Can Dogs See Ghosts?

Can Dogs See Ghosts? |

Can dogs see ghosts? Well, We can’t deny that they do things we can’t explain like chasing things we don’t see, suddenly staring at something, and barking at seemingly nothing. Hold on a second. Oh my god, my dog can see ghosts!

Well, tell now, scientists prefer to interpret unusual dog’s behaviors such as staring at something we can’t see, barking at nothing, and all of the other unusual dog’s behaviors in a way that doesn’t involve any paranormal sense.

However, I agree with you that dogs can have weird behavior, in fact, sometimes they become so weird that they freak their owners out. Check out this video, you will understand what I mean:

Credit: Frosty Life

Do ghosts really exist?

In folklore and old ancient stories; ghosts are spirits or souls of dead animals and human that came back after death and can appear to the living, or at least, make them feel their presence.

If you believe in the afterlife, souls that come back after death, and spirits that had some message to deliver to a friend or a family member, or even those who have a mission that wasn’t accomplished yet, so they came back to finish it; you are not alone.

The HuffPost/YouGov poll of 1,000 people in 2012 resulted that about 45% of them think so. Not just that, but 43% of them believe that they are harmless. Casper, is that you?

I believe that personal opinions and experiences are important, but scientific evidence is another matter, and I see that they are still working on proving the ghost’s presence; so I guess I will wait till they scientifically prove it.

However, and turning back to the ‘dogs can see dogs’ point, I can’t deny that those dogs can see something, maybe I don’t what is it, but they see something we can’t see! Which means that their senses work better than us, and that is one thing no one can deny.

can dogs see ghost?
Can you feel that, human?

If science denies that dogs can see ghosts, does that mean they don’t have a sixth sense, too?

Well, dogs like humans and like any other animal have the basic five senses: smell, sight, hearing, touching, and smelling. And another, non-negotiable fact, is that dogs five senses work way better, and much stronger than our five senses do. But, I believe that all that makes sense for everyone, and you are here to know more about the sixth sense.

A sixth sense is another thing that people were saying about dogs since ever. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the sixth sense is keen intuition, or we can say “gut” feeling.

I know for sure that dogs have a sixth sense. Haven’t you ever seen a dog that gets so nervous around someone, or he/she gets really mad when a particular neighbor visits you, and after a while, this person turns to be a very evil person? Well, I experienced that, and since then, I made the ” If my dog doesn’t like you, so I don’t like you, too” rule.

And, a funny fact, is we also have a sixth sense, but we don’t trust it. On the other hand, dogs trust their sixth sense, and they act according to what they feel, too. So, If they don’t like your energy, they will say it in your face, and he/she will let everyone in the room that he/she doesn’t like you; so you better be ready.

Can dogs sense death?

Well, dogs are very smart, sensitive, and strong dogs. And, as mentioned in the (8 things to know about air travel with dogs) article, dogs can be trained and hired as (ESD) or, Emotional Support dog; because they are qualified enough to support their owners emotionally, since when they are going to panic and comfort them.

Accordingly, maybe they won’t till when the exact time someone will die, but of course, they can sense the weakness in their friend’s body, they can tell that he/she is tired or in pain.

So, if you or any of your family member felt weakness someday, and your dog sat quietly near, don’t worry you are not about to die, he/she just felt that you are sick, and may need his/her beside you.

can dogs see ghosts?
Are you okay, my friend?

However, another thing that scientifically proved that dogs can sense it; earthquakes and other things we don’t even know it is coming.

Can dogs see what we can’t see?

Yes, dogs can see a lot of things that we can’t, because their vision is much wider than our vision. Dogs can see things for a very far distance, they can see shadows, tiny bugs we can’t even notice, and they can notice things in very narrow places and they also can see in the dark.

We love to feel that we know our dogs very much, and we notice every single change about them. We love to feel that we are here for them, and love the feeling that they are close to us. However, all the love in the world can’t remove the differences between us; we are human beings we have something they don’t have, and they are dogs, they also have something that we don’t have.

We need to understand those differences and accept it.

We both talk different languages, sadly, no matter how much we try they will keep doing things we don’t understand, and we will keep doing things they don’t understand.

For instance, if you kept all day trying to train your dog to say your name, he/she will never do it, because he/she is not created for that. On the other hand, if a dog kept trying to show you something you can’t see, you wouldn’t. You also were born to do different things, and that is okay; we are here to live with each other, not like each other.

However, imagine if you can actually talk to your dog. How awesome will that be! Or, he/she can understand you if you asked him/her about his/her opinion on something or someone!

What should you do if you thought your dog sees a ghost?

If you believe that there are ghosts, and your dog saw one; I think the right action here will be waiting till you see how your dog reacts to the ghost or spirit. Maybe he/she is an old friend or a good dog that lost his/her way.

If we believed that there are ghosts, and believed that our dogs can see it, and understand it. Maybe we also need to believe that somehow they communicate with our dogs, and they actually have something to say or do; so, let them have the time they need together. Of course, if you found that your dog is comfortable with the situation, and that ghost is not hurting him/her!

Relevant Questions

What if dogs see ghosts?

Well, that will be awesome, and terrifying; because every single time you will find your dog starting and barking at something you can’t see, you will assume it is a ghost, however, it could be just a tiny bug.

Can dogs detect diseases?

Well, there are a lot of researchers around that topic, and one of them recently revealed that some dogs after training were able to identify some diseases, especially cancer.

Also, dogs can sense when your body is weak; once you feel tired and weak your dog is the first one that notice, and he/she will act amazingly once he/she feels that something is not right with you.

Once you feel sick, you will find your dog here for you, standing beside you quietly, observing your health wellness and comforting you till you get up, and feel better.

Can dogs be reincarnated?

No-one can actually agree or disagree with that, some people like to believe that their dog’s soul can be re-birthed in another dog, and he/she will live happily making other memories, and other people like to believe that death means death. I believe you get to chose what you like to believe.

However, we all wish that our dogs will find love, peace, and good company wherever he will go; even if he didn’t come back as the big boss, in A dog’s purpose movie.

Credit: MovieClips

Can dogs understand death?

In this article, we answered all about how dogs understand death (You can check it from here), However, as a short answer, yes. Dogs understand all about death, Grieve, losing their beloved ones. Yes, they understand everything about death.

Now, tell us more about those times you felt your dog is barking at, playing with, or staring at a ghost, and How that made you feel? I remember that one day I found my dog staring at the dark, and he just stood there for A LONG TIME! I freaked out, and actually, it is the main reason I did my research and I am writing this article, now.


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