Dog Training: Should You Consider Alpha Training?

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Dog Training; There are many ways to do it

Dog training the right way

Dog training is a lifelong process that needs patience and takes a lot of time. However, it deserves all the time and effort you would invest in.

It’s all about the skills and knowledge that some skills are more important than the rest in addition to understanding your dog’s psychology.

Whether you brought a puppy as a new family member or adopted a shelter dog or even want to enhance some good behaviors in your all dog; it’s all the same thing, it just depends on the time and patience you’re ready to offer.

In this article, we are going to discuss the alpha training method for those who want to consider it. We recommend you learn about positive reinforcement training first as this is the training method we prefer and have found to be the most effective on the long term.

Everything You Need to Know about the Dog Training Process!

Before learning some new skills that will help you train your dog better, you should understand your dog’s psychology for better results.

Dogs see your family as their own pack and in their packs, and they consider themselves the Alpha or the dominant of the family.

So, instead, you have to show your dog that you’re the Alpha and they will respect and obey your orders. The better you understand your dog’s psychology, the more they will obey your orders.

Make sure to notice your dog’s body language and to respond accordingly. If your dog wants to go outside, they will sit by the door waiting for you to open it and so on.

In the Alpha training, you don’t allow the dog to stay on furniture with you. Instead, you’re showing them who’s superior that in their language the “Alpha”.

Dog Training: Should You Consider Alpha Training? |

🐶 Top 5 Dog Training Tips You Need to Follow:

1- Be Consistent

Don’t encourage the behaviour that you want to change. For example, if you want your dog to stop jumping on you, you should not encourage them to do so by petting them. Be consistent and always order them to do what you ask them to. For instance, if you want the jumping to stop, you have to be consistent in ordering your dog to sit.

2- Be Positive

A dog is a man’s best friend; not just for being loyal, but also for understanding their humans. So, if you’re not having fun during the training process, your dog will hate it. Remember, you have to be positive and understand that it’s a lifelong process that takes time. Encourage good response and work on making it even better.

3- Ask for Help

If you’re facing some aggressive behaviors with your dog, do not hesitate to ask for help. Whether you ask a qualified professional trainer, a friend who is an expert in dogs or even your vet. The earlier you ask; the sooner you change a bad habit.

4- Keep Training Time Short

If you want to achieve good results, you have to bear in mind that training sessions must be short; from 3 to 5 minutes every day. So, your dog won’t feel bored and to stay motivated every time.

5- Be Realistic

This tip is very important whether you’re training an old dog or a young puppy, you have to set realistic expectations.

Dog Training: Should You Consider Alpha Training? |

🐶 Some Easy Command to Start the Dog Training with:

  • Sit

This is the easiest command that you should start with to teach your dog obedience:

– Start with holding a treat next to your dog’s nose

– Move your hand up allowing his head to follow and his body to lower

– When your dog takes the “sitting position”, give them a treat.

– Repeat every day for 3 minutes.

In order to have better results and to enjoy summer while walking your dog.

This Clip-on treat container will make training your dog anywhere very easy. You won’t have to carry some bag treats like before, you’ll have this lightweight clip-on container attached to your belt and you’re all set.

  • Come

This command is very easy as well to teach your dog. It will keep your dog out of troubles in the dog park:

  • Put a collar around your dog’s neck
  • Go down to their level and say “come” while softly pulling the collar
  • When they come to you, give them the treat
  • Repeat every day for 5 minutes. 

If you want help with house-training your puppy, check out our guide on potty training your puppy here.

  • Stay

Don’t start training your dog on this order before making sure they’ve mastered the “sit” order:

  • Ask your dog to sit
  • Open your hand, in front of their eyes showing them the treat, and say “stay”
  • Take a few steps back
  • Reward them with the treat, if they obey
  • Repeat until they master it. 

This Mat will generate a harmless three-second pulse that will keep your dog away from dangerous areas like the kitchen or even fancy couch you don’t want them to sleep on. Just put it in front of doorways, and order your dog to stay in their place, if they don’t respond to you, the harmless pulse will teach them that they’re not allowed in this area for their own good.

Overall, don’t rush the training process and always keep in mind it takes a lot of time and needs a lot of patience. But, it’s definitely worth your time and effort.

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