Dog Broken Nail Exposed Quick. When/How can you treat at home?

a Dog broken nail exposed quick

Dog broken nail exposed quick is the most unpleasing experience for you and, of course, a very painful and annoying one for your dog. When and How can you help?

Every problem has it why did it happen and its how can I fix it, for the dog broken nail exposed quick problem; avoiding the problem by figuring out the reasons is much better than trying to find a solution for, so let’s find out why we face the dog broken nail exposed quick problem at the first place, then we will go together through different solutions for it.

Why Is Your Dog Broken Nail Exposed Quick?

Lack of Proper Nutrition

If your dog’s nail is cracking or breaking frequently, then you must ask your vet to recommend nutrition. The most common reason your pet’s nail is easy to break, most probably, is that there is a nutritional deficiency somewhere.

Why is that? Well, let me explain.

Cracked nails -that may lead to a dog broken nail exposed quick problem-, and unhealthy hair is a sign for lack of proper nutrition, just like human beings, when you start noticing that your nails are not in very good shape and your hair is not very bright; you begin to pay more attention to your diet, and if it has gone worth you try adding some vitamins to it, and it won’t be easy; dogs don’t like medicine.

dog refuses to take medicine
Told you! Credit: Giphy

In most cases, if your dog doesn’t have a specific medical condition, the first thing you start paying attention to is your dog’s diet. Are they taking enough zinc supplements and Omega-3 fatty acids? If not, do they need it? If yes, are they taking the right amount of it or they need something else?

On the other hand, also like human beings, some of their bodies apply some kind of resistance to the vitamins that they take, so the body is not getting what it needs, and then is when the problem starts to be obvious.

Therefore, asking your vet to check up on your dog and tells you exactly what their body’s need, is a must and it is the very first step you should do when you notice any unpleasant change in your dog’s health.

Clipping Mishaps

No one on earth can hurt his dog in purpose, but accident happens!

You will never imagine how easy is it to hurt your dog unintentionally while clipping his nails, sometimes it is them; they make sudden moves all the time! And in other cases, it’s the clipper itself if you are not using a good one, in addition to that, sometimes it’s you if you didn’t know that you shouldn’t clip their nails too close to the quick.

How Can You Avoid Clipping Mishaps?

  • Well, to avoid those accidents, first of all, you should make sure that your dog is calm, and that you can control their sudden moves. If it is a hard thing to do, ask someone to hold them, or to keep them calm; and for sure you can always ask an expert to do it for you.
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A dog just used the new Electric Dog Nail Grinder that will help him from the broken nail exposed quick
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An Excited dog for his new Electric Dog Nail Grinder that will help him from the broken nail exposed quick
Look who is very excited for his Electric Dog Nail Grinder! – Credit: GIPHY

How Can You Treat Your Dog Broken Nail Exposed Quick Problem at Home?

Well, if the harm is already done, and your dog is in the pain that dog broken nail exposed quick causes, bring clean cloth and apply it with little pressure to the nail for about for 5 minutes.

If the bleeding didn’t stop, dip the dog’s nail in styptic powder, and if you don’t have one you can use a little amount of baking soda and try to keep your dog calm for the next 10 to 15 minutes; quite a challenge, I know! But, it is the only way to slow down the blood flow.

Now, it is about time to examine the injured nail, if you can barely see the quick, yes your dog will still be in pain, but the good news is you can treat your dog at home by following these steps:

  1. Apply a generous tab of antibiotic to the nail to save it from any infection.
  2. Wrap the dog’s foot with a clean rolled gauze bandage and cover it with socks, and change it twice daily.
  3. Try to keep your dag calm most of the time, cause usually, this takes a few days.
Dog refuses to calm down
Sorry Dog, you have to calm down! – Credit: Giphy

However, if you found that the cut is deep into the quick, and your dog can’t stand touching it with the ground, this is a serious injury that required an expert treatment. And that’s the answer to When can you treat your dog broken nail exposed quick problem at home!

You only can help when the injury is minor, but if it a serious nail injury; it can be extremely painful and could be dangerous, so all you can do is applying the same previous steps, as a temporary solution till you get him the professional treatment from an experienced vet.

So, after reading this article, did you find it helpful? Hope so!
If you found that your experience with your dog broken nail exposed quick problem can add to our knowledge, don’t hesitate sharing it with us; we would love to hear about it!

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