How to Cut Puppy Nails – The Simplest Essential Guide

How to cut puppy nails

How to cut puppy nails?

How to cut puppy nails?, it is one of the most popular questions that all the breeders ask themselves when they decide to cut their puppies’ nails without hurting them.

Cutting puppy nails is not an easy mission at all because you need to follow some steps in order to cut its nails without making any mistake that can have side effects on your puppy.

You need to be careful when it comes to your puppy nails because they are a sensitive part of its body and it could hurt your puppy and make it bleeding without noticing that because you cut its nails in a wrong way.

Therefore, we will tell you in the following lines some ways to cut your puppy’s nails without facing any problem.

How to cut puppy nails

How to cut puppy nails?

We will tell you how to cut puppy nails step by step in the following points in order to make you able to do that move right without causing any problems with your cute puppy:

  • First, you need to start with clipping puppy nails from their tips only and then you need to make your puppy trust you because all the puppies hate clipping their nails, so you will notice that the puppy becomes so calm with you
  • You must use professional nail clippers, which are designed especially for all the shapes of a dog’s nails, and you should not use any other tool because it could hurt your puppy
  • The perfect position for you will be when you put your puppy’s paw in your hand and hold each toe with your thumb and your index finger, but you need to be careful not to squeeze the toe, all you need to do is hold it firmly, and then you can easily hold the nail clipper with your other hand
  • It will be better for you to ask for help from another person if you lose your control on your puppy and you cannot hold it while you cut the nails
  • You will notice that your puppy will become accustomed to that kind of grooming by the time, so you will never need any help from any other person and your puppy will be so polite with you
  • After you finish clipping puppy nails, you need to clean them all if you notice that there is a part of its nails is brown or black, and you can easily clean that part with a clean rag or handful of gauze

Important Note for you: you must avoid cutting into the vein, which runs halfway through the puppy’s nail, and you can notice that vein easily because it is directly under the fingertip and its color is pink, so you need to stay away from that pink part without thinking.

For more, you can check out this detailed guide on how to clip your dog’s nails.

How often to cut puppy nails?

So many people ask how often to cut puppy nails? Because they want to make that step right without causing any problem with their puppies, and they know how sensitive the puppy’s nails are significant, so they want to know when they need to do that step.

We can tell you that you need to cut your puppy’s nails once every two weeks because they become tall quickly in a very short time, so you need to take care of them weekly by clipping them and clean them too.

Some people have an active puppy that spends a lot of time outside, and playing regularly in the garden or goes for walks daily, that kind of puppies do not need nail-trimming weekly because their nails will wear down naturally, and that is the best kind of puppies.

Note: you need to know how much it is important to cut your puppy nails regularly because leaving its nails very tall can cause real pain for them and sometimes inflammation too, it could also cause serious issues with the joints and the bones in its toes.

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When can you cut a puppy’s nails?

cut puppy nails small pup

It is better to start cutting puppy nails when it is 7 or 8 weeks old and not before that age because their nails are so sensitive and small, so you will easily hurt them if you try to cut their nails when they are smaller than 7 weeks.

You will face so many problems at your first try on clipping puppy nails because not all the pets like having their paws and nails touched, so you need to make your puppy feel comfortable before and after cutting its nails.

When your puppy reaches its first year, you will notice that it becomes so easy for you to cut its nails because it used to that regular grooming, and you will notice that your puppy is no longer afraid of the nails’ tools at all.

The best tools for clipping puppy nails:

There are so many available tools in the market, that will help you in cutting puppy nails correctly, and almost all of them are very cheap and you can find them online easily without facing any problems.

We will tell you some of those tools, which are so popular, and they will give you the best results ever.

  • Professional pet nail clippers: they are designed specifically for every small pet, and they are made of a high-quality stainless steel blade, and they will be perfect for your puppies, and small breed dogs
  • Dog Nail File: you need to try that glass dog nail file, which is perfect in shortens your puppy’s nails, and it is famous for its comfortable size and weight, and you will never face a problem when you use it
  • Guillotine cutters: They are one of the most popular cutting tools for puppy’s nails, and they are famous for their oval shape at the end, which encloses the nail, and you can put the tip of the nail in that shape, and then you will be able to cut your puppy’s nails easily

Generally, you need to know that those tools for clipping puppy nails are very helpful for your puppies and small breeds, like Toy Poodles or Yorkshire Terriers.

If you do not know how to choose the right tool for your puppy, so you need to ask your veterinarian in order to make him recommend an appropriate size and style for your puppy.

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