The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor – A 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

Taking care of your dog’s nail is as important as taking care of their hair – it’s all part of the overall grooming process dogs need.

But some dogs’ nails are just harder to cut than others, and if you have a dog with dark fur and dark nails that just make it hard to see the quick, you need dog nail clippers with sensor to avoid cutting your dog’s quick. 

The quick is the part of your dog’s nail with blood vessels in it, and while cutting the quick is not life-threatening, they do bleed a lot and it can be traumatizing for both the human and dog involved. 

In this article, I have gathered five of the best nail clippers for dogs that have a quick sensor, light, and a safety guard – basically everything the trimmer needs so you can stop cutting at the right place. 

Getting the right nail clipper, can actually make a huge difference and make the whole processing of cutting a dog nail much easier and if you follow my tips closely, it might even one that your dog enjoys someday. 

Without further ado, let’s check these clippers. 

List of the Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor in 2020 

  1. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers – Best Overall 
  2. Safari Large Nail Trimmer – Best Guillotine-Style Clippers
  3. Go Pets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats – Best Precise Clippers for Small Dogs
  4. LEDTRIM – Best for black dog nails
  5. GENTLEGRINDER – Best Nail Grinder with LED Light

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensors in 2021 

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers – Best Dog Nail Clipper Overall 

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

The Boshel Nail Clippers gets the first spot because it has everything you need in a quality nail clipper for dogs. It has locking handles, rubber grips, a safety guard, and stainless steel blades. 

It’s ergonomically designed with no slip handles that make it easy to grip it with control and razor-sharp blades that can help you cut through the dog’s nails efficiently. The anti-slip handles are also great if you have more than one pet at the house as it will help against your hand getting tired or fatigued quickly. 

However, with these sharp blades also comes a safety stop that only allows you to cut off tiny bits of the nail every time it’s used to so you don’t accidentally cut your dog’s quick. 

It also has a nail file that can be used for the finishing touches to smoothen out your pet’s nails and give them a smooth look. The product is well-made and you can feel the high quality from the moment you grab it. 

The Boshel can also be used for cats with the same efficiency. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Friendly and ergonomic design
  • Razor-sharp stainless steel blades 
  • Non-slip handles for strong grip 
  • Safety stop to prevent accidents with the nail’s quick 
  • Includes a free mini nail file
  • Can be used for another pet such as a cat 


  • Not the best option for large dogs with thick nails
  • Doesn’t come with a quick sensor

Bottom line 

The BOSHEL Pet Nail Clippers are one of the best options available at the market for dog owners who are looking for dog nail clippers that are safe and easy to use without costing them a fortune.

The high quality of the material, the well-thought-out design, and the affordable price make it an excellent clipper to get all-around. 

Safari Guillotine Nail Trimmer – Best Guillotine-Style Clippers

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

Some dog owners prefer Guillotine-style clippers which are better suited for smaller breeds as they tend to be more precise and are safer in general. The Safari Guillotine nail trimmer is the best nail trimmers for dogs in this category. 

Why? Well, it has stainless steel blades, it’s designed to be used one-handed and you can use it with your right or left hand – something which a lot of other clippers miss. This is important not only for lefties, but because this actually allows you to get your pet into a position that they’re comfortable with and which allows you to easily reach the nails without fumbling around and holding the clipper in an uncomfortable position that increases the risk of mistakes and quick injuries. 

The clipper also features stainless steel blades and vinyl-covered non-slip handles for more grip and high quality cuts. 

It’s also available in different small and large sizes that you can choose from according to which size of dog nail clippers are best for your pooch’s size. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Non-slip handles for strong grip 
  • Can be used right- or left-handed 
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Available in small and large sizes
  • High-quality clipper
  • Comes with a nail file 


  • Construction quality could be improved

Bottom line

The Safari Guillotine Dog Clippers is easily the recommended dog nails clipper in the Guillotine style, and it works very well for small dogs. The stainless steel blades cleanly cuts the nails, the non-slip handles give a strong grip, and the variety in sizes allow you to use it for small dogs, large dogs, and even cats – perfect for multi-pet households. 

It doesn’t come with a quick sensor but the nature of the guillotine pet nail clippers make it unnecessary, and they are very precise which dog nail clippers are best for small dogs need to be to avoid cuts and accidents.

Go Pets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats – Best Precise Clippers for Small Dogs

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

If you have a small dog, then the question of which dog nail clippers is the best choice needs to become which clippers are the most precise so you can cut your dog’s nails with ease of mind and confidence knowing accidents are much less likely to happen, which is why I like the GoPets Nail Clippers. 

