Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

Ever considered camping with dogs for your next vacation?

Vacations are the best part of the year, you get to do anything and enjoy your time! Camping is one of these things that some people would like to try, but if you are a pet owner, a dog owner, in particular, you will need to know everything about camping with dogs the right way.

Preparing for camping with dogs is not a hard task, you will just need to get the right gadget for camping, knowing your dog’s personality and plan your trip accordingly, refresh your dog’s command training and have fun!

Camping with Dogs The Right Way; Things You Should Pre-Prepare

a man with two dogs-Camping with Dogs The Right Way

Our dogs are a part of our families, so it would be weird if we went on camping or any other activity without them, it won’t be complete.

So, to take our canines with us and face no problem during our camping trip, few things have to be handled first;

Knowing Your Dogs Capabilities

Are you afraid of heights? Great, our next trip should include sky diving!

Taking your dog to a place that you know he would suffer in or be uncomfortable for any reason is just like that, our dogs can’t speak out their minds, but you, as a pet owner, know your dog’s personality and have to keep it in mind while planning for a trip.

Going to picnics or day trips with your dog will make you understand his personality around new people, scents, and places.

Look For Dog-Friendly Sites

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

One of the most important things you have to check before booking a place for camping is to make sure that this place will let you in with your pets.

It would be very disappointing if you prepared everything, hit the road to the campsite and the first thing you see is a big sign that reads No Dogs Allowed.

Always make sure that the place you are going to allow pets on the campsite. Calling the institution or searching online are great ways to find out if this place is suitable for you or not.

Sites like Bring Fido would offer you a lot of campgrounds that you allow to bring your pooch with you along with choosing anywhere around the globe.

Pre-Trip Vet Visit

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

Taking your dog to the vet before preceding with the trip is essential to know if your dog’s health is okay and if he is ready to go on a trip or not.

Also, it is great to check his flea and tick medication is updated, ticks bites may cause long term damages so it’s better safe than sorry.

Make Sure Of Your Dog’s Documents

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

After getting your dog checked, the next step is to be sure that his documents are updated.

Your Dog’s ID, license and any paper that will show his vaccinations, you are getting all of this with you so if anything happened during the trip you have to make sure you have all the information needed.

A laminated card would be an ideal choice to keep all the information about your dog, plus your contact information together. Also, make sure your dog’s microchip is updated.

Search For Vets Nearby

This is also a procedure you need to take care of in case you needed it. Look for the nearest vet or clinic so if anything happened you would know where you have to take your dog.

Try while searching for campsites to make this one of the priorities too, you don’t want your dog to have a medical problem and you can’t do anything for him just because there is no clinic nearby.

Read About The Camp Site

You may think this section is not so necessary as you already checked if the campsite is allowing pets or not so if they allow pets to their site then there is nothing else you should look for right?

Actually, no you will need to make further checks whether there are any toxic plants or wildlife there to know if there is anything you need to know about before going there.

Check on Your Dog’s Training

Camping with dogs will need you to check on your dog’s commands training and be sure that your dog will obey you whenever you give him any command.

Obeying your commands from the first time will rule out that if any sudden action has taken place where you are, you will be able to make your dog safe, especially, if he was far from you.

Also, if you found your dog holding a dangerous item, you can command him to leave it immediately, if your dog doesn’t listen to your commands, he may get himself into serious problems out there, so you need to make sure he got enough command training.

Check 5 Basic Puppy Training Commands You Should Know to know the essential commands you need to teach for your dog and what is needed to train your dog to obey your commands straight away.

Get a Pet First Aid Kit

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

You need to have a first aid kit for you and your dog in case anything happened. U.S. Forest Service recommends having these items in a pet first aid kit;

  • Makeshift muzzle bandana
  • Tweezers (Flat-bladed)
  • Mineral oil for tick removal, a small container
  • An emergency fold-up blanket (for helping in treating shock or cold)
  • A folding tool with needle-nose pliers (for extracting a large thorn)
  • Boots for protecting injured paws ( you could take toddler socks )
  • A small first aid book with all the instructions you may need for treating your pets
  • Nearby vet clinic nearby the camping site

Nature surprises us with many things that are not planned, our dogs are the same, that’s why taking our pre-cautions while camping with dogs is essential, you don’t know what your dog can surprise you with.

Camping With Dogs; Canines’ Gadget You Will Need

There are plenty of things that you will need to get for your dog or you will have to DIY them at home. You will need to make a list of the things you must have and for things, you don’t think you will need them so you don’t overpack a lot of stuff that will be in your bags with no use.

Here is a list of things that you will need to get for your dog before heading for a camp;

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

Water Bottle and Food Bowl

You will need to pack your dog’s food in a tightly sealed container for long walks or hiking, so you will need to prepare something that you won’t have to check on it every once in a while to see if it is leaking or not.

If you got something that is suitable for this mission, lucky you! but if you are still looking for a bottle and a bowl that would be perfect for usage for camping, check our 2 in 1 pal water/food bottle with folded bowl here.

Dog Backpack

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

A dog backpack would be very useful for daily hikes to get some of your dog’s belonging(food, water, poop bags and treats!)

You could make a dog backpack yourself at home or just purchase one from our store and get your dog an awesome backpack.

Leash, Stake, and Tether

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

You may think you won’t need a leash at a campsite, especially if your dog is comfortable off-leash, but this won’t be the case.

Some camps will require to have your dog safely secured at their campsite so you will need to have a leash there. The stake and tether are needed so you won’t have to hold the leash all the time.

It is recommended to have your dog’s leash not passing six-foot according to the universal pet-camping rules.

Carrying a leash outside the campsite is also important, in case you were faced with any situation that you will need to keep your dog in a safe distance of something or an encounter with a wild animal.

Scoop Bags

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

Scoop bags are one of these things that people tend to forget while they are packing for camping, but this shouldn’t be the case.

Walking your dog at a campsite is just like walking with him at home, you will need to pick after them to keep the place clean for you and for upcoming visitors, it’s also important to get pick your dog’s “stuff” so it won’t call any unwanted attention from animals living there.

Settle on Sleeping Arrangements

Adventure Time! Camping with Dogs The Right Way |

The last thing you will need to consider is the place where your dog will sleep at night. Is he/she is going to sleep in the tent with you, inside the tent in a crate or somewhere else?

You need to make sure that the place your dog is going to sleep is arranged so all of you would have a good night’s sleep.

Camping with dogs may need a lot of considerations but in the end, you will get a great vacation with all your family members there, including your canine.

Share with us the last time you went on a vacation and took your pooch with you or any funny story your fido has done before on a trip. Waiting for your answers!

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