treat on the ground and with a quick pace, start to move along with calling your dogs name. Likely, he would start to chase you. If he didn’t, move a step backward in the training and give more coaching before trying the latter method again.

Dog Training Tips: Teaching your dog to ‘Sit’ and ‘Lay Down’

Making your dog listen to you when you command him to sit is easy and amusing. There are two approaches you can use to make your dog learn to sit.

Dog Training Tips: What Basic Training Your Dog Needs? |

The first method is the capturing approach. Grab a treat and stand in front of your dog holding it. Don’t say anything just wait until he sits and then, cheer ‘yes’ and give him the treat.

Take a few steps away and start to encourage your dog to stand again, then wait until he sits, and give him another treat. Repeat this for multiple times and after that, start to say the word sit when he begins the action of sitting until he gets it.

The second approach is the lure method. Descend to your dog’s level and hold the treat close to his nose, then raise the food above his head. Keep it that way until he sits, and then give the treat to him.

Now use your hands only without any treats the same way you did when you had one in your hand. Keep it close to his nose area and raise it. Reward him after he sits. Do this for a couple of times before starting to say ‘sit’.

The same thing goes for teaching your dog to lay down. You can use either the capturing approach or the luring one.

Don’t try to physically help your dog to sit or lay down, let him do it on his own. He may regard it as an upsetting act or get confused because of it.

These were some basic training your dog will need for a starter, remember not to rush into teaching all of them to him at the same time. Give your dog the time to fully comprehend the training then start to teach him another. Ideally, train your dog sessions should stay about 5-10 minutes and not more so he won’t get bored. And always end it with a positive note.

Dogs come with great responsibility for properly taking care of them. And as pet owners, we agreed on taking this responsibility by getting and raising our buddies.

Every detail about your dog’s welfare is important. Consider these dog training tips as a preface for raising a dog.

Share with us what do you think your dog will need to know after these basic training. Waiting for your thoughts and ideas!

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