Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix

Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix

The Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix is a cross breed between a German Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog. They share many of the characterics of either the German Shepherd or Australian Cattle Dog or in between.

This breed is known for their intelligence, loyalty, loving nature, and protectiveness. To know more about this breed, it helps to first know the characteristics of their parents, the German Shepherd, and the Australian Cattle Dog. for your dog to stay healthy they need to eat healthy. For more help check our Buyer’s Guide on The Best Dog Food for German Shepherd Puppy in 2020

Facts about German Shepherd

Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an intelligent and a capable working dog. They are known for their devotion and courage. Also, they are very adaptable excelling at anything they are trained to do.

It’s also, considered to be one of The 10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train and easy to groom here’s our guide on How to Groom a Dog from A to Z?

They are very active dogs requiring daily exercise and mental stimulation. The German Shepherd makes an excellent watchdog because of their strong and protective side.

Their personality is aloof but not aggressive. They tend to take time with forming their friendships ,but once they do, they are extremely loyal. Also, they are easy going and approachable with their families.

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Facts about Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix
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The Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent, active, and strong dog breed. Also, they are very loyal and protective of their families and friends. They are still used until today as a herding dog.

The Australian Cattle Dog does well in sports such as obedience, agility, and rally. As for bonding, they usually attach themselves to one person and bond less closely with others.

On your dog’s health:

They are also called “Velcro” dog because of their close attachment to their chosen person.

Having a strong prey drive, the Australian Cattle Dog chases other small animals such as squirrels and cats.

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Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix

Also known as blue heeler german shepherd. This breed is a mix between Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd.


Like any mixed breed, the blue heeler and german shepherd mix can take on more characteristics from either parent. They can look like the German Shepherd, Australian Cattle dog, or can look like a combination of both.

As for their coat, both breeds have double coats. The German Shepherd has a medium length coat while the Australian Cattle Dog has a short coat. The offspring can have either coat type.

The crossbreed also has a strong and muscular body. They weigh from 35 to 90 pounds and from 18 to 16 inches tall.

German Shepherd Australian Cattle Dog mix temperament

Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix |
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To understand this breed temperament, you must first know their parent’s temperament because it is inherited from them.

The German Shepherd is an intelligent, courageous, and confident breed. While the Australian Cattle dog has an alert, curious, and playful personality.

Both the German Shepherd and Australian Cattle dog share traits like bravery and strength. They are also very loyal and protective of their families and friends.

This protectiveness makes them great guard dogs. They also skillful in herding, have high endurance , and can be stubborn.

This mix is also characterized by being intelligent and alertness making them excellent working dogs.

They are strong and athletic and tend to become destructive when left alone for a long period of time.

This is a strong breed that needs an experienced owner who is willing to train their dog.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix training

This breed is naturally intelligent and can understand commands very easily. Because of this trait, they can be taught to do anything.

However, they have a tendency to be stubborn. Because of this, they must be trained early while they are puppies.

The most effective type of training is based on positive reinforcement.

Socialization is also important for the Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix because this breed isn’t naturally outgoing; they need to be socialized.

Also, you must give your dog obedience training so they learn and stay out of trouble. Without proper socialization and training, the Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix will not obey your commands.

During training, give your dog simple commands so they don’t become confused or frustrated.

Tips on training Blue Heeler German Shepherd

  • Don’t use punishment as this will make them aggressive.
  • Be a strong leader so your dog will learn quickly and obey rules. You got to be firm and authoritative.
  • Teach them commands such as sit, stay, and come.
  • To house train an Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix, use crate training as it is effective especially for puppies.
  • You can also get help from a dog trainer if there are things that you don’t know how to do.

Exercise for Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix

Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd Mix |
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The Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix is highly active and requires lots of exercise.

This breed loves to play as well as stay active during each day. They also need to have mental stimulation as well.

They flourish in long walks as well as jogging and running. This breed needs at least 2 hours per day of exercise.


The Australian Cattle Dog German Shepherd mix has a double coat. As for grooming, they do not require frequent grooming if they inherited the Australian Cattle Dog’s short hair.

However, if they inherited the German Shepherd’s long hair, then they will need moderate grooming.

This breed is a heavy shedder where they lose their undercoat. During the periods of heavy shedding, you should brush them each day to keep their coat in good condition.

You should use the bristle brush to comb their hairs since their skin is sensitive. Bathing should happen only when they get very dirty. If you bath them too frequently, their skin will get dry.

Also , you should brush their teeth several times a week and clean their teeth at least once a week. Their nails should also be clipped to prevent them for getting long and causing additional problems.

Feeding a heeler german shepherd mix

They require 2 to 3 cups of high quality dog food per day. This breed also needs to be fed two to three times each day so they can stay healthy.

You can also supplement their diet with fish oil and vitamins.

Health problems for blue heeler german shepherd

This breed has a lifespan of 11 to 14 years old. They are considered healthy breeds, however there are chances that they inherit health issues from their German Shepherd parents.

These problems include hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems, deafness, and eczema.

To maximize your chances of getting a healthy dog, get them from a healthy breeder or adopt an adult dog.

Do they make good family dogs

This breed is a good family dog to adults. However to children, they should be supervised because they have a tendency to herd and will use it on children.

The Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix will nip children as they run and can be aggressive because of their German Shepherd inherited traits.

They make loyal and protective dogs for their families and friends. They also are very loving and make excellent watchdogs.

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Advantages and disadvantages of getting a Blue Heeler German Shepherd mix


  • Can be aggressive if not properly trained and socialized.
  • Need to be supervised around children.
  • Have high energy levels.
  • Training can be difficult as they become stubborn.


  • A very intelligent and loyal breed.
  • Make excellent watchdogs.
  • Very friendly and loyal once they know a person.

Is this breed right for you?

This breed needs an experienced owner who is willing to train and put on time and effort in teaching and socializing the Blue heeler German Shepherd mix.

This breed is recommended if you have an active lifestyle, lots of room in your house, and experience with dogs.


In conclusion, the Blue Heeler and German Shepherd mix is a unique breed that shares both characteristics from the German Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog.

This breed is strong and intelligent. They are highly active and require daily exercise as well as many other needs that they have.

To know more about grooming a German Shepherd, check Dog Grooming Tips for German Shepherds .

Share with us your experience. Do you have a Blue Heeler and German Shepherd mix. If so, how do you handle them and what best practices do you follow?

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