Best Guide for Bell Training Puppy

bell training puppy

Bell training puppy takes time and consistency. It is one of the training methods that to teach your puppy so they you would know when they want to potty.

Here, is the guide for used for bell training.

Steps to do in bell training puppy

Step one: Introduce the bell

The first step on how to bell train a puppy is to introduce your dog to the bell. This happens by holding the bell a couple of inches away from their nose while saying the command “touch”.

In most of the time, dogs will move to reach the sniff the bell.

When your dog comes to sniff the bell, use your clicker or say “yes” and give them a treat right away.

This is used as a form of positive reinforcement that your dog has done the right thing.

Then, repeat this step 10 to 15 times or until your dog touches the bell with their nose when you say the word “touch”.

Step two: Let your dog ring the bell by the door

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In this step, you will teach your puppy how to ring the dog potty bell by the door. In the beginning, hang the the bell from the doorknob of the door that you use to take your dog outside.

Then, with treats in your hands, call your dog over to come. Next, put the bell in your hands and say “touch”. This happens while holding the bell near your dog.

When your puppy’s nose touches the bell, use the clicker or say “yes” and give your dog treats.

Repeat this step as many times as needed so that your dog touches the bell right away when they hear the word ” touch”.

Then, repeat all the above steps but with letting the bell hang from the doorknob freely without holding it in your hands.

Step three: Associate bell ringing with potty time outside

Best Guide for Bell Training Puppy |
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In bell training puppy, You got to only link your dog ringing to only be used as a puppy potty training bell

So how to potty train a puppy with a bell? To train your dog to ring the bell when they need to potty, follow these steps.

  • While your puppy is approaching the door, say “touch,” and point to the bell.
  • When your puppy touches the bell with their nose, click or say “yes” and give them a treat as a reward.
  • You got to do do this every single time you take your dog outside. Dog and puppy training needs to be consistent so your dog learns effectively.

Give your puppy a treat in the first time that they ring the bell , praise them, and take them outside. Next, as they potty, give them another treat.

This builds up a connection in a dog’s mind that bell ringing is for potty only.

What if your puppy is scared of the bell’s noise in bell training?

If your puppy is afraid of the bell’s sound, you need to make them comfortable around it.

To get your puppy accustomed to the bell’s noise, simply hold out a treat near the bell and ring the bell as soon as your puppy comes for the treat.

Another way used in bell training puppy is to put cheese or a treat on the bell. Your puppy will then come to touch the bell. When they do so, reward them with an additional treat.

You have to repeat this process until your puppy learns to link the bell ringing with rewards.

Ways to train your puppy to ring the bell by themselves

  • Tap your fingers on the door and say the word “outside”. This happens without ringing the bell. Your puppy is more likely to come and touch the bell.
  • Get a treat and hold it behind the bell and say “outside”. Your puppy will use their nose to ring the bell when trying to get the treat.
  • Take your puppy’s paw and hit the bell with it while saying “outside”.

Tips to help you when you teach your puppy bell training for potty

Set up a schedule

Best Guide for Bell Training Puppy |

Create a schedule for your puppy for things such as eating, sleeping, playing, and potty. This routine will make your puppy comfortable and less prone to accidents happening.

Establish an eating routine

Feed your puppy the right times of meals at each age. Until 12 weeks of age, most puppies need about four meals per day. After that time, puppies should have about 3 meals a day until they become adults.

Set up a bathroom routine

Let your puppy go potty at different times through the day such as after eating, playing, and sleeping. Puppies usually take a few weeks to adjust to this routine.

When teaching your puppy how to potty using bell training, assign them to a regular bathroom spot. This makes your puppy less likely to have accidents in other places.

Minimize outside playtime

Limit the amount that your dog plays outside during potty training. Playing often confuses your puppy about what to do when they are outside.

For effective potty bell training, allow your puppy to only potty when outside.

Mistakes to avoid when bell training puppy

  • Getting a very loud sounding bell. If you got really loud bells, dogs and puppies can become startled so you have to dampen out the effect. This happens through the use of tape or cotton on the bell or applying something on the clapper. You could also buy a new soft sounding bell.
  • Not giving your puppy treats. By not giving your puppy a treat, they learn to not associate ringing the bell as a positive experience.
  • Not training your puppy using bell training. You can’t expect your puppy to know how to accomplish bell training without training them first. Bell training is a distance behavior meaning it requires the puppy to do it on their own while you are away from them. So you need to train them to be able to do it themselves.
  • Don’t allow your puppy to ring the bell nonstop. Your puppy may bell when they are bored or want something other than potty. The key is to only teach them that the bell is used for potty only.


In conclusion, To bell train a puppy, you need to follow certain steps. Also, there are tips to help you when training the puppy using a bell. However, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid to have an effective training.

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Share with us your experience. How did you first start the bell training? Did it go smoothly or was it hard?

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