Dog Nail Polish: Is It The Safest Alternative?

Dog nail polish

Dog nail polish isn’t for every dog. You will know that it isn’t for your dog when you try to clip their nails and instead they don’t like it and give you trouble.

However, if they can get their paws handled and get groomed calmly, then their nails can be painted and they will not object.

Also painting your dog’s nails is a preference that some people have. So it the decision to paint your dog’s nails depends on two factors.

It depends on your dog’s willingness to stay calm when applying dog nail polish and your decision as a parent if this is something that you want your dog to have.

Things to check for the safety of your dog

Dog nail polish: dog nails
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The condition of the nails

The nails must be in a good condition. If your dog has brittle or cracked nails, then painting them will cause them problems. The nail polish will go into the nail bed, if the nails are cracked or weak, causing irritation and pain.

The condition of the paws

If your dog has any wounds or sores in their paw, then it is best to not paint the nails and instead let the wounds or sores heal. Also, to find out the cause of the injury.

Difference between the safety in human nail polish and dog nail polish

There is a major difference between human nail polish and dog nail polish in terms of safety.

Human nail polish

When applied on dogs, human nail polish is incredibly toxic. It contains three harmful chemicals; they are dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde.

These chemicals are dangerous to your dog. When your dog licks their painted nails, the human nail polish becomes ingested.

Ingestion of these chemicals will lead your dog to developing diseases such as asthma, developmental problems, and other illnesses.

Other health related problems happen to your dog when they inhale the chemicals. They are sensitive to these chemicals than humans are.

Dog safe nail polish

Dog nail polish
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On the other hand, dog nail polish is a much safer alternative than human nail polish.It is made from natural ingredients such as seaweed, vitamin C, green tea extracts and aloe.

There is no risk or danger if your dog ingests these ingredients rather they are beneficial to your dog’s health.

So if you want to paint your dog nails , don’t worry about the any effects when using dog nail polish.

Tools you’ll need for a safe nail painting session

For a safe nail polishing session for your dog , you will need a dog nail polish and polish remover made specially for them.

These are safe and will not cause any damage for your dog. The benefit of this type of nail polish is that it comes in different colors for parents to choose from.

How to apply dog nail polish safely

The first step is to trim away any hairs around your dog’s nails so that it doesn’t get in the way of the nail polish. You will need to be patient in this step if this is the first time to do so.

The second step is to trim away the nails to a proper length. If your dog’s nails are too long, then it will peel while they walk. Also, their nails should be cleaned with a nail brush to remove any dirt or debris in the nails.

If nail polish is applied while they have dirt in their nails, fungus may grow in their nails and cause them problems.

The third step is to file your dog’s nails using a glass nail file. The benefit of the glass nail file is that it allows you to see how much of the nails you are removing.

It makes the nails look smoother and prevent splitting and breaking of nails.

The fourth step is to begin the nail polishing your dog’s nails. Also, make sure your dog is calm and have some treats. These treats serve as a distraction when painting your dog’s nails.

Paint one foot at a time. Use a calm and soothing words and voice throughout the process to calm your dog. Also, give them a treat whenever they behave well.

The fifth step is to wait until the nail polish dries before moving on to the next foot.

The sixth step is for removing the nail polish. This happens by avoiding using acetone. Acetone will break and dry out their nails. Use only dog nail remover for removing.


In conclusion, dog nail polish is a preference that some dog parents have for their dogs. It is a safe option for your dog; however never use human nail polish on them. There are steps on how to apply the dog’s nail polish safely.

For more information regarding filing dog’s nails when they are scared, check How to Use a Dog Nail File with Scared Dog.

Share with us your opinion. Are you for or against using nail polish made specifically for dogs on them?

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