A Woman Started a Senior Dog Retirement Home for The Unwanted Senior Dogs.

A Woman Started a Senior Dog Retirement Home for The Unwanted Senior Dogs. |

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Some heartless owners give up on their dogs when they get old, or when they have a disability, when you know that there are million dogs that are abandoned in the streets trying to survive, not all of them are saved in the end; but this number will shock you.

They are left in the worst conditions, abused and injured, without food or a safe shelter, and left to die. We are simply living in a world full of cruelty. Every day we hear a story of an abandoned dog that was left in the streets to die, what’s the idea of throwing a dog away?

Owners give up on their dogs mostly when they became old or when they stop running and playing, they don’t think about what their dog will feel or how many difficulties he will face. But we are thankful for the humane people who save dogs every day. All I am wishing for is someone to find these dogs in the end and give them endless love.

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For that reason, this woman did something priceless to save the lives of those dogs; she thought about why not build a retirement home for dogs as there is one for humans, and there, they would have the life that they dream about.

The House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary is a house that was built for only old dogs with special needs or special medical conditions that their owners give up on them, like it’s their own fault to get old! In this sanctuary, they get another chance to have an amazing life, to live happily in their last golden years.

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