Cleaning Out Dogs Ears: Home Remedies or Conventional Prescriptions?

Cleaning Out Dogs Ears: Home Remedies or Conventional Prescriptions? |

Cleaning out the dogs’ ears is not something to underestimate. A lot of problems could be generated by leaving your dogs’ ears dirty.

Why cleaning out dogs ears regularly is important? What happens to dirty dog ears? How to clean dogs ears at home? or what to use to clean it? Home remedies or conventional prescription?

Ever wondered about all these questions? if yes, you are reading the right article!


Cleaning Out Dogs Ears: Why It Is Important

Clearing dogs’ ear canal is important. Many things could get into our dog’s ear while playing in the yard, park or even in the house.

so regular cleaning will prevent any infections from taking place in our pets’ ears from the start.

Also, the anatomy of the dogs’ ears makes them in need of occasional cleaning. Dogs; ears are moist and warm, and this is an ideal atmosphere for bacteria to build up.

All dogs need this process, so whether you have a dog with flabby or erect ears, you will need to clean their ears.

Different Breeds, Different Cleaning Out Routines

The outer shape of the dogs’ ears is different. some have drop ears like
Labrador Retriever or Basset Hound, these breeds likely to have ear infections more than those who have erect ears like Siberian Huskies or German Shepherds.

That’s because drop ears don’t allow much air to circulate and thus, the ear is moist. so drop ears breeds need more attention and cleaning than the others.

Other breeds like Poodles have hair growing inside their ears. the hair follicles also trap air and moisture inside the ear which gives bacteria and yeasts a chance to grow.

The air flow and moist are not the only reasons for ear infections, Sometimes it is due to mites.

How Often to Clean Dogs Ears

The frequency of cleaning depends on several reasons. The dog breed, the prone for infections and its activities. Some dogs need monthly, others need cleaning every other week and there are breeds that need ear cleaning weekly.

You may ask your vet about how often you need to clean out your dog’s ears to prevent over cleaning your dog’s ear and cause any unnecessary irritation.

How to Clean Out Dogs Ears And What to Use

Many of us ask themselves ‘is cleaning my dog’s ears hard? what can I use to clean my dog’s ears? do puppies need ear cleaning too?

If you are considering grooming your dog at home, probably you asked yourself all these questions and many more!

let’s take it slow, cleaning out your dog’s ears is not hard, you just need to be careful while working. as for what to use to clean dogs ears, there are plenty of choices.

you could use a conventional prescription from the vet, which will have a chemical ear cleanser or you could use home remedies.

Best Way to Clean Dogs Ears: Home Remedies or Conventional Prescription


Before considering what is the best way to clean your dog’s, let’s first explain how each one of them works.

home remedies include apple cider vinegar or peroxide, while the conventional prescription is the regular cleanser.

home remedies as apple cider vinegar or diluted peroxide are great, they clean the dog’s ears greatly.

only one problem is there, both of them will leave traces of water in the dog’s ear because of their chemical formula.

Water droplets, even if they where little may cause infections if it stayed in the pooch’s ear.

On the other hand, if you used a certified ear cleanser the chances of having water droplets in your dog’s ear is limited.

What I Need To Clean My Dog’s Ear at Home

in order to get the results you want, you need to prepare the equipment you need. Getting the right supplies will make the process much easier. you will need:

Cotton balls: Don’t use Q-tip while cleaning out your dog’s ear.

it is dangerous, you may hit the eardrum and cause serious problem to your dog.

Ear Cleanser: Try to use a veterinarian-recommended ear cleanser. look for cleansers that don’t contain peroxide or alcohol.

A towel: you will need the towel for any potential mess

Tweezers: if your dog have a lot of hair in his ears

Treats! because your buddy needs a reward after finishing.

How to Clean Dog’s Ears at Home

Before starting you should make sure all the supplies you will need are near you, you don’t want to stop working in the mid of the session.

if you stopped probably you will have to reposition your dog again and maybe starting all over again.

Clean the outside parts first, then start to clean further and Use a different cotton ball for the internal parts.

Pluck excess hair before you start the cleaning, and examine the ear carefully.

if you found unusual redness, odor or swelling stop immediately and take your dog to the vet.

How to Clean Lab Ears

Cleaning dogs with lab ears is not so different from other dogs, but we will give you steps to follow, in case you are a little worried.

Step 1#

choose a place where you could control your dog. and it is better to have a companion with you to have good control and positioning while applying the cleanser.

Step 2#

Pull the outer part of the ear up gently and Apply the cleanser inside the dog’s ear. Keep pouring until you see that his ear is full.

Step 3#

Start to pull the ear up and away from the head to make sure the solution is spreading. Dogs ears have two canals; a vertical and a horizontal one. they form an L shape inside the ear, so by pulling you are making sure the cleanser is getting everywhere.

Step 4#

Massage the ear for about twenty seconds to make sure any debris, hard wax or anything sticking in the dog’s ear is free. You may hear a squishing sounds, it’s completely normal.

Step 5#

Get the towel and put it on the dog’s head and let him shake his head, after that with the cotton balls start to clean the outer parts of the ear, then go further.

Step 6#

Repeat the same previous steps to the other ear. and if you found the cotton ball still coming out dirty, repeat the same steps again.


Cleaning Out Dogs Ears: Home Remedies or Conventional Prescriptions? |

Cleaning out your dog’s ear may be a lot of work, but it will guarantee a good healthy ear condition for a long time.

Choose the best way you feel your dog is comfortable with, and share with us the best ways you think will keep your dog’s ear healthy.

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