Thousands of Bears Are Suffering Due to China’s Bear Bile Industry That is Flourishing Despite Pandemic Risks

Thousands of Bears Are Suffering Due to China's Bear Bile Industry That is Flourishing Despite Pandemic Risks |

Thousands of bears are suffering due to China's bear bile industry that is flourishing despite pandemic risks. To know more about the story, check the

China has approved the use of bear bile to treat people infected with the coronavirus. Bear bile is a digestive fluid made by a bear’s liver but is stored in their gallbladder.

The National Health Commission, an authoritative department responsible for making health policies in China, also supported the use of bear bile by recommending its use of ‘Tan Re Qing’.

This is an injection that is made of bear bile powder, goat horn, and three other medical herbs that the Chinese believe will help treat coronavirus patients.

Even the Chinese president, Xi Jinping agrees and welcomes the use of bear bile in Chinese medicine to treat coronavirus patients. He says that it should be given much weight as other treatments.

It isn’t scientifically proven that bear bile treats coronavirus but the Chinese government believes it does.

However, the process of extracting the bear bile is very painful for bears.

So, how is bear bile extracted?


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