Why America Won’t Have a Pet Holocaust, Unlike China, the UK, and Other Countries!

Why America Won't Have a Pet Massacre, Unlike China, the UK, and Other Countries!

In 1939, more than 750,000 pets were murdered in the United Kingdom in preparation for the food shortages that were going to take place due to World War II. It was called the British Pet Holocaust.

Eighty years later, dogs and cats are currently being abandoned in China, the UK, Egypt, and other countries in the world because of the Coronavirus pandemic!

Some countries have more cruel ruling officials demanding people to kill their pets and rewarding them with money like China. Recall the Chinese Pet Massacre

While others, like the United Kingdom, are indirectly fueling what might be the second British Pet Holocaust?

Why might the UK have a second British Holocaust, while America won’t amidst the Coronavirus Panic?

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