The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 – A Simple Buyer’s Guide

The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 - A Simple Buyer’s Guide |

Grooming your dog at home can save you not only money, but also valuable time and energy. You can spend this time and effort instead getting to know your dog more and bonding with them on a deeper level. You just need to start grooming them at home. 

You just need your will to groom them at home and a good pair of dog clippers that you can use safely and comfortably at home. Thankfully, there are some great options out there to choose from. 

Even if your dog gets in trouble a lot and he just seems like his hair gets tangled and matted every couple of days, these clippers can help you.

I have chosen the best clippers for matted hair based on my own experiences and these are all our own products which we have developed over the years with our own dogs in mind, so we’re more than sure that your pups will love them as well. 

I will give you 6 options to choose from, but they’re all excellent dog clippers for matted hair and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. 

List of the Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021

  1. The HOMEGROOMER™X – The Best Overall 
  2. The Professional Dog Grooming Clipper – The Best All-in-one Kit
  3. The PROHOMEGROOMER™ – Best for Professionals 
  4. The PROGROOMER™: The quietest pet grooming kit 
  5. The FURMATE™:  The Best Trimmer 
  6. The POWERTRIM™: The Best Precise Trimmer  

The 5 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair 

The HOMEGROOMER™X – The Best Overall 

The HOMEGROOMER is the best dog clippers for matted hair you can find on the market today

HOMEGROOMER™ is easily the best clippers for matted dog hair that I can recommend to you. Since we’re all dog owners, we have worked on creating a product that will work for any dog just as well and will avoid all the negatives of the other dog clippers that we – as dog parents – have suffered with for years. 

Why this product?

The HOMEGROOMER™ X offers many features that make it the perfect package and the best clipper for matted dog hair when used right.

This clipper was designed to be so quiet that most dogs don’t even notice it. It’s also built to last and the rotary motor included is a heavy-duty speed motor that can work for long without getting hot. 

You can use it wired or wireless thanks to the rechargeable battery that makes it easy to hold it and use it anywhere with ease. It can run up to 5 hours without heating up making it suitable for a long hair trimming session.

As for combing your dog’s hair, it comes with adjustable clipping combs with sizes such as 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm. The blades and the 33 sharp teeth are made from ceramic and titanium so they can live for long without getting rusty. 

Of course the detachable blade is easy to change and replace when needed and the package comes with an extra detachable blade as well. You can also email us for extra blades if you need them and we’ll provide them as quickly as possible to you.  

This product comes with different packages such as package 1, package 2, and package 3. We recommend going for Package 3 which offers the greatest value because it has everything you need to groom your dog’s hair in one place. 

What Kit has the most value for the price?

The most value you could get in this kit is in the HOMEGROOMER™ The Full Kit which offers many benefits:

  • This best value kit comes with the low noise hair trimmer
  • It has stainless steel scissors to cut around the paws, tail, ears, and face.
  • A stainless steel comb to untangle matted hair. 

Pros VS Cons 


  • Super Quiet 
  • Sharp blades that can go through the mats
  • Doesn’t irritate or scratch the dog’s skin 
  • Excellent value for the price 
  • Extra blade and other goodies come included in the box 
  • Works for a long time without heating
  • Different combs for all types of smooth and matted hair 


  • Doesn’t work for the dog’s sensitive areas such as around ears or eyes
  • Doesn’t offer an option with a 2-speed motor

For this, you will need our POWERTRIM, find its review below. 

Bottom line 

The HOMGROOMER was designed to be the best clippers for dogs with thick coats, short coats, hair, fur, and everything in between. It’s quality, durability, and careful design all revolve around making the grooming experience one that your dog enjoys and that you can use to build a stronger connection with your dog. 

The Professional Dog Grooming Clipper – The Best All-in-one Kit

The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 - A Simple Buyer’s Guide |

Most dog parents want to groom their dog’s at the comfort of their home to either save up time from their busy schedules or money from expensive groomer’s trimming sessions.

So do you want to groom your dog at home with ease? Want to save up money instead of going to the groomer?

The professional dog clippers will help you accomplish this task.

It also has a powerful motor and sharp blades that help trim your dog’s hair effectively and quickly – and this includes thick hair and thin hair alike. The clipper never reaches your dog’s skin, irritates or injures it.

The detachable blades are sharp and effective against matted hair and they’re made from titanium to make sure no blade heats up while using. The material also ensures the blade stays sharp for a long time and doesn’t become blunt quickly even as it deals with matted fur on a regular basis. 

It also provides fast and quiet vibrations that don’t scare your dog.

