Clipping Dog’s Toenails Perfectly & Safely

Clipping Dog's Toenails Perfectly & Safely |

Clipping Dog’s Toenails, if you have a dog, one of the most important care you should pay attention to is the hygiene and condition of your toenails.
Having a pet requires certain attention, and one that you should not forget is the cutting and clipping of toenails. It is a task that often anguishes many pet owners, but the truth is that with a few simple guidelines, it is possible to do well and not harm the animal. Although usually recommended to go to the vet, if you have skill, patience and you get used to your dog, you will not have any problem and you can do it yourself at home.

clipping dog's toenails

Clipping dog’s toenails:

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Steps to follow:

⦁ From the outset, we already told you that cutting and filing a dog’s nails is not as complex as you think. In fact, it is an important and simple routine. If you are used to manipulating your nails since your dog is young, it will not cost you anything to keep that part of your body prepared.

It is recommended that you take it to the veterinarian for the first time to see the technique of a professional or someone who has practiced clipping dog’s Toenails. Although dogs file their nails with the mere fact of walking, there are other breeds, such as basset that will need help to reduce the size of the nails because they do not wear them very much.

⦁ Although in this other article we explain how to cut your dog’s nails, we summarize some aspects that you should consider, since these steps are prior to filing.

You must be very careful when you cut the nails of your pet because if you spend a little you can hurt your dog. The ideal is to have the perfect tool so that the cut is safe and without risks. First, buy a good nail cutter designed for dogs. It must be a very comfortable object to use, preferably of rubber and that you can handle it without difficulties. Think that with one hand you will pick up the clippers, and with the other, the leg of your pet.

⦁ And always remember that you should not make the cut from top to bottom, but by the free space between the finger and the nail. Next, insert the cutter into the white part of the nail and note that the pink part is the area with blood vessels. You must be very careful when cutting to not touch this part.

If you have a good nail clipper designed for pets, you will have a cap that will not allow you to cut beyond the tip. After the cut, it is convenient to file the nails for a perfect and smooth finish, and thus avoid possible scratches. To complete this part of the process, you will need a good file.

⦁ One type of lime is highly recommended is an electric and rotary. It is a great object for a perfect nail finish. It is powerful to shape, polish and cut, even if your pet’s hooves are very hard. And, in addition, totally safe with a system that avoids that the hairs get stuck and with a top so that you do not pass yourselves liming. With an electric file, you will leave the nails without sharp edges or splinters, and above you can eliminate all roughness. Many people use this type of file to hurry without cutting and the result is perfect and rounded nails.

⦁ To file your dog’s nails, you should only insert your dog’s nail into the hole that fits your size better. Then, you must press the button and the electric file will begin to work, leaving the nail completely polished. Do this with each nail and you will see that the result is professional and hurried. Although it is usually filed after cutting, if your dog’s nails grow fast and you often hear the noise of them every time you walk, you can give him a good weekly review with just the file. So, you can always have them with the perfect size

⦁ We recommend that you make this process relaxing and fun. Play with the legs of your dog so that it is made up to the idea that something will happen. If you make the cut and filing once a week, your pet will assume it as normal and not overwhelming with the passage of time.

If when you start cutting and clipping, your dog gets nervous, try to make one leg one day and another day, the other. It is important that your dog does not get too stressed with this routine, relax and you will see how your dog will do it too, and do not forget to give him a good reward at the end.
You’re clipping dog’s toenails and started to bleed – we tell you how to stop the bleeding
Keeping a dog’s nails short, is important, and also vital part of their health, not only is comfort in their paws, or hygienic, and a dog should have short nails.

how to get a dog's nail to stop bleeding

How to get a dog’s nail to stop bleeding:

The most important thing is to stop the bleeding immediately, do not panic, keep calm and for bleeding quickly.

The easiest way to stop bleeding is to use the astringent powder, which can be found in a kind of paste or astringent pencil, is for veterinary use, but easily accessible; simply place it on the nail, press and leave it for about 30 seconds and it will stop bleeding.

If you do not have the astringent powder, you can use to stop dog nail bleeding:

⦁ Cornstarch
⦁ Flour
⦁ Sodium bicarbonate
⦁ Soap bar

Remember, when using any of these elements to stop the bleeding, you must create a kind of paste with water, apply with a cotton ball, and press until the bleeding stops.

After applying the paste, make sure that your dog remains calm and lying down, without moving much, leave it like this for about 20 minutes so that the wound closes and there is no risk of it bleeding again.

Now, if you are thinking of never again cutting your dog’s nails, and take it to grooming, do not panic, there are also other options like sanding your nails, without cutting hazards and without altering the dog.

when to cut dogs toenails?

when to cut dogs toenails?

Many are the ones who wonder when they can start cutting their puppies’ nails, and the answer is simple: as soon as possible. There is no specific age for this practice, we can initiate it when we observe that the nails of our dog pass the commented limit and begin to hinder their movements. In fact, it is highly beneficial to start cutting the puppy’s nails because it helps us normalize the activity, get him to get used to it and take it as part of his routine. Of course, during the puppy stage we must use a type of scissors adapted to your nail that, probably, we can not use once reached adulthood. In this sense, we recommend going to the veterinarian so that it is he who makes the first cuts.

Way to cut your dog's nails without fear

Way to cut your dog’s nails without fear:

Unless your pet is a very active dog and is constantly in the open air, you will have to trim your nails regularly, from once a week to once a month.

Nail trimming and grooming are activities that are often feared by dogs and their owners. The best way to calm your fears is to ask your veterinarian or a professional hairdresser how to use the proper techniques for trimming nails.

The best way to calm the fears of your dog is to form him from a very young age so that he feels more comfortable with the process.

If you do not feel comfortable clipping dog’s toenails, your canine veterinarian or hairdresser will be happy to do it regularly. Dogs often do not need their nails trimmed if they go on walks frequently, for places like trails or concrete. The same walk makes the filing process that makes them stay at an appropriate length.

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