How to Treat a Dog Cracked Nail Fast and Easy!

Avoid a dog cracked nail problem

Dealing with a dog cracked nail can earthier be the easiest or the hardest things you do for the sake of your dog’s health. Learn with us how to do it easy!

When you accidentally break your fingernail by hitting it in something popped out of the blue, you become so annoyed because of the pain it causes. But, you are a human being who can express the pain you are in.

On the other hand, a dog can’t; it can be painful and somewhat dangerous, but he still can’t tell you how he really feels about it. Let’s figure out together how you can give the proper assist to a dog cracked nail.

What Causes A Dog Cracked Nail?

To prevent your dog from the pain of a dog cracked nail in the first place, you should know that allowing your dog nails to grow long; is one of the most common reasons for it, not just that, but it also alters his ability to walk, run or play comfortably.

In addition to that, you should also pay attention to those three elements that cause a dog cracked nail:

A tired dog maybe experiencing a dog cracked nail pain
Tired dog
  • Malnutrition: This issue is commonly seen when your dog is not on the right diet, and taking his vitamins and minerals. If your dog is not getting the required minerals to approach the healthy function of its organs, he will be lazy, tired, not in the mood most of the time and most probably you will have a dog cracked nail problem with him.
  • Infection: Your dog’s paw is on constant contact with the ground, which is, needless to say, contains numerous bacterias and microbes that some of them can hurt your dog’s nail badly. However, you can avoid any dog cracked nail caused by infection with cleaning your dog’s paws and regularly inspect its health.
  • Damaged ends: One of the most important, yet not so notable for some, is the damaged ends. After trimming your dog’s nail, obviously with not a very good nail clipper tool, your dog’s nails get snagged on rough surfaces while walking; which causes a dog cracked nail.

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Superclipper for a safe trimmimg experience for your dog and to avoid a dog cracked nail.
SUPERCLIPPER – Glamorous Dogs
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How Can I Deal with A Dog Cracked Nail?

Now you know how to help your dog for facing the dog cracked nail at the first place, but what if the harm was already done and your dog cracked his nail? Well, here’s a fast and easy guide to dealing with a dog cracked nail…

Recognize the cracked nail.

Sometimes the dog will not immediately recognize that he has a cracked nail, maybe not before an infection occurs. So, first of all, you should pay more attention to him if he started to lick, avoid movement or continuously raising a specific leg.

A broken nail can leave blood spots on the floor, too. But in that case, we recommend that your dog should be seen by his veterinarian.

Owner is taking care of her dog's nail to save him from the dog cracked nail painful experience.
A dog is thanking his owner for taking care of his nails

Remove the remaining piece of nail, carefully.

If your dog cracked nail, he must be in pain so you have to be careful while checking on him. Usually, your dog will not let you touch his cracked nail easily, so you might use some help to keep him calm during this time.

Now, you should start to carefully remove the remaining, dangling piece of nail, to avoid any further injury and to allow the regrowth of the nail.

Stop the bleeding.

Removing the nail may cause some bleeding in this area, so you have to gently stop the bleeding. Therefore, try to apply pressure with a clean cloth to the nail for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

If the bleeding continues despite the pressure you applied, we recommend visiting the veterinarian, the case might be more than just a dag cracked a nail.

Keep the area clean.

After the removing and cleaning process, you have to make sure that this area is clean and safe for a fast, healthy healing process. Therefore, try to keep your dog’s paw away from dirt, or areas that contains harmful bacteria.

I know that it might seem a hard thing to do, but using a clean bandage or sock that is changed on a daily basis could do the job.

How Can I Avoid A Dog Cracked Nail?

Well, your dog nail needs care like any other thing of his needs. When you own a dog you need to know that you are all that he has, so you need to pay extra attention to his needs, and one of the most important needs of his is getting his nails done.

A well trimmed nail to avoid a dog cracked nail pain
A dog with a well trimmed nail

Therefore, know that if you started to hear your a lot of clicking while your dog is moving around, that means that your dog’s nail is too long. If you noticed that your dog is walking in a way that might seem uncomfortable, check his paws he might have a rock stuck between his paw pads.

Now, if you find this tip is easy and fast, please comment and feel free to add any other easy and fast tips for a dog cracked nail. We are always eager to know more about you and your experiences with your dogs.

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