Do Dogs Teeth Fall Out? When to Consider a Visit to The Vet.

Do Dogs Teeth Fall Out? When to Consider a Visit to The Vet. |

‘Do dogs teeth fall out? you may don’t give much attention to this question until it hits your dog.

Noticing that your dog’s appetite is not as usual? Is he/she is being messy while eating? or you can’t be sure if you are seeing a little swelling on his face?

After a while, you find a tooth, your dog’s tooth on the floor of your house!

Actually, all of these symptoms were a caution that your dog is having a dental problem. oh, Do adult dogs teeth fall out? Absolutely yes. dogs losing teeth is quite common after suffering from a dental problem.

So here is what you need to know about your pooch’s dental care.


Puppies’ Teeth: When It Is Normal to Lose Teeth

Puppies are just like our babies, they are born toothless, and at a certain age, they start to get their teeth. At the age of 4 or 6 weeks, puppies start to have their temporary guests, their baby teeth. 28 milk teeth erupt from their gum, but they don’t last for long

In their 3 or 6 months, puppies lose their baby teeth and it is replaced by the permanent 42 adult teeth.

maybe you don’t notice the process of your pup losing his milk teeth, you may find a tooth in his food bowl, on the house floor or you don’t see it at all! but you may find deep hollows in the pup’s gum where the tooth was laying.

Puppies sometimes swallow their baby teeth. Don’t worry, it is safe and won’t cause any problems for the pup.

In a few cases, puppies have problems because of their teeth. Sometimes, the milk teeth don’t fall out when they supposed to. You will find the milk teeth lined up with the permanent teeth and looks messy. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian should be done to get rid of the unwanted teeth.

When Dogs Lose Their Teeth: Adult Dogs

Do Dogs Teeth Fall Out? When to Consider a Visit to The Vet. |

‘my dog lost a tooth’ some pet parents notice that their dog lost a tooth after the teeth transition period ends, and they become vulnerable, because they don’t know they reason behind their dog’s loss.

adult dogs losing their teeth is not a normal thing. losing teeth may occur due to several reasons. trauma, chewing on hard things or periodontal disease.

When your dog exposed to trauma in the facial area, a tooth or two may fall out because of the strength of the hit

if the dog was mistakenly hitten by a heavy object while playing or fall from a high place.

chewing is a natural trait in dogs, it helps in calming them down, getting off boredom or just having a nice play out. When chewing the wrong stuff it may cause problems.

Chewing on too hard things like ice, rocks or plastic may cause teeth loss or fractured teeth.

Periodontal disease or gum disease is when the dogs’ teeth are not cleaned and tartar builds up on the gumline. The bacteria found in the tartar starts to spread under the gum line and damage the tissue around the tooth.

After a while, eventually, the dog loses the tooth if the periodontal disease is still there. Teeth loss is not the only thing gum disease is capable of, many other health issues may affect your dog.

Symptoms of periodontal disease: dogs will show signals that he/she may have the gum disease. If your dog’s breath is bad it indicates that there is a dental or oral problem.

Redness or bleeding in the gum section accompanied with drooling( in some cases it could be bloody). You also may find the dog pawing or there is a swelling in the face. Sometimes your dog may have nasal discharge. All these symptoms may be a sign that your dog is suffering from gum disease.

Broken dogs teeth that didn’t fall out should be removed. A visit to the vet to get the broken teeth extracted so it won’t cause any unnecessary problems.

Other Uncommon Reasons Why Dogs Teeth Fall Out

There are a lot of uncommon reasons for dogs to lose teeth. Malnutrition is one of them.

an unbalanced diet or not getting enough food could affect not only the dog’s weight but his entire wellbeing. Malnutrition doesn’t mean an underweight dog, giving your dog the wrong types of food may cause a lack of important elements.

Some health conditions may cause the loss of teeth or weak and loose teeth. If these conditions are not treated, it may affect the dentition health. Regular vomiting also could weaken the teeth, as the stomach acids eats up the enamel of the teeth.

The side effects of some drugs sometimes have a negative effect on teeth too. It may lose the teeth or be the reason for a tooth or two falls.

What Comes After a Dog Loses Teeth

A visit to the vet is what you should you after finding your dog is losing teeth. Treatment should be the next step after finding out why your dog is losing his teeth. The vet will recommend the right treatment after careful diagnoses.

Do Dogs Teeth Fall Out? When to Consider a Visit to The Vet. |

In some cases, the vet will suggest the extraction of all the dog’s teeth due to the bad condition of them. A lot of pet owners will worry about the quality of life their pet will get, but surprisingly, dogs tend to adapt to the new life they get when they lose all of their teeth. All that you have to do is to soften their food a little and it will be great.

Animals, in general, could hide their pain and dogs are no different. This makes the dog owner feel like their dog condition is not that bad and the extraction option is not what the dog need or they are worried it is not the right decision.


When dogs teeth fall out, it is giving you foresight on where your dog’s dental status is going.

Always keep an eye for any change in your dog’s condition, and remember that a small change may indicate for a problem you still don’t know anything about.

Keep in mind that maintaining your dog’s dental and oral hygiene is important whether you are going to do it at home or under your vet’s guidance.

Share with us when was the last time you saw any dogs teeth fall out and what isDo dogs teeth fall out? For puppies, it is normal to lose teeth at some point but for adult dogs, it is NOT normal. Know when to consider a visit to the vetyour routine for maintaining your dog’s teeth healthy.

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