The high quality stainless steel blades are not only efficient, but the quick sensor makes them safe to use as well. The quick sensor and safety guard enable you to only cut small amounts without having to worry about over-clipping and reaching the quick accidentally. 

The handles are large, non-slip ones that give you a good grip on the dogs nail clippers without straining your hand, so you don’t feel fatigued at the end of every nail trimming session. 

Even though I recommend it for small dogs, I have also found they work fine with medium-sized and large dogs just as well, it just will take you some time to get through the mails of large dogs. 

Have another pet? Use them on your cat with the same efficiency and effectiveness. Who said dog clippers for nails can’t also be used on cats? 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Comes with a nail file
  • Comes with a quick safety guard
  • Sharp blades made of stainless steel
  • Non-slip and ergonomic handles
  • The best nail clipper for small dogs
  • Useful for multi-pet household (can be used on cats) 
  • Clean cuts of your dog’s nails
  • Locking handles 


  • The handles can get locked easily if you hold them upside down, making it difficult to cut the dog’s nails if you need to hold the nail clipper at strange angles to cut them. 

Bottom line 

The small size, sharp blades, and safety guard make this one of the best dog nail clippers for small breeds. The safety guard protects against cutting the quick and the sensor makes for an extra layer of safety when cutting pet nails. 

It’s affordable, precise, and even comes with a free nail file. If you have smaller dogs or a dog and a cat and want to use the same nail clipper, get this one. 

LEDTRIM – Best for black dog nails

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

Cutting black dog nails can be quite difficult and tricky. For black dog nails, you don’t only need sharp and efficient clippers and a safety stop, but you also need to see the quick to avoid cutting it. This is why I like the LED TRIM so much. 

The LED TRIM doesn’t only have an LED light that illuminates your dog’s paws and lets you easily see everything in there, but it also has a 5X magnification lens right in the dog nail clipper that allows you to cut with amazing precision. 

These clippers can be used on both dogs and cats, and in addition to these neat features offered, they also superbly well-made to make them one the best nail clippers for dog that you will use. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • The safest and easiest way to trim their nails quickly
  • Illuminates light colored nails’ delicate bloodline, so you can trim in the right spot!
  • 5X the magnification and the LED light helps you trim accurately even the dark nails.
  • The nail trapper collects nail clipping

Bottom line

The LED TRIM are the perfect nail clippers for black dogs and pets with darker fur in general thanks to the LED light and the 5x magnification lens. They allow you to see the nail very clearly so you never cut too far into the nail and stop just at the right spot. The combination of the good build quality with these great features make this easily the best dog nail clipper for black dogs and any pet with dark nails in general. 

GENTLEGRINDER – Best Nail Grinder with LED Light

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

A Grinder is the gentle way to go around of getting rid of the long nails. While dog nail clippers will cut through in one move, the grinder will chip away at the nail until it reaches the right length.

The problem with grinders is that they take more time because you have to grind each dog nail with care till you reach the needed length, while a nail clipper does this in seconds. 

The good thing is that a grinder works as a nail file and eliminates the risk of injuries while cutting your dog’s nails, because there is simply no chance you reach the quick without your pet immediately warning you so you stop before you get too far. 

T5his grinder in particular is awesome because it has LED lights that make it very easy to see through the nail of your pet. 

While other grinders will take forever to get the job done, which can bore your pet to death, this grinder is electric, so it will get the job done in almost the same time it takes the nail clipper – or slightly longer. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Electric grinder to save time
  • Eliminates the risks of injuries 
  • Very gentle on your dog’s nails
  • Solid build quality 
  • Can be used on any pet 


  • Takes more time than a clipper 

Bottom line 

I think every dog owner should have a nail grinder to smoothen the nails of their pet after using the clipper, and I really like this one in particular thanks to the LED light and the gentle nature of it. 

How often Should I cut my dog’s nails? 

One of the questions that periodically crosses dog owners’ minds is How Often to Cut Dog’s Nails? That’s part of being a responsible pet owner.

If you didn’t give this question much thought before, please start now.

As much as your fluffy buddy gives you love and affection as your thinking of your four-legged pal’s comfort should be

The difficulty of this process comes when You don’t wanna cut them too soon or you face the risk of cutting the quick (we will have more on this later) and also you don’t want to let them grow so they turn into daggers like a scene from a horror movie

I’m pretty sure you wanna feel all cute and cuddly when your poodle pokes you on the leg

and not to feel hurt and angry like you have been stabbed.

In this article, we gonna discuss How Often to Cut Dog’s Nails along with Everything you need to know regarding dog’s nails.

OK, enough with the foreplay and let me cut to the chase

How Often to Cut Dog’s Nails?

Dogs are just like us, they need to have their nails trimmed once in a while to stay fresh and healthy.

How Often to Cut Dog's Nailscredit: the kennel club

Although the exact answer differ from breed to breed and, the average amount of time between each nail trimming session and the next is about 1 to 2 months

Is that it?

Of course, not, There are several factors and indicators that come into play here and affect this whole process here. And you, the responsible pet owner, should factor them in when trying to decide when will be your puppy’s next nail trimming session,

We will go through them together, shall we?

First, How to Know If My Dog’s Nails Are Too Long?

There are two rules here, The rule of the click and The rule of the thumb

The rule of the click: If it feels that your dog is tap-dancing every time he goes into the room and if you can hear your beloved puppy coming from afar unlike before when he could sneak up on you, It’s time for his next trimming session.

The rule of the thumb (pun intended clearly): You should think about trimming your dog’s nails or have it trimmed when you see his nails touching the ground as he stands not before

Keep in mind,

Dog’s front nails grow at a much faster rate than his back nails.

So you may want to trim the front nails on a more regular basis

How often to cut dog's nails

Also, A good indicator that your dog’s nails are too long is when you see him sitting a lot even during his play time, or He may be unwilling to go for simple walks that he used to love.

When you realize that, you should know that there is something wrong and that will lead us into the next question, which is not yet how often to cut dog’s nails, but:

Second, Why Not to Let Your Dog’s Nails Get Too Long?

  • Long nails are painful to your pup whenever he strikes the floor or the pavement with each step
  • Long nails could hang up on fabrics or get tangled with thready carpets and may get torn off, ooh that would be painful.
  • It would be harder for your fluffy fur-ball to hold a good grip as they walk along slick floors, they may slip and it would be difficult for him to stand straight. I know what you are thinking now that would be cute and laughable, but to him, it would be painful
  • If not trimmed, your dog’s nails would curl and grow into your dog’s skin and paw pads. that will only lead to infection un trimmed would make
  • And of course, the damage that those daggers can cause to your floors, couch and you yourself

Third, What Are The Factors That Affect Nail Growth?

The 5 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Sensor - A 2021 Buyer’s Guide |

How often to cut your pup’s nails depend on several factors:

1. Breed

Some dog breeds may have nails that grow at a faster rate than others, so they require more nail trimming sessions.

A Chihuahua may need his nails to be cut short on a faster rate as he spends more time indoors than let’s say a German Shepherd

2. Activity

Dogs that spend much more time outdoors than indoors will have their nails worn down, so they won’t be in need of trimming sessions so often.

3. Age

Older dogs are usually more tired so they don’t walk as much that means their nails are free to grow on a much faster rate than younger dogs that their nails can be worn down because of their current movement.

This means more frequent trimming sessions for older pups

Fourth, How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails Easily and Painlessly?

You don’t need to pay much money for a professional groomer to trim your puppy’s nails.

You can do it yourself at home easily and I’m sure your fluffy friend would rather you do it than a stranger.

How Often to Cut Dog's Nailscredit: global K9

Just follow these simple instructions

  • Prepare your equipment. You will need clippers or nail grinder and Styptic powder
  • Prepare for the session. Make sure the room is well lit and your dog is relaxed so he would be standing still while you are doing the trimming. If not, ask a friend for help to hold your puppy down. You don’t want to mess that up while a sharp tool in your hand.
  • Treats. Ease your puppy into the process by giving him his favorite treats. Patting will also help
  • Start with the very tip and cut it gently so your dog will get used to the sensation
  • Pick the nail you’re going to clip, hold the toe between your thumb and index finger, apply pressure but not too much or you will freak it out but just enough to hold it still
  • Get moving to the next and repeat the previous step.

And congratulations, you made it

That’s it.

That was our How Often to Cut Dog’s Nails Guide for you, I hope you have enjoyed it

If you liked this post, share it with a friend, he might be wondering about this too.

Good luck with your pooch

Remember, Love is the most important part of this equation, let your pup feel your love

Love is the answer to all Problems. Love yourself and love all the living things around you

What did you think about this article?

Whatever you think, comment below and let me know!

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If you have any questions or further tips How Often to Cut Dog’s Nails that I might have missed, Feel free to tell us in the comment section, We are all here to learn for the sake of our beloved furry friends

Have a nice day and Read you next time. 


If you want the perfect grooming experience for your dog, get the BOSHEL clippers for main cutting and the GENTLEGRINDER for the finishing touches. If you have black dogs or cats, god for the excellent LEDTRIM. These are the best dog nail clippers you can get on the market today and you are not going to regret your buy with any clipper of those recommended here. 

If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to contact us via the Reach us page or drop them in the comments below. I would love to get back to you with the answers as soon as possible. 

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