It is battery powered meaning that it is equipped with a 200mah lithium battery that can provide up to 240 minutes of continuous operation.

It can be fully charged in 3 hours. You also get a dog grooming kit with it

The dog grooming kit offers:

  • 1 Rechargeable low-noise hair trimmer.
  • 1 hair trimmer charger.
  • 1 2000 mah battery.
  • 1 hair trimmer cleaning brush.
  • 4 hair trimmer attachments ( 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm ).
  • 1 mini oiling tube for the blades.
  • 1 stainless steel comb.
  • 1 stainless steel pair of scissors.
  • 1 nail clipping plier.
  • 1 nail polishing tool.

This is not only a dog hair clipper. It also provides a pet grooming kit for your dog. With this dog hair clipper, you can better save your money and trips to the groomer.

Pros VS Cons 


  • Very quiet 
  • A complete package – comes with scissors, nail clippers, and even a nail polishing tool 
  • A long-lasting battery 
  • Different attachments to deal with different levels of matted hair
  • A strong rotary motor
  • Saves time and money by replacing groomers’ visits 


  • Doesn’t have a 2-speed motor

Bottom line 

If you have a dog with thick hair that often gets matted and you’re just tired of making trips to the groomers, you should get this 5-in-1 grooming kit. It has everything you need to spend your grooming sessions at home. It’s also remarkably easy to use. 

The PROHOMEGROOMER™ – Best for Professionals 

The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 - A Simple Buyer’s Guide |

Do you have multiple dogs with different coat types and want a dog hair clipper to cut through their hair?

The pet grooming kit contains everything that you need to groom your dog’s hair.

Why choose the Prohomegroomer?

It offers many benefits that will make the grooming process easier for you and your dog.

Low noise

It is considered one of the best dog grooming clippers because it has a low noise that your dog will not even notice.

Adjustable speed

Having dogs with different coat texture and types is not a problem. As it comes with 3 adjustable speeds to give your dog the hairstyle that will best suit them.

LED screen

The Prohomegroomer comes with an LED screen that easily displays the battery percentage and speed.


It comes with the options of reminders that will remind you when to oil the blades. Also, it has a short charging time when it charges and the longest running time.


The Prohomegroomer comes with four combs for various length options.

Sharp blades

It has sharp blades that are made from ceramic and titanium knives making it easier to groom your dog.

What is the best value package?

The PROHOMEGROOMER™: The Full Kit offers the best value.

It comes with:

  • A professional hair trimmer with 4 adjustable combs
  • Free blade
  • 2 different teeth scissors
  • A pet nail file
  • A pet nail clipper
  • A stainless steel comb

Pros VS Cons 


  • Heavy-duty and can work for long
  • Can work on different dog coats
  • Detachable blade
  • Comes with an extra blade included
  • Sharp blade
  • 3-speed motor 
  • 5-in-1 complete package
  • Works well for thick coats and short coats alike 


  • Should provide more packages with other options (such as color options)

Bottom line

If you have more than one dog or you are a professional dog groomer – or looking to become one soon, you should get the PROHOMEGROOMER. It’s heavy duty, and can deal with all types of dogs including those with matted fur, thick coats, or matted hair. The clipper is very quiet, every blade is sharp, and the detachable blades are easy to replace in seconds. Unlike other 2-speed machines, this clipper has 3 speeds for more versatility. 

The PROGROOMER™: The quietest pet grooming kit 

The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 - A Simple Buyer’s Guide |

Did you know the grooming experience can be a bonding experience with your dog? When you groom your dog, it can be an intimidating experience if you are using loud metal tools that the dog is scared of. 

If your dog is scared of loud noises and you’re looking for the quietest dog clipper you can get, then you should definitely use the PROGROOMER Dog clipper. 

Why Choose it? 

A built in battery

It is rechargeable and comes with a built in Li-ion battery.

A major advantage is that it can be used while charging so that you don’t stop while grooming your dog.

Sharp blades

It has sharp blades that are made from ceramic and titanium knives making it easier to groom your dog.

What is the best value package?

The PROHOMEGROOMER™: The Full Kit offers great features and incredible value.

It comes with:

  • A professional hair trimmer with 4 adjustable combs
  • Free blade
  • 2 different teeth scissors
  • A pet nail file
  • A pet nail clipper
  • A stainless steel comb

Pros VS Cons 

  • Almost Silent 
  • Good for matted hair and matted fur
  • Complete package
  • A free blade included
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Long-lasting battery (clipper can last for 70 minutes of sustained use) 
  • Versatile thanks to the 2-speed motor

Bottom line 

If you are looking for a clipper that will cut your dog’s hair without making the loud noises or sounds that scare off your pup, you should get this one. The motor is so quiet and so insulated that some pups don’t even notice it at all. 

