Top 8 Reasons for Not Using Dog Hair Dye

Dog hair dye

There have been mixed concerns over the safety of dog hair dyes. Some say it is safe while other believe that it is unsafe. However, there have been cases of dogs that had a bad reaction to dog hair dye.

Here are the danger of using dog hair dye

Dangers of using human and dog hair dye

1.) Toxicity

Dyes are originally made for humans hair not dog hair. They contain harmful substances such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

These are harmful chemicals for your dog that can cause their skin to become irritated, burned, and cause discomfort even if they are dog hair dyes.

Hair dyes are used all over the their entire bodies making it easier for these harmful chemicals to be absorbed. It can also be get caught in their eyes and ears.

The other danger that hair dyes pose is that you dog may lick or eat the dye off their fur and end up taking in these chemicals. Dyeing your dog can make a toxic poisoning in dogs leading to their death.

2.) Allergic reactions

Top 8 Reasons for Not Using Dog Hair Dye |
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Dog hair dye can cause them allergic reactions such as itching which is annoying to your dog. If they scratch themselves so hard, they will develop sores which can become infected.

Also, constant scratching of ears and shaking of head will cause the development of blisters that are filled with blood.

Changes in behavior may happen if your dog discomfort is extreme.

3.) Stresses your dog out

Dog hair dye

The experience of dyeing your dog’s hair stresses them out because a dog doesn’t understand what is happening to them. They may even not recognize themselves.

This type of stress causes your dog to develop symptoms such as loss of appetite, isolation, and stomach problems. They may also hide away and become scared.

Stress can cause them to have a changed behavior and over time it will worsen.

4.) Ear infections

Top 8 Reasons for Not Using Dog Hair Dye |
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Dyeing your dog using a human hair dye requires the use of water. Dogs will retain this water in their ears when and this will cause painful problems for your dog.

It will cause them to have ear infections because they have ears that make it easier for them to trap water. This makes it easier for bacteria and yeast to grow leading to ear infections.

This especially happens for dogs with floppy ears as their ears retains water easily.

5.) Changes dog smell

Dyeing your dog’s hair will change the way they smell and how they appear to other dogs.

Dogs have a strong sense of smell. Their noses sense of smell is stronger than that of humans. As a result, when dogs come to sniff each other, they won’t be able to recognize the dog’s that have their hair dyed.

Also the change of smell alarms and stresses a dog because they smell differently than they how they were.

6.) Effect of dog hair dye

Dog hair dye hasn’t been tested on for effects on your dog’s health. Even though many claim that they are dog friendly, there have been evidence of its harmful effects on dogs.

After many dyeings of dogs hairs, their hair became split and peeled damaging the hair shaft. Also their skin became dry and irritated.

7.) Misleading dog hair dye products

There are many dog hair dye products that may want you to believe that they are safe when they are ,in fact, not safe.

Some products, for example, claim that they are safe as long as you don’t get it in your dog’s mouth or it will be a hazard and you will have to take your dog to the vet.

Other products may contain warnings your dog having possible symptoms of itching and burning when applied on the skin.

Here are some of the types of dog hair dye products that claim they are safe:

  • Gel based colors: These are gel like dyes. They are not temporary in that they don’t fade after a couple of washes; it takes time. It will last for months. There is a wide variety of gel colors.
  • Hair sprays: Hair sprays are easy to apply. Just stand in a distance away from the spray and spray it on your dog. They are temporary and wash away using water and shampoo.
  • Fur chalk: If you want to color small portions of your dog’s fur. Then use fur chalk by applying it either directly or like a paste mixed with water. The disadvantage is that it takes more time than hair spray and gel based colors.

7.) Not natural

Dyeing your dog’s hair to have a different dog hair color doesn’t make them look natural. They are not accessories; they are living creatures that deserve to be respected.

8.) Humiliates the dog

Dogs have feelings and are capable of feeling humiliation. When you dye your dog with dog hair dye, they feel violated because they didn’t ask to be dyed and they don’t understand what is happening to them.

People may give them attention that they don’t want or laugh at them in which they become humiliated.


In conclusion, human and dog hair dye are both harmful to your dog. They cause harmful effects to your dog and may endanger your dog’s life.

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Share with us your opinion. What’s your stand for dyeing you dog? Are you for or against? and tell us why?

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