Animals Were Heard Howling for Help in Pet Shops That Shut Down Due to COVID-19

Animals Were Heard Howling for Help in Pet Shops That Shut Down Due to COVID-19 |

Animals were heard howling for help in pet shops that shut down due to COVID-19. To know more about the story, check the

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are getting sick, dying, or recovering from the virus.

However, animal’s lives are also on the line during this time of crisis. Many pets are abandoned in China, shelters and animal sanctuaries are running out of food supplies, animal testing is conducted on rodents, and shelters are in great need of people to adopt animals.

Pakistan, one of the countries that had a lockdown due to the coronavirus, is handling terribly the responsibility of caring for animals.

Specifically, pet shops at Empress Market, a marketplace located in Pakistan, had abandoned many animals leaving them to die because of the lockdown.

ACF Animal Rescue, a rescue group, heard about what was happening to the animals so they went to save them.

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