The FURMATE™ –  The Best Trimmer 

The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 - A Simple Buyer’s Guide |

Are you looking for something that can trim your pup’s matted fur quickly and effortlessly? Then the FURMATE should be your go-to option or at least at the top of your list. It has just about everything you need for a quick trimming session without going overboard. 

Here is what makes it special; 

Cordless design

Being cordless makes your movements easier even at strange angles because you are no longer worried about the cord getting tangled around your pup’s body.
It comes with a charger that charges for 5 hours and sustains up to 70 minutes. You are no longer bothered with replacing the batteries or have trouble with the wires.

Sharp blades

The sharp blades can easily cut through your pup’s matted fur as they are just sharp enough to cut through the jungle but they will not irritate or harm their skin. They are made from high-quality stainless steel .

Every blade is made to last so you don’t have to worry about them becoming dull in a couple of months like what happens with cheap clippers. 

User friendly

The package comes with different combs for different hair lengths and styles so you can cut their coats easily no matter how long or matted their coats are. 

The adjustable comb is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths. The combs are easily detachable, of course so you can replace them in seconds – and the same can be said for the blade. 

Low noise

With noise lower than 50 dB , it doesn’t make your pup feel afraid. It has a low vibration and ultra quiet design. It has a powerful motor so that it doesn’t hurt your dog. when grooming. 

Pros VS Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Low Noise 
  • Sharp blades ( and an extra blade included)
  • Strong motor to trim matted coats

Bottom line 

Every dog owner needs a trimmer to trim the mats and tangles once they happen – and they do happen all the time – and the FURMATE is very well equipped to deal with matted fur. It’s well-made, durable, and will stay sharp and effective for years to come. It’s very quiet – almost silent – and comes with everything included in the box – even an extra blade. 

The POWERTRIM™: The Best Precise Trimmer  

The 6 Best Dog Clippers for Matted Hair in 2021 - A Simple Buyer’s Guide |

If the idea of trimming your pup’s face and paws frighten you, have no fear as the POWERTRIM™ offers the gentlest and most precise trimming experience you can get. 

With this amazing POWERTRIM, you will be able to reach out to the tiny hairs on your dog’s paws, ears, gace, and other gentle areas that require precision. 

You will never have to use scissors as they can harm your dog if you cut wrongly. Scissors are a big “no no” when trimming your dog’s face and paws.

Pros VS Cons

  • It is safe for your dog as it won’t cut and hurt your pup. Also, it doesn’t overheat.
  • It is perfect for small pets where you can groom their paws and faces without any hassle.
  • The POWERTRIM offers precision and becomes an effortless effort of trimming your dog’s coat.
  • By shaving your dogs, it prevents bacteria and inflammation from happening so your dog has skin problems.

Bottom line 

You can’t – and shouldn’t – use traditional pet clippers on your pup’s sensitive areas, especially if they are quite young. For these sensitive areas, you need a precise clipper with a blade that was designed especially for these tasks, and the best dog clippers for these precise trimmings is definitely the POWERTRIM. 

What makes the POWERTRIM the best dog clippers for precise trimming is not only its small size and how easy it is to use, but also the quiet noise, low vibrations, and grippy design. 

What to consider When buying Pet clippers?


Consider the maintenance procedure before buying a clipper.

Think about regularly cleaning your dog clipper and lubricating it regularly for maximum durability.

Also , it is a good idea to sharpen the blades as they get dull over time.

If the clippers aren’t oil properly, you can actually trim your dog’s fur unevenly leaving them with a bad haircut.

Thus, these dog clippers contain instructions on cleaning and oiling the grooming clippers.

Design and portability

It must be comfortable to hold and easy to move around with while grooming your pup.

One aspect to consider is the size of the dog clipper. Different grooming clippers have different sizes made for various hand sizes.

So people can easily choose now from the size that best suits their hands.

Another aspect to consider is the weight of the product.

Is it too heavy or light? The weight is recommended to be light enough that it’s comfortable for you to move around with ease and hold at strange angles without getting your hands strained. 

Vibration and heat

It is important to not let your dog clippers become overheated so that it doesn’t harm your dog.

Also, you need to invest in grooming clippers that have low vibration so your dog doesn’t get scared.


Different pet clippers have varying speed levels.

Higher speeds are much better ,in most of the cases, than slower speeds as they ensure fewer passes and cleaner finishes.

Lower speeds are better at cutting near the skin as it minimizes chances of burning such as the eyes region.Thick coats require high speed motors that can cut through thick coats easily, and the blade itself must be sharp enough of course. 


You also need to consider the price of the dog clippers.Clippers is not one area where you want to save money for a couple of reasons. 

Cheap clippers will not only have a much shorter lifespan, but they will also be weaker and unable to deal with matted coats easily. They will also be badly designed which means that they will not be very effective and will become useless in just a couple of months as one blade after the other becomes blunt and the motor becomes weaker and weaker. 

While professional dog clippers tend to live for more time but are often high in price.

The key is to find a great pet clipper that has a balance between the budget and the quality of the product.

What Makes Great Dog Clippers? 


All good dog clippers have a quality stamp. This stamp shows how it is of good quality that it can be used repeatedly.

It will hold out to repeated usage and will work on different fur types.

Also, it will last for a long period of time as it has good quality.

Multi functional benefits

They come with more benefits than cheap clippers. Some of these benefits include speeds and comb attachment that are suitable for your dog.

These functions help enable you to adjust when grooming your dog’s coat.

As a result, your dog coat is cut effectively and with no pain. Also, you must avoid cutting your dog’s coat with dull blades and a weak motor.

It will cause your dog to become so much pain and for them to become afraid of the grooming process. 

Corded or cordless

The difference between corded and cordless grooming clippers lies in whether on the way that they are charged.

A corded pet clipper doesn’t require prior charging.

While the cordless pet clipper has a battery that needs to be charged before use and when the battery needs recharging.

The cordless pet clipper is easier to use and gives you flexibility when you are grooming your dog’s sensitive spots.

The drawback; however, is that their batteries are small and tend to not be efficient when grooming large dogs with lots of hair.

The corded pet clippers have a different set of motors such as either magnetic, heavy duty motors, rotary, pivot.

Magnetic motors are the most affordable while rotary motors are the most expensive.

They tend to have a powerful motor and are better than using a cordless pet clipper.


If you have a light to medium coated dog, a cordless pet clipper is most suitable because your dog doesn’t have a long and thick coat.

However, if your dog has a long and thick coat, it is a very good idea to use a corded pet clipper or use the clippers plugged in as they will usually be more powerful in this case (and you’ll need the power, especially for the matted parts). 


In order to get the most suitable dog clippers for you, you must have a dog clipper that has enough power to trim through your dog’s coat.

The power of the clipper is measured in strokes per minute (SPM).

The more your pet has a long, thick, and unkempt coat, the more that these units of power should be high.

The most preferable is to get  dog clippers with a motor that can do more than 3000 strokes per minute.

The majority of good models have a power between 3000 to 5000 strokes per minute. These units are quiet and won’t scare away your dog.

Single speed vs. variable speed

There are two options to choose from when either single speed or variable speed.

Single speed uses a one constant speed when trimming your dog’s coat. It doesn’t heat up easily and is better used for beginners.

While dog grooming clippers with variable speeds have allowed you to switch from one speed to another.

It comes with different varying speeds starting from low to high. This is better used for dogs with thick and coarse hair.

Also, it gives you more control and a neat look for your dog.

Sharpness of the blade

Blades need to be sharp and long lasting so that you can groom your dog without any pain.

Sharp blades makes it impossible for hair to get caught up in the blades.

There are other types of blades such as high carbon steel and high precision steel. Also,there are ceramic blades and stainless steel blades.

There are also brands that combine both ceramic with stainless steel blades. Others combine stainless steel with chrome or with silver.

Blades also come in many different sizes so they can accommodate grooming your dog.

The size is seen through # and a number next to it. An example would be #3 size that would leave some 0.5 of coat on your dog.

While a #7 or #8 will be powerful pet hair trimmers that will trim close to the skin.

Comb guards

Comb guards help when you groom your dog. Most professional clippers don’t come with comb guards.

However, other clippers come with comb guards that help achieve a professional cut.

These comb guards work very well on straighter dog breeds than curly dog breeds.

Also, before using comb guards, you gotta make sure that there are no knots in your dog’s coat to ensure the effective use of comb guards.


Every dog owner needs good clippers so they can groom their dogs at home, and there is no time when this was more obvious than when COVID hit us. We were all suddenly shocked to have to stay at home, and grooming them at home was no longer an option, but a necessity.

I highly recommend getting the HOMEGROOMER and preferably the complete package so you can do all the grooming at home whether it’s to save money, to spend more time with your pup, or because the groomers are closed again in case of a second wave.

I also highly recommend completing your grooming set with the POWERTRIM for a perfect and complete grooming experience. 

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