3 Types of Big German Shepherd: An Interview With One of them.

Big German Shepherd showing love and loyalty to his owner

We had the privilege of interviewing one of the most amazing Big Shepherd breeds, to get the truth about types of Big German Shepherd straight from its source. Check The Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

German Shepherd dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds according to AKC latest research. Let’s find out together what makes them that popular, and how Big are the other Big German Shepherd dogs.

German Shepherd Dogs Story:

The King Shepherd is a magnificent Big German Shepherd
King Shepherd – Credit:101 Dog Breeds

Hello, Mr. King Shepherd.

Hi, Mr. Human.

Long time no see. Where have you been?

Well, as you know it’s this time of the year again, my family is chilling with their friends at the beach, so I was thinking of visiting my big German Shepherd friends back home and then I’ll join them. Shedding in Dogs; Here’s the Deal

Germany you mean?

No, I am originally from the USA, one of my parents is a German Shepherd, he is the one from Germany.

Oh, so how your parents met?

Well, I am a dog breed that developed from crossing the German Shepherd dog, with the Shiloh Shepherd dog and Long-Coated European lines of German Shepherd dog along with Malamute in the 1990s. The main goal of this process was to breed a big German Shepherd dog similar to the kind, intelligent, hard worker German Shepherd, but larger and without the existing health and temperament problems. Read about Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix

Wow! I am very interested in learning more about you and your background. Do you mind telling me your story?

Oh, man I wasn’t ready for this. Are you going to take pictures, because I haven’t groomed my coat yet, and you know I always have to look as awesome as I could be! Top 7 Dogs Like German Shepherd

Don’t worry, your coat suits you well, women are crazy about Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs and big German Shepherd, too.

Woof-Woof, tell me about it! Okay. What do you want to know about me?

Differences Between Classic and Big Shepherds:

Well, let’s start from the very beginning.

German Shepherd dogs are from Germany, Usually we fit in the medium to large-sized dogs’ category, not in the giant dog category that you would find Great Dane dogs in, however the big German Shepherd dogs, like me, is a cross-breed that took the benefits of both breeds; so we are giant, smart, protective, sociable and easier to handle and train than other shepherds. How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Oh! So you are telling me that your parents are from two or more different breeds, and that’s why you look a little bit different from both. Could you please talk to us more about your parents? I love those stories. The Best Dog Grooming Shears You Can Get in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Sure. I love talking about my Parents. As you’ll know German Shepherd dogs are very suitable for working, herding and guarding breed.  Back then in the ’80s, German Shepherd dogs were part of the herding group. They proved that it can assist in herding sheep, and protecting flocks from predators, and that is, of course, because of their intelligence and strength.

According to that, they showed a great example in obedience training, that’s why nowadays they are often an irreplaceable member in police and military around the world. However, they showed some health issues that made developing a more qualified breed necessary, and that’s when they paid attention to the Shiloh Shepherd.  How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Therefore, there are some main differences between big German Shepherd dogs and the classic German Shepherd in size, weight, and Color.

A beautiful and strong German Shepherd.
German Shepherd- Credit: Global K9

So, the average height of a classic German Shepherd is usually between 22 to 26 Inches, while King Shepherd can be 29 inches. In addition to that, there are major differences in the weigh too, while the classic German Shepherd weighs 48 to 90 pounds, King Shepherd weigh between 130 and 150 pounds. Which Dog Has Long Hair and Their Grooming Needs

Hence, the differences in the Coat’s colors are pretty much obvious, too. You’ll find that classic German Shepherd could be white, black or grey while King Shepherds can be Sable or Black Saddle with Tan.

Cool. Does this mean that there is only one type of Big German Shepherd?

Arf-Arf, absolutely not! There are many different types of a Big German Shepherd Dogs; we come in many different sizes, colors and body styles

Amazing! Please, tell me more about those others. Just the main differences, I know you have a summer to catch.

Yeah man, a lot of sand digging, too! Anyways, let’s put it that way:

There is the Shiloh Shepherd, as I mentioned before is one of my parents; known for its kindness, friendliness, intelligence, and hard work. It came from the USA; its height can be between 27 to 29 Inches, while its weight average can be between 79 to 130 pounds. How to Groom a Dog with Long Hair Best 6 Tips

Besides that, Shiloh come is two different kinds of coats: smooth or double coat, with various colors. It can come in shades of black with tan, solid golden, dark grey and many other different colors.

Shiloh Shepherd an amazing strong Big German Shepherd.
Shiloh Shepherd- Credit 101 Dog Breeds

Also, there is the East European Shepherd that was developed in Russia, based on German Shepherds to create a larger, stronger and cold-resistant breed for hard work duties. The East European Shepherd height can be between 24.5 to 28 inches, while its weight can be between 30 to 110 pounds. The Most Common Dog Aggression Types and How to Deal with Them

The East-European Russian Big German Shepherd.
East-European Shepherd – Credit Dog Zone

In addition to that, they have a short coat in a well-defined sable grey color.

Are Big German Shepherd Dogs Right For You?

I am amazed by the amount of information you have about your Shepherd family! But, I have a question; do you all get along with humans?

Bau-Bau, we are very friendly breeds, we love the company and we love children. And we are very hard workers breeds, some of us maybe will fit it military work more, but still, we can be anywhere, anytime giving love to whoever needs it. Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies & Everything You Should Know

I bet you are, Mr. King Shepherd. Thank you for your time, keep in touch.

Thank you human, just one more thing I have to add; if you are really want to know if you and any one of us, big German Shepherds are a good match, you should consider answering those questions:

  • Are you ready for the challenge of having a giant pet?
  • Do you have the time, space and energy for us?
  • Do you have a large backyard where we can play, run and dig some holes when we are bored?
  • Do you need protection? Cause we love doing that!

Oh, thank you, Mr. King Shepherd, will keep that in mind and I am sure that our readers will do, too. Